Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Establishment Media Slinks Away From Reporting On Wisconsin (and California)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker scored more than a personal victory in Tuesday's state recall vote. He delivered a psychological boost for the Republicans and a blow to Democrats that could linger until the November 6 U.S. presidential election. Image Credit: Breitbart

Establishment Media Slinks Away From Reporting On Wisconsin (and California)

Funny how the old line forms of media choose to cover the massive rejection of the POWER and PRIVILEGE of Public Sector Unions over the citizenry in Wisconsin and other cities around the country.
The focus of most of the analysis centers around the amount of money used to defend the Democratic attempt to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and not show that the same amount of money was spent by the Public Unions to wage this political war on fiscal responsibility and smaller Conservative principled management of Government.

This review excerpted and edited from Breitbart -

Mainstream Media Escapes From Wisconsin
by Joel B. Pollak

Today’s New York Times is covering the Wisconsin recall election…on page 11. Not even the editorial page could be bothered–only op-ed columnists Joe Nocera and David Brooks weigh in. (Nocera laments the decline of unions; Brooks can’t quite bring himself to defend Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, calling his methods “obnoxious.”) A cause that fueled front-page headlines and editorial exhortations has been quietly abandoned.

As to the coverage itself, the Times focuses on the fatigue of the voters. “I hope this all stops,” says the first person quoted in the article on the recall election. Halfway through, the Times reminds voters that the vote has something to do with unions and collective bargaining. It meekly offers a suggestion that Democrats could actually win, and cites “some” who “wonder” if the recall election could be close enough to force a recount.

The ostensibly more conservative Chicago Tribune does even worse, pulling a bait-and-switch on its readers. The front page refers to an article about the Walker recall on page 9–which turns out to be a mere two-paragraph sidebar that mentions the most favorable poll for Milwaukee mayor and Democrat challenger Tom Barrett, putting him only three percent behind the incumbent. A photo of former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama at a fundraiser in New York City leads the paper’s national news section.

The lead editorial celebrates the “spirit of revolution”–in Egypt, where the radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood have seized the moment. Nationally syndicated columnist George Will takes up the Wisconsin issue, opposite a column by local writer Dennis Byrne who laments the failure of Illinois politicians to tackle pension reform–and does not spare the state’s Republicans for failing to heed Scott Walker’s example. At least someone gets it.
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Then there is this reported item from the exit polls that is getting a bunch of play as well from all of the establishment media on why this vote in a “BLUE” state is not a 100% rejection of their progressive agenda and point of view.

This exerpted and edited from National Review Online –

David Axelrod Reaches New Depth of Desperation in Spin
By Jim Geraghty – June 5, 2012 11:45 P.M.

David Axelrod just Tweeted: “Bad night in Boston…WI raises big questions for Mitt.”

He points to this article: “According to early, partial exit poll results, voters on Tuesday said by 51 percent to 45 percent that they would vote for Obama if the presidential election were being held today.”

So, he’s pointing to exit polls that had it “too close to call”; at this hour, Walker is ahead by nine percentage points.
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The article referenced goes on to point out that all of these Wisconsin voters in exit polls have them favoring the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012 over Republican challenger Mitt Romney by 7%.

Remember, this is a state that Obama won by 14 percentage points in 2008 – that, in itself, is a 50% degradation of support if true.

Again, these are the same exit polls that told the establishment media that this contest was going to be won by a razor thin margin which ended up at near 8% (with establishment outlets stating in an unchallenged manner this final result as a firm 7%).

Mitt Romney should be dogging Barack Obama as the President travels to California today for 5 campaign rally events with Hollywood.

Mitt should do what he can to challenge Obama and his agenda where ever the President shows up to have the news cover the message that just came out of Wisconsin … and California (San Diego and San Jose  just voted by over 60% majorities to restrict Public Union power and benefits from attacking their civic budgets).