Friday, March 31, 2006

This Attitude Should Scare You - A Rant ...

The attitude expressed in this photo should scare every citizen of the U.S. This is why MAXINE believes this whole immigration issue is not really about opportunity, freedom and citizenship. This flap is about illegal occupation and squatters rights without the recognition of the rule of law.

We fought a war (the Mexican-American war). We won the war (the treaty was signed in 1847 just one mile from where I live - Campo de Cahuenga). We put a system in place that is the envy of the world ... not just of Mexicans ... that represents the values of American Culture. Get on board, or go home - but definitely get over it. This is OUR hard fought for HOMELAND and that is the true history! No, we will not give it back or allow you to just occupy it.

This goes for you Canadians too ... well, the really socialist ones anyway!!

... 'nuff said.

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