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Establishment Media Guide To "White Hispanic"

In Chicago, Cleveland, Washington DC and Philadelphia, demonstrators supported Martin's family by wearing hoodies like the one Martin was wearing when he was shot. The Civil Rights Heritage Center in the Natatorium is asking people to do the same thing here [in South Bend Indiana] by hosting the Million Hoodie March. Image Credit: IU South Bend Civil Rights Center website

Establishment Media Guide To "White Hispanic"

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot last month in the town of Sanford, Florida by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who has claimed self defense and has not been charged.

The Trayvon Martin death at the apparent hands of a neighborhood watch individual named George Zimmerman has become a most troubling episode in American media culture. It reveals what happens when facts are over-run, unimportant, and only selected deaths of young black men are important when it seems to rise to the level of political exploitation by the forces that support a liberal, divide and control mentality. Under this view, in order to keep government front and center in the minds of all Americans, American unity must be broken down and marginalized so that we may never recognize each others value as an individual ... but only value a single person to their value toward the advancement of a single group in the eyes of, and favorable treatment by, governmental powers and laws, alive or dead.

To this end, the New York Times decided to describe George Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic", a term that on its face has hardly ever been used to describe a person's ethnic heritage. Rush Limbaugh's staff performed a nexis/lexis search of New York Times articles that may have used the term before and could only find three previous references of this nature in the paper's publishing history ... very telling on how this establishment media outlet wishes to promote the liberal, divide and control mentality.

In order to educate the establishment media on skin color and bring a little American-natured levity to an ugly situation that involves race and color, conservative Hispanic blogger and cartoonist, el SOOPer @SooperMexican, posted this graphic to help guide some to proper conclusions for their articles.

This excerpted and edited from Soopermexican.com -

The Sooper Guide to “White Hispanic” Skin Color for the Gringo Media!

Date: 3/26/2012

It’s amazing the lengths of race-baiting that the Leftist Liberal News Media Industrial Complex will go to in order to re-elect their savior, Obama. They’re going so far as to call a Hispanic man “White Hispanic” in order to incite a race war! How tolerant and inclusive of them.

Well, I thought I’d help them out and give them this easy to understand guide to classifying Hispanic skin colors!

Enjoy gringos - Full Size Image HERE!

[Reference Here]

Other points that were made while reading 140 character (or less) "Tweets" from Twitter ranged from:

"Why is it that the ONLY photo of Trayvon Martin is of a 13 yr. old boy and not the 17 yr. old grown male? Jus' askin' #tcot #tlot #p2"


"If Zimmerman is White and Obama is Black, race must be pat-ri-lo-cal only."

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Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist

1956 Zenith AM-FM radio, model Y724. The Y724 differs from the Y723 in that it has a handle, metal tuning graph and a tone control on the left. The radio has great sound on it's built in antennas for AM and FM reception. Image Credit: blogabillyboogie

Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist

Rush Limbaugh has been getting a lot of attention lately, but the attention he has been getting from his envious detractors and critics play this card over the top.

Rush is the first to point out that he was wrong to utilize the tactics normally used by the left when he decided to point the absurd proposition that taxpayers should basically pay for non-health supports when he used the absurd tactic of name calling toward a person who was hand-picked by the Democrat Political Party and placed in a press conference to complain about the policies of a College she had freely chosen to attend.

For 25 years, Rush's most entertaining moments happen when he takes absurdity to point out the absurd, for example, last week he said that "Democrats love to pour gas on a fire, which is absurd ... have you seen the price of gas lately?"

That, right there, that's funny!

Rush deftly points out the chaos the Democrat Political Party, led by President Barack Obama and the Senate's Harry Reid, has created with their waste of taxpayer money "Green Economy" fiasco which has led to a 100% increase in gas prices at the pump, costing Americans a decrease in their economic freedom and ability to get jobs.

The issue here with Rush Limbaugh and the left's effort to bring him down is more about silencing an effective voice to the opposition of political "control freaks" who own our media, educational systems, and (currently) the bureaucracy of Government through the Executive branch and the control of the Senate.

To this end, columnist David Frum posits that the entrance of former Arkansas Governor, 2008 Presidential candidate nominee contestant, and FOX News, once a week, weekend program host to the same national radio syndication timeslot just may topple and silence this hallmark of daily conservative thought.

Huckabee, who hasn't even launched his radio program yet, the man who gave us all John McCain as the Republican nominee for President in 2008 and thereby, President Barack Obama and a 60 vote majority in the Senate, is going to unseat and silence Rush Limbaugh? ... now THAT, right there, that's absurd!

This excerpted and edited from The Daily Beast -

Mike Huckabee Brings on Rush Limbaugh's Decline

Huckabee’s about to take the mike. Can he push Limbaugh off the talk-radio throne?
by David Frum Mar 12, 2012 1:00 AM EDT

Over 25 years in radio, Rush Limbaugh’s dominance of the AM dial has become a fact of American life.

Until, maybe, now.

Yes, Limbaugh’s tirade against law student Sandra Fluke has been a problem, inspiring more than 30 advertisers to flee his radio program in the past two weeks. But on April 2, Limbaugh will face a more-serious challenge. That’s when the new Mike Huckabee show launches on 100 stations in Limbaugh’s very own noon-to-3 time slot.

Huckabee’s competition threatens Limbaugh not only because Huckabee has already proven himself an attractive and popular TV broadcaster, but also because Huckabee is arriving on the scene at a time when Limbaugh’s business model is crashing around him.

To understand the power of Huckabee’s challenge to Limbaugh, you have to understand the strange economics of talk radio. Most talk-radio programs offer radio stations this deal: we’ll give you three hours of content for free. (Some programs—cough, Glenn, cough, Beck—actually pay radio stations to accept their content.) Those three hours will include 54 minutes of ad time. That ad time is split between the radio station and the show: each gets 27 minutes to sell.

In this world, Limbaugh is unique. He actually charges radio stations for his content: up to $1 million a year in a major market. Plus, he charges the highest ad rates in the business. Those two revenue streams—multiplied by more radio outlets than anybody else in the industry has—have made Limbaugh a very rich man. But those revenue streams always depended on Limbaugh upholding his end of the bargain: delivering the audiences. And on that count, Limbaugh has been notably failing.

As The Daily Beast’s John Avlon reported last week, the audience for right-wing talk has been shrinking since 2009. In some urban markets, Limbaugh’s audience has dropped by as much as half over the past three years. Limbaugh and other right-wing talkers have responded to this economic squeeze by a strategy familiar to Republican politicians: they have played to the base.

But even more than the total size of the audience, radio advertisers care about a measure called TSL: time spent listening. The people who listen longest are of course the most ideologically intense.
The difference this time is that Limbaugh’s advertisers and his stations had already begun to feel ripped off. To quote my station-manager friend again: “I don’t mind paying for content. But I do mind paying for trouble.” So advertisers revolted against the TSL strategy, with Sears, JCPenney, and many other sponsors dropping the show. Many of the local advertisers who buy their ads from the local stations rather than from the syndicators have been ordering that their purchased minutes be placed on some less-controversial program.

Limbaugh, it’s true, remains a big talk-radio star. He’s seen trouble before and rarely apologized for it. He could assume that even if Sears had departed forever, core talk-radio advertisers—LegalZoom, Stamps.com, Sleep Number beds—must sooner or later return to the No. 1 show in talk radio.

However, Limbaugh’s calculation that his core advertisers must return always rested on the assumption that there was nowhere else to go. Suddenly, in the worst month of Limbaugh’s career, somewhere else has appeared: a lower-priced alternative, with big audience reach and a host an advertiser can trust never, ever to abuse a student as a “slut” and “prostitute.”

The new Huckabee show’s slogan is “more conversation; less confrontation.” “I don’t want it to be a show that every day, every hour, pushes everyone’s buttons to raise their blood pressure,” Huckabee says. “I figure the cost of high blood pressure is enough already.”

Huckabee’s politics are emphatically conservative of course, both on social and economic issues. Yet his politics differ in important ways from those of the Limbaugh-influenced Republican electorate. “I don’t see a pathway for a person of my point of view getting through the land mine of the Republican primary. If that were to change in four years, if the Republicans were to get more serious about governing, not just campaigning—if we focused on what we were for and not just what we were against—then I might be a viable candidate.”

The less-strident Huckabee approach arises both from his experience as a long-serving governor in a Democratic-leaning state and from Huckabee’s famously genial temperament. “I have to believe that there are people who are highly opinionated but who actually find it informative and engaging to find out what the other side is thinking,” he says. “And not through a shouting match, but through an adult-level, civil conversation.”
Huckabee explains his appeal as driven by his choice of topic. “I want to do a show that has politics. But I don’t want a 100 percent political show.” It’s also a matter of tone and style. Limbaugh’s lascivious “joke” about wishing to see a Sandra Fluke sex tape was only the latest in a career of demeaning and prurient remarks. Only a few days beforehand, Huckabee was sitting down with Meryl Streep for a warm and easy talk before a studio audience.

Rush Limbaugh won’t vanish from the radio of course. But the overpriced Limbaugh program is highly vulnerable to economic shocks. “If just one station in a top-20 market replaces Limbaugh with Huckabee, it’ll be an earthquake,” remarks a veteran of the radio business.

And you can already hear the first tremors.
[Reference Here]

David Frum and his "establishment media" friends have it all wishfully wrong - Huckabee will end up a lot like a Geraldo Rivera (UN-listenable), in that, he will pose to be an alternative in the arena of Conservative talk radio, but to be frank, these folks care for opinion that has red meat on the bone, where Huckabee has already admitted to a path of failure through its slogan “more conversation; less confrontation.”

Prediction: Huckabee's milktoast Moderate political policy approach will, by default, increase Rush Limbaugh's (strong Conservative analysis approach) TSL: time spent listening.

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Of Pink Slime & Buckyballs; The World Outside Your Door

McDonald's has issued a statement that they will no longer use "pink slime" as an ingredient in their hamburgers. Image Credit: McDonald's Corporation

Of Pink Slime & Buckyballs; The World Outside Your Door

The scariest things happen when one opens the lid of their laptop and logs on to Twitter ... one doesn't even have to venture out into the world to be confronted by attacks to ones understanding of safety and healthy standards.

Fundamentally the properties of materials can be changed by nanotechnology. We humans can arrange molecules in a way that they do not normally occur in nature. The material strength, electronic and optical properties of materials can all be altered using nanotechnology.

First off, the tale of the use of a bonding food agent and filler known as "Pink Slime" went viral this week all over the internet. This "Tweet" seen from cultural and political radio talk show host, Tammy Bruce.

Tammy Bruce @HeyTammyBruce
Gah! 70% of U.S. ground beef contains ‘pink slime’ goo.gl/IoY2o

Pink Slime - J. Patrick Boyle, president of the American Meat Institute, defended the practice as a way to safely use what otherwise would be wasted. “BLBT (Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings) is a sustainable product because it recovers lean meat that would otherwise be wasted,” he said in a statement. Image Credit: BPI via ABC News

This excerpted and edited from The Raw Story -

Whistleblowers: 70 percent of U.S. ground beef contains ‘pink slime’
By Stephen C. Webster - Thursday, March 8, 2012 12:35 EST

Let’s hope you didn’t eat a hamburger before clicking on this story.

A former U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist has come forward with a startling tale of how a substance known as “pink slime” has been embedded in about 70 percent of ground beef sold in the U.S. — a topic ABC News investigated for a segment Wednesday night.

“Pink slime” is largely made up of connective tissue that used to be reserved only for dog foods. It was not classified as “meat” because it was largely seen as unfit for human consumption. It also contains ammonia, which is used to kill off bacteria so people who eat it do not get sick.

But in the early 90s, former undersecretary of agriculture Joann Smith decided that it was meat, allowing it to enter the human food chain. When she left her post in 1993, she immediately took a job with Beef Products, Inc. on their board of directors.

The meat industry now refers to it as “lean finely textured beef,” but in a government memo USDA scientist Gerald Zirnstein coined the term “pink slime,” which now appears to have stuck. Zirnstein and fellow former USDA scientist Carl Custer told ABC News that it has become so prolific, “pink slime” can now be found in approximately 70 percent of U.S. ground beef.

“Pink slime” was in the news last month after several major fast food chains announced they would no longer use it as filler in their hamburgers. Despite those restaurants’ plans, the U.S. government has continued to purchase “pink slime” for use in school lunches, according to a report out this week by the News Corp.-run iPad newspaper The Daily.
[Reference Here]

Danielle @danzerotti, a self-described "happily married mother of 4, tweeted "Another reason my 4 kids should be glad that I take the time to prepare their lunches at home every day. As much as I complain."

"Pink slime" is bits of meat and muscle salvaged from slaughterhouse floors that are treated with a pink chemical to kill any dangerous pathogens. According to an earlier report by msnbc.com, the unappetizing pink goo is widely used in the food industry as an anti-microbial agent in meats and as a leavening agent in bread and cake products. It's regulated by the U.S. Agriculture Department (and has been allowed for human consumption since a favorable ruling by the USDA during the Clinton Administration), which classifies it as "generally recognized as safe." Nevertheless, McDonald's, have said they are pulling the infamous "pink slime" from their hamburgers.

We do not know how many large hamburger serving food restaurant chains (McDonald's being the largest) are still using the lesser expensive slime" filler infavor of profit motive but we do know this truth tweeted in response to Tammy Bruce @HeyTammyBruce referenced earlier in this posting.

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE
@HeyTammyBruce IN-N-OUT raises, processes, and grinds all of their own beef in a dedicated channel. This is a corporate hallmark.

Or as IN-N-OUT loves to say in its tagline ... "Freshness You Can Taste".

The other very disturbing item to flash across the twitter feed of communications on TweetDeck was this item having to do with radiation and "Buckyballs" used in medical procedures primarily to address the onslaught of Cancer.

Alexander Higgins‏ @kr3at
Highest Radiation Levels Since Fukushima Disaster Recorded in Los Angeles, CA bit.ly/zOySIW

This excerpted and edited from Alexander Higgins Blog -

Highest Radiation Levels Since Fukushima Disaster Recorded in Los Angeles, CA
Posted by Alexander Higgins - March 9, 2012 at 11:36 pm

A March 6th test of a HEPA filter recorded radiation levels 668% or 6.68 times the normal background radiation levels. This test took place 43 days after initial tests and shows a 130% increase since January 22nd.

“The California Highway Patrol considers anything over three times background, 300% of background above, a trigger level to a hazardous materials situation,” reported the EnviroReporter.

Considering that it is now documented FACT that the NRC and other US agencies worked to cover up the dangers posed to the United States from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, these independent radiation tests are absolutely paramount to get out to the American people.
The March 6 test of the combined dust came in at a sizzling 668% of background or 6.68 times normal. Since the last testing period, the radiation detected has risen another 130% indicating a continued upward trend.

That radiation is rising in Los Angeles comes as no surprise considering the enormous amount of radioactive ‘buckeyball’ filled with 60 uranium uranyls apiece that has been being produced at the stricken complex for almost a year. A just-released U.C. Davis report describing the phenomena is also examined in Beta Watch.

We now posits that this radiation ahead of the main swell through repeated aeration resultant of choppy Pacific water in storms, is picked up and moved on the winds as sea spray and mist moving ahead of the current. No other explanation is so compelling than this mechanism of increased mobility of this radiation most likely in the form of buckyballs that may, as the U.C. Davis report suggests, the same nanoparticle model that could cage in mobile spheres plutonium-239, strontium-90, cesium-137 and the deadly host of other radionuclides from Fukushima that have poisoned the Pacific for nearly a year.
[Reference Here]

Buckyballs - Visitors' shadows manipulate and reshape projected images of "Buckyballs." "Buckyball," or a buckminsterfullerene molecule, is a closed cage-structure molecule with a carbon network. "Buckyball" was named for R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (1895-1983), a scientist, philosopher and inventor, best known for creating the geodesic dome. Image Credit: © 2003 Museum Associates/Los Angeles County Museum

Unless one has had the medical procedure used to combat Cancer, one may not be familiar with the definition of Buckyball as excerpted and edited from PopSci.com:

Chemotherapy is notorious for the toll it takes on the entire body. It kills cancer cells, sure, but it kills a lot of healthy cells, too. But soon a new advance in carbon chemistry may replace the shotgun blast of chemo with a radiation sniper shot.

Scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University have devised a technique for placing radioactive molecules inside the soccer-ball-shaped molecules known as buckyballs. Thanks to new advances in cancer targeting, the buckyballs might be able to deliver the radioactive particles to specific cancer cells. This method would provide a targeted chemotherapy that would avoid the painful and prolonged side effects caused by today's full-body radiation treatments.

To make the buckyballs, the scientists zapped carbon rods with plasma until the the rods were reduced to ash. The scientists then took the ash and passed it through a radioactive solution. After purification, the resultant mixture contains radioactive buckyballs, and will dissolve in a biofluid.
[Reference Here]

For we, at MAXINE, all of this leads to lessons learned early in life through experiences learned in building block organizations like the Boy Scouts of America - ie: Leave a campsite cleaner than as one found it ... or as the requirements for a Backpacking Merit Badge list - Describe the importance of using Leave No Trace principles while backpacking, and at least five ways you can lessen the crew's impact on the environment.

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Sunday Morning Tweet | ReTweets Review - Rush, Breitbart, & Etc.

Andrew Breitbart (1969 - 2012) - who has described himself in the past as “Matt Drudge’s bitch”- is the proprietor of the websites Breitbart.com, BigHollywood.com, BigGovernment.com, BigJournalism.com, and BigPeace.com ... sports a Snuggie for Derek Hunter. Image Credit: Derek Hunter, TownHall (2011)

Sunday Morning Tweet | ReTweets Review - Rush, Breitbart, & Etc.

It is funny what one can get into during a Sunday morning when they are involved in New Media and are interested in Culture, Politics, and what other folks are thinking about the current trend topics of the day.

Take, for example, the copy of these Tweets and ReTweets taken from a column in a "TweetDeck" array, over the course of an hour or so, found at The EDJE's Twitter account (yes, that is "MAXINE's account).

The subjects range from Rush Limbaugh's recent flap that originated when he tried to make an outrageous point from an outrageous press conference put on by Nancy Pelosi that featured a 30 year-old co-ed, Sandra Fluke, who read from a statement she (Fluke) wrote about how the taxpayers should pay for her birth control and contraception drugs because her sexual activity was such that it costs her over $3,000. To the reaction to the death of Conservative politics warrior, Andrew Breitbart and how we all might have to fill this void with our collective voice. To the actions of the, as Sarah Palin loves to coin it, Permanent Political Class (RINO's to others).

Read and enjoy ... follow the links provided and, of course, follow those you feel a connection with:


Opinionated @ColorMeRed

No matter how brief a man's life, he can impact and alter the future leaving his imprint on the face of the earth forever.#Breitbart

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Proud Conservative @ConservativeGal

So we're suppose to pay for birth control 4 students going to schools we can't afford to send r own kids to? #tcot#teaparty #conservatives

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

The_Q @The_Q_is3m

Carbonite pulls ads from Rush to “contribute to a more civilized public discourse.” But keep Ed Schulz (called Laura Ingraham slut!) #tcot

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

John Difool @MCHblazer5m

@jtLOL @AndrewBreitbart. The left hated Andrew Breitbart because he used their absolute moral authority as his favorite toilet paper.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE6m

@free_US_Citizen: Gov. Jindal Gives Amazing Republican Energy Policy Speech island-adv.com/?p=74124#tcot#tlot #p2 #nrcc #mitt #newt #santo

Ric @prismsinc10m

WOW MT @soylentbeige Mitt Romney consulted Population Control Eugenics Czar John Holdren wp.me/ptUz8-32y#tcot #RickSantorum #teaparty

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

iWithNewtG @cantwaittillnov10m

This Election experience has changed my life. Media Types that I once trusted ... Now I Do Not ! #withNewt #GA #MI #AK#OH #MA #WA #TX

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE25m

From Gut Punch by Derek Huntertownhall.com/columnists/der… - Who will replace Andrew Breitbart? No one, and everyone #tcot #tlot #p2 #nrcc #drudge

'Jim' 'Treacher' @jtLOL38m

A Gut Punch-The Loss of Andrew Breitbart - Derek Huntertownhall.com/columnists/der…

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE39m

@WhineNot: Newt slapdown of David Gregory's question on trying to get him to diss Rush Limbaugh! Beauuuuuutiful!!!#MTP #SuperTuesday

Mary Katharine Ham @mkhammer53m

Someone should do a Kickstarter to buy things for Sandra Fluke she doesn't feel like buying herself.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

This is a result of dance rehearsal ... or really just not knowing what your doing. :-) | Caption & Image Credit: Katharine McPhee via twitpic (2012)

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@katharinemcphee - Looks like you were mugged in an alley by midgets or being kneecapped by a blindman! Good work.#smash #tv #dancing

in reply to @katharinemcphee - Reaction to photo re-posted HERE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@Politisite They are part of the fourth and third estate!

in reply to @Politisite

Politisite @Politisite1h

@EricBoehlert oh look for the last few weeks obama approval has been down to 43%... Forgot to mention that?

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

in reply to @EricBoehlert

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@iowahawkblog - Also, isn't actually having sex a choice as opposed to an ailment? Isn't having babies the same through consequence? #rush

David Burge @iowahawkblog1h

Birth control is a foreseeable, regular expense. What idiot wants it covered by insurance? It's like having corn flakes insurance.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@prismsinc @EricCantor - DITTO!

in reply to @prismsinc

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@ShannonBream: BREAKING: Rep Eric Cantor has just endorsed Mitt Romney”#politicalclass #newt #tcot #tlot #p2 #vp#hhrs #tkrs

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@MMFlint @jtLOL - No bigger prostitute than you working from exaggerated circumstances to make the distorted opinion films you make #rush

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE1h

@kirstenpowers10: Hey @edshow you forgot to mention slutwalk. Also why don't u talk about the time you called me a "bimbo"?” #rush

David Limbaugh @DavidLimbaugh1h

i have to say it: Those of you who are saying Rush sold out don't have the courage in your entire universe that he has in his little finger.

Retweeted by @TheEDJE


So, it is on to "Super Tuesday" and whoever ends up being the Republican Political Party's nominee for the potential 45th President of the United States ... do not loose sight, VOTE for them! Then when they assume office, ride them HARD as we all did when Bush 43 tried to place on the Supreme Court, Harriet Ellan Miers or soften on the issue of Immigration!