Sunday, December 05, 2010

Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix 2010 - Opening Parade Lap

All of the racing came off with great success on the first day of the Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix. The event which is being restarted since its last running in 1957 took place through the chaparral covered hills around Avalon's Golf Course and above the iconic Santa Catalina Casino pictured here. The day's events were all kicked of with a parade lap through the village along the waterfront of this island's largest settlement [ctrl-click to launch video of opening parade lap]. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010)

Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix 2010 - Opening Parade Lap

7:30am, December 4, 2010 - Opening Ceremonies - Downtown at the Wrigley Stage - Race #1 Parade Lap through town.

Both motocross superstars and emerging talents will vie for top honors as they blast into the hills surrounding the main port town of Avalon. Riders will look to join Dave Ekins - Bud Ekins (the stuntman who performed the famous fence jump in “The Great Escape” for Steve McQueen) brother and past event rider, and Bob Sangren (the race’s only two-time winner) as champion of the island spectacle. Sangren will also be returning to the island to serve as Grand Marshal for the 2010 race.

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