Friday, March 03, 2006

From VEEP To Shakedown Artist

From the New York Post-

ORLANDO - Former Vice President and wannabe media mogul Al Gore is hitting up Madison Avenue for help on a major ad blitz aimed at fighting global warming.

Speaking to a room of advertising and media executives, Gore announced yesterday that a coalition of environmental, labor and religious groups will launch a three-year campaign to warn the U.S. public about the "climate crisis."

"Mother nature is knocking on our door," said Gore, who delivered the keynote speech at an annual media gathering.

Since losing his White House bid in that same state, Gore has been trying to reinvent himself as a media mogul and the chairman of Current TV, a network he launched to target the under-30 crowd.

As part of his pitch to Madison Avenue, Gore called on the industry to publicize the dangers of global warming and he challenged it to match the forthcoming campaign "dollar for dollar."

He said the members of the coalition, which would be revealed next month, would be making "significant ad buys" in each of the next three years, although he didn't provide a dollar amount.

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Am I the only one in the room who sees the tatics of Al Gore to be similiar to those used by Jessee Jackson when he gives a presentation to Corporate America?
What a great shakedown though – instead of a promise of bad publicity about racist hiring practices (ala Jackson), the former Vice-President and would be President suggests a “climate crisis” and that “Mother nature is knocking at the door” based on the scientific theory of human induced global warming as a hammer for contribution.
Oh yes! A contribution - a "dollar for dollar" matched contribution - to bring awareness of “global warming” when the whole of the mainsteram media establishment and liberal politicians are hammering on the rest of us daily about the impending peril if our tax dollars are not used for another government program, an energy infrastructure development set aside, or international agreement that would target our economy against all other nation economies.
Where do I mail the money?

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