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Late Spring 2009 Pole Dancing Competitions - Olympic Sport?

Vegas Woman Wins Miss U.S. Pole Dance Federation 2009! 2009 US Pole Dance champion: Jenyne Butterfly [ctrl-click for video]. Image Credit: U.S. Pole Dance Federation

Late Spring 2009 Pole Dancing Competitions - Olympic Sport?

There is a whole wold of organized gymnastic and athletic competition that has taken place over the last full month and few people really are aware of it taking place.

Sure, there was a little write up in, but nothing really on a mainstream media scale that would bring serious attention to the art and athletic competition and the serious nature on which the progressive structure (regionals, nationals, then international) of the competition takes in which a world champion is decided.

The competition is Pole Dancing. Ok, so the art and athletic form got its start as a method by which female entertainers, who took off their clothes, could separate men from their money.

In the United States, there is a formal association set up to bring standards and an official program of competition to the process named the US Pole Dance Federation or USPDF.

2009 US Pole Dance Federation Competition

2009 Pole Dance World Finals Competition Winner

This excerpted and edited from an internet PDF version of -

A live report from the US Pole Dance Championship
Monday March 16, 2009 10:07AM; Updated: Monday March 16, 2009 3:12PM
By Jacob E. Osterhout

While most sports fans eagerly awaited the NCAA Tournament bracket on Sunday, I headed over to the Bleeker Street Theatre in New York City for a very different sort of Selection Sunday.

The US Pole Dance Federation, better known to acronym lovers as the USPDF, was hosting the first annual US Pole Dance Championship. Twelve female contestants, chosen from more than 50 applicants, would be competing for the honor of representing the United States at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2009 and for a spot on the cover of next month's Pole2Pole Magazine.
The dress code from the USPDF rulebook states, "No nudity, no G-strings or thongs. Violation of this requirement leads to immediate disqualification."

As contestant Denise Brown a happily married mother of two from Tennessee said, "We are not strippers and it is not a stripper pole unless someone is taking off their clothes. Sure, a form of pole dancing is exotic, but that's not all there is to it. Pole dancing is really about fitness, athleticism and artistic design."
But while pole dancing has certainly gone from erotic to aerobic, not all the sensuality has been lost. At the championship, five-inch heels, belly-button rings and tattoos were just as prevalent as washboard abs, well-toned biceps and calves the size of peaches.
According to competition rules, contestants compete in two rounds: a 60-90 second compulsory round with required elements, and a 3-5 minute optional round in which competitors choreograph their own routine. A panel of three judges then selects the winner based on execution, transition, originality, difficulty, flexibility, and sex appeal.
The favorite entering Sunday's championship, at least according to the contestants, seemed to be Jenyne Butterfly, a petite blonde from Eastern Washington. Despite her diminutive stature, Butterfly had already won pole dance competitions across the nation, including the highly regarded Pole-a-palooza in Las Vegas, which she has won three years in a row.
But catching a butterfly is a tricky task. The favorite took the stage as the night's second to last performance and showed why she truly is "The Pole Queen." Dressed in a white two-piece outfit and veil, Butterfly lived up to her name. She defied gravity. At times, one arm supported the entire weight of her outstretched body. Her moves were elegant, her transitions seamless. By the time Butterfly capped off her performance with her signature "flag move" -- think of her as the flag on a flagpole -- the capacity crowd was on its feet.

And while the judges took 10 minutes to give the appearance of a formal debate, everyone knew the winner had already been decided. Jenyne Butterfly was the 2009 US Pole Dance Champion.

"It feels really good," Butterfly said afterwords as the crowd streamed out the theater. "I've never won a medal for pole dancing before. Normally, they just hand me an envelope of money."

And with a slight smile, the champ sauntered away from the stage to find her boyfriend and grab a bite to eat.

After all, a girl can work up quite an appetite winning a national championship.
Reference Here>>

Can you see this as an Olympic event? The competitors would have to wear a unitard or the like.

My wife just asked me ... What?! Did you write about ... Pole Dancing?

As I told her, this was actually and interesting topic given the fact that the competitors actually take the performance as a serious enterprise and athletic art expression.

She chilled after she saw the video examples. I guess one needs the 6" heels just to get a "leg-up" as it were - sorry, couldn't resist.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

THAT's ... NO on Propositions 1A-F Today!

A young TEA Party Anti-Tax Rally participant urging a NO vote to the tax increase propositions put forth in today's special election. Image Credit: Keith Brock (2009)

THAT's ... NO on Propositions 1A-F Today!

I voted and got interviewed by Mark Coogan of KCBS2/KCAL9 News. He said to tune in at 12:00 Noon on Channel 9 here in Los Angeles, and if they use the piece they taped, it will show then.

The interview went pretty well ... well enough for Mark to ask me after the interview, if I wanted to run for elected office? - Yea, Riiiiight!

The basics of the interview went like this, Mark asked how I voted on Propositions 1A-F and my opinion on why, with some follow-up questions having to do with the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I told Mr. Coogan that I voted NO on Propositions 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and even 1-F ... 'cuz I hate the cynicism. Mark said, even 1-F?, the Proposition that freezes pay raises of lawmakers if the budget isn't balanced? ... and I said yep, even F because the elected officials will just increase their office budgets, per diems, and other benefits of the office. Mark then offered, "... you know, there is a state law that requires a balanced budget." Apparently, he didn't like the cynicism shown by our Lawmakers either.

Ok, so why did you vote down the tax raising measures? asked Mark.

Well, it isn't so much the we are not being taxed enough money to run the Government, it is more about that they are spending way too much money, to run the Government!"

Then Mark Coogan began to ask me a question or two about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He began by saying, You know that the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of the state in Washington D.C., what do you think that says?

"Well, to be honest, If I were him (Arnold), I'd be in Washington D.C. too." I responded.

He is making a big deal about fuel efficiency standards, and Barack Obama wants to drive the rest of the country in this direction. The Government, our Government wants to force us all to be driving "Clown Cars", can you imagine a family of nine riding around on a Segway? That is their vision."

Coogan went on to ask (paraphrased) ... how did you vote at the time of the recall of the newly elected Governor, Grey Davis? I told him that I voted for Arnold, but after he was in Sacramento, he turned his back on the people who put him into office.

I then said, "He might have been able to to lift very heavy weights, early in his career, but his weight lifting days are way over. All he knows how to do now is spend and capitulate ... he has become the kind of people we voted him into office to control."

There was more conversation, but most of those comments were not recorded and I found Mark Coogan a fun and interesting person to talk with.

The point of this post, other than being a bit self-promotional, is that this is a very important day for California voters, and to a greater degree, the country. If everyone who votes feels they have just the least little bit of power to revolt through the use of their vote, then that is the purpose of this post, this day in California, and what it may trigger throughout the country.

I asked the cameraman if could send me the video file, he said maybe but made no promises.

Queue the videotape!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Palm Springs TEA Party Anti-Tax Rally

Organized by We Surround Them Palm Springs, the TEA Party Anti-Tax Rally was a great success. Anytime on can have the local police begin to get upset and exert control over a peaceful enterprize, maybe one is touching a nerve. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

Palm Springs TEA Party Anti-Tax Rally

The actual crowd was estimated to be a little less than 100 people. The event was very closely watched and monitored by the local police department and they responded quickly to any complaint of excessive noise.

This type of attention caught me off guard, in that, I was in Palm Springs soon after the November elections last year and witnessed a rally that had been organized by the people who were against Proposition 8 (the constitutional amendment defining marriage as being only between a man and a women). The proposition passed, as expected, by a wide margin, and those who wanted the proposition to be defeated were not happy. The rally managed to have about 50 or so cars parade down Palm Canyon Drive, at a very slow pace and have all of the cars horns HONK as the passengers hang out holding "NO On Eight" signs and placards. It was quite a show to watch as one was trying to share time with friends and family over dinner at the local California Pizza Kitchen. The conversation was nearly impossible.

After the parade, the participants roamed up and down the Drive, loudly making sure everyone knew of their displeasure at the measure (Prop 8) passing. The local police did nothing to quell this disturbance ... on this evening and about this issue.

Today, the police were vigilant, and it was hard to understand why ... until one realizes what WE were out on the street protesting about.

The crowd was on Palm Canyon Drive to bring attention to spending measures that our state government had drafted and placed on a ballot for a special election to be held in just a few days on May 19th, so that they, the state, could continue to spend money at a record rate. We all were tired of having the highest taxes of most any of the fifty states, the highest corporate taxes of most any of the fifty states, and it is time to STOP THE MADNESS!

The measures to be voted on are named Propositions 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and 1-F --- to go on and parse each and every proposition, to be honest, is pointless because each of the propositions were drafted for and by a government that is in the middle of OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING ... and they wish to continue the practice. Not passing these measures on May 19, 2009 will send a message that the State of California can not go along doing business as usual.

Many hand made/home made signs designed to inform and get a reaction from passersby. The rally was held in the noonday sun of an early sping Friday with the temperature approaching 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

The local police are government workers and are dependent upon what the state government does, so anything that works against the government, receives attention. This is why the protesters along Palm Canyon Drive needed to be reined in ... on the attention level we were creating.

Vote NO on Propositions 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and 1-F to send a message to the politicians who are elected to protect our, the tax paying citizens, interests. It is time to STOP THE MADNESS and have the state government stop the spending - period.

Tomorrow, another, much larger event is planned for the Federal Building in Westwood on Westwood Blvd just East of the 405 Freeway. If you happen to be in the area around 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT, please show up and show support for a no vote on Propositions 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and 1-F.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Tripe With TARP & The Obama-Nation

If you're fed up with the Presidential politics, and want to get away from it with a little Xbox escapism, don't play Burnout Paradise. The racing game features VIRTUAL BILLBOARDS URGING GAMERS TO VOTE FOR OBAMA. Is the addition of political ads in console games change you can believe in? Caption & Image Credit:

The Tripe With TARP & The Obama-Nation

The Troubled Asset Relief Fund (TARP) was originally created by the Bush Administration to help as a buffer for homeowners, who were in trouble of loosing their home when the flexible interest rates of the “sub-prime” mortgages they had used to initially purchase their home … increased. The idea was to be able to have the mortgages reset, or better, renegotiated to a level that the mortgages providers would not have their financial instruments be defaulted on by the people who had committed to pay the mortgages.

By having about 700 Billion dollars of TARP (read that as taxpayer money) set aside, the Federal Government felt that banks would be less inclined to foreclose on, or end the financial contract and the economy would remain relatively level and undisrupted.

This may have been effective … MAY … if the Federal Government applied the monies only where there they were needed. What has happened, however, is a massive level of “mission creep” where the Federal Government has decided to force all financial institutions to take money TARP money in exchange for specialized preferred stock, and if these banks did not participate, they would suffer additional activity brought about through audits and other Governmental investigative activity that hinders a bank from transacting a profitable business.

Further, the Federal Government unilaterally converted the Preferred Stock (non-ownership type) to Common Stock (ownership type) and now own an interest in the banks themselves … and remember, many of these institutions never participated in the issuing and selling of mortgages that are the topic of the TARP monies and/or do not have any loans in default.

The Federal Government forced a transition of ownership of privately held, once profitable businesses to be under the management control and influence of Federal Government bureaucrats who have never managed a private business for profit … in the first place.

The above description is an ugly enough scenario without looking at the additional uses of the original Troubled Asset Relief Fund (TARP).

Transportation Stock and Bond Certificates - Chrysler Corporation, Delaware, USA, 1970: $1,000 Sinking Fund Debenture certificate featuring the famous "Chrysler" radiator cap flanked by allegorical female character and company logos. Also includes traffic scenes showing old trucks and vintage cars in the background. Walter P. Chrysler, formerly of Buick and Willys, acquired Maxwell-Chalmers in 1923 and the first car bearing his name was produced in 1924. Chrysler laid the foundations for a motor empire to rival General Motors and Ford when he took over Dodge and launch the Plymouth Four and the De Soto Six in 1928. Punch cancelled. Scarce. VF+ - Red (12" x 8") $95.00 - Image Credit:

This item published three days before Barack Obama took office excerpted and edited from the Washington Post –

U.S. Expands Aid To Auto Industry

Chrysler Financial Gets $1.5 Billion From Treasury; Ford Credit in Talks

By David Cho and Kendra Marr - Washington Post Staff Writers - Saturday, January 17, 2009; Page D02

The government expanded its bailout of the nation's troubled auto industry yesterday, announcing a new $1.5 billion loan for Chrysler Financial while Ford Credit said it was in talks to obtain federal aid.

The money for Chrysler Financial will come from the government's $700 billion financial rescue program. Senior officials from the Treasury and Federal Reserve are hoping the assistance, combined with earlier support for General Motors' chief lender GMAC, will keep auto loans flowing until the two agencies can make more funds available for credit cards, student loans and small business loans.

The developments came on a frantic last work day at the Treasury Department, as officials pushed out the door several key deals and announcements related to the rescue program, known as the Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP.


Last fall, Paulson told lawmakers that the TARP would be used to buy bad assets. But soon after the bill was approved by Congress in early October, he moved away from the idea to provide more direct aid to financial institutions.


The moves to aid the financing arms of the nation's automakers draw the federal government more deeply into Detroit's troubles.

To date, the government has committed TARP money to provide $17.4 billion for General Motors and Chrysler, $6 billion for GMAC, and now the new loan to back Chrysler Financial.


"We're still funding our business," said Ford Credit spokeswoman Margaret Mellott, who confirmed the talks, which have been going on for months. "We have strong liquidity . . . It's an ongoing dialogue to free up credit."

Although Ford has said it can survive without federal aid or intervention, it continues asking to be treated the same as its struggling cross-town rivals GM and Chrysler.


The support for Chrysler Financial is structured differently than most other loans the Treasury has made from the TARP. Instead of investing money directly into Chrysler Financial, the company is creating a special entity that will receive the government loan. Chrysler Financial can then withdraw those funds to make new auto loans.


In addition, Chrysler Financial agreed to reduce by 40 percent the pool of bonus money for its senior executives relative to the 2007 levels, among other limitations on what it can pay its top officials.


"This will provide a great economic stimulus for car buyers across the country," Jim Press, Chrysler vice chairman and president said in a statement.

Chrysler Financial applied for TARP funds in November. In December, Chrysler's sales slid 53 percent compared with the corresponding month a year before.

"This funding will better position us to withstand the current economic challenges until funding becomes available through more traditional commercial sources," said Thomas F. Gilman, vice chairman and chief executive of Chrysler Financial in a statement.


Yesterday was supposed to be their last day of work, but many senior Treasury officials kept their government-issued BlackBerrys rather than turn them in. They were given Federal Express envelopes to ship their devices next week, in case they had to work over the weekend.

Reference Here>>

So, just about three months down the road, Chrysler declares bankruptcy!

The company is broken up into several parts where the United Auto Workers Union becomes the majority share owner – surprise, surprise.

Oh, and the people who invested their money in good faith in the company to get a return on their investment protected by our country’s bankruptcy laws which stipulate that the primary share owners are first honored? The Obama Administration shafted their interests and moved them to the back of the line only allowing them, the investors, a chance at a loss on their investment.

MODERN TIMES: If only the UAW were such a victim as they are depicted here in this R.J. Matson cartoon. The worker caught in a web of gears waiting to crush them up - the truth is that with a 55% ownership of Chrysler, THEY ARE the gears ... they had created through negotiation and now own. Image Credit: R.J. Matson, The New York Observer

This excerpted and edited from CBS News –

Chrysler Bankruptcy Exposes Dirty Politics

Declan McCullagh: Obama Calls Creditors Who Lent Money To Chrysler "Speculators," But What About the Rule Of Law?

May 7, 2009 | by Declan McCullagh

Chrysler's sad tale that led to this week's bankruptcy hearing in New York is not only an important business and political story. It also encompasses morality, the rule of law and strong-arm tactics used by some politicians.
During its slide, Chrysler borrowed money from lenders and in return signed a contract promising that as so-called senior creditors, they'd get paid before anyone else if the company went under.

These creditors, by the way, represent something of a cross-section of America: the University of Kentucky, Kraft Foods' retirement fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, pension funds, teachers' credit unions, and so on.

A normal bankruptcy filing would be straightforward. Senior creditors get paid 100 cents on the dollar. Everyone else gets in line.

But President Obama and his allies don't want that to happen. So they interfered on behalf of unions (the junior creditors) and publicly upbraided the senior creditors who were asserting their contractual rights and threatening to head to bankruptcy court.

Last week Mr. Obama lambasted them as "a small group of speculators" who "endanger Chrysler's future by refusing to sacrifice like everyone else."

Rep. John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, sent reporters a statement calling the creditors "vultures" and "rouge hedge funds." Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm piled on, taking aim during her radio address at a "few greedy hedge funds that didn't care how much pain the company's failure would have inflicted on families and communities everywhere."

It must be a coincidence that the United Auto Workers has handed $25.4 million to federal politicians over the last two decades, with 99 percent of that cash going to Democrats. And that Mr. Obama's final campaign stop on Election Day was a UAW phone bank.

If those politicians thought about this a bit more, they'd probably realize their mistake. Creditors didn't force Chrysler's management to head to the capital markets and beg for funds: It was poor management, uncompetitive wages, and a union that opposed pay cuts.

Without those greedy "vultures" and "rogues" injecting sorely-needed cash into a business they knew was risky, Chrysler might have been forced to declare bankruptcy much earlier. (And now that lenders know they may be demonized by the president, will they be as likely to help out next time?)

One of the better critiques of this unusual situation comes from Clifford Asness, managing partner at a $20 billion hedge fund named AQR Capital Management. His essay responds to what he called "toxic demagoguery" and says "the president's attempted diktat takes money from bondholders and gives it to a labor union that delivers money and votes for him."
A document that the non-TARP creditors filed with the bankruptcy judge about the proposed sale to Fiat says: "The sale is far from an arm's length transaction, but rather, is the result of a tainted sales process dominated by the United States government... It is a sale that was orchestrated entirely by the Treasury and foisted upon (Chrysler)... Well before the filing, (Chrysler) had ceased to function as an independent company and had become an instrumentality of the government."

So if you're keeping score, you have a bankrupt company depending on the government for money negotiating with some TARP-funded creditors depending on the government for money and still more creditors who may hold insurance policies with AIG, which depends on the government for money. And we're already hearing similar allegations about General Motors and political interference.

One disturbing report came from a well-respected attorney representing the dissident Chrysler creditors. Thomas Lauria, the head of White & Case's bankruptcy practice, says that he was threatened by Steven Rattner, the White House's auto task force chief. (A White House spokesman denies making any threats.)

"I represent one less investor today than I represented yesterday," Lauria said on a Detroit radio show. "One of my clients was directly threatened by the White House and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight. That's how hard it is to stand on this side of the fence." Lauria said that his clients were willing to compromise on 50 cents on the dollar, but the government offered them only 29 cents.

In the Federalist Papers in 1788, James Madison wrote that "laws impairing the obligation of contracts are contrary to the first principles of the social compact, and to every principle of sound legislation." Unfortunately, Washington politicians seem to pay little attention to history, morality, or the rule of law.

Reference Here>>

All of this economic upheaval and Federal Government takeover of private enterprises are only the beginning of the misuse of tax money and the trust of the American people.

Within the first six weeks, a "Stimulus" appropriations bill was passed that increased the budgets of all Federal Government entities by an average of nearly 80% followed by the "Omnibus" appropriations bill that increased the budgets of all Federal Government entities by an additional 8%. Some agencies in six weeks saw a 100% increase in the amount of tax money they could spend ... this at a time of under 4% inflation.

We, at MAXINE hope you are enjoying these first four months of Carter's Second Term!

Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day - Not Just For The Undocumented Anymore

The crowd gathered for the Tax Day Tea Bag event held on the front steps of the Glendale, CA City Hall. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2009)

May Day - Not Just For The Undocumented Anymore

Ever feel a little left out of the modern day festivities that surround the first day in the month of May?

There was a time that a community would look with anticipation toward May and the recognition that the spring planting season had begun in earnest. Townspeople would gather in the town center and halls to share in traditions that included parties, sing-alongs, Old World maypole dancing, and parades. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, the month of May is a time to celebrate a renewal of life marked with May Day on the first day of May.

The modern trend for the last couple of years saw the introduction of attention getting protests about United States immigration policy. Protests re-branded not as May Day celebrations of life renewal but as "A Day Without A Mexican" and gatherings to promote socialists ideals where the Government should be in control of everything.

"Reconquista", the undocumented immigrant movement to re-assimilate the southwest United States back into the territory of Mexico has become a modern day May Day theme. Image Credit: Google Images

Two weeks ago, a phenomenon popped-up in the pantheon of protests. Citizens who have always desired and worked toward being a part of the fabric of a strong and free society, gathered in front of City Halls holding Tea Bags as a sign of protest, in the spirit of the original Boston Tea Party against the governmental act of taxation without representation in England to the colony states in North America. These were gatherings in protest of excessive tax laws being enacted and out-of-control Federal Government Spending used to support a shift toward a Socialist society as opposed to one that is based upon self-reliance and the God given rights to make decisions about and control ones personal life.

The April 15 Tax Day Tea Parties amassed nearly one-million (1,000,000) people at over 900 gatherings throughout the United States.

Since the newly elected executive administration assumed power in office January 20, 2009, the actions of the Obama Administration and the current Democrat Party controlled Congress have enacted two large Taxing/Spending laws (The Stimulus and Omnibus Spending Bills) amounting to an assessment of over $18,000 of additional debt for each and every household to fund spending increases of over 90% of current bureaucratic infrastructure programs. Normal increases generally keep track with economic expansion and inflation (a single digit 3% to 6% increase has been the custom).

Image Credit: May Day! May Day! - Defeat 1A page in Facebook

Enter May Day 2009 in Pasadena (this notice excerpted and edited from a Facebook Tea Party message broadcast):

May Day! May Day! - Defeat 1A

... because socialism isn't cool

An action to celebrate spring and protest the upcoming May 19th vote that asks California citizens to tax themselves even MORE through a YES Vote on Propositions 1 A, B, C, D, & F!

This gathering is to bring attention on why one would want to Vote NO on all of these propositions and reject the notion that they would actually limit government and government spending.

Pasadena City Hall
100 N Garfield Ave

When: Friday, May 1st, 4pm

What: VIP Speakers, Rally, May Day Parade, Happy Hour

The Pasadena Tea Party Patriots are thrilled to announce that conservative thinker Larry Greenfield will join Evan Sayet, Victoria Jackson and Andrew Breitbart to speak at our May Day rally.

Our theme is "Anti-Socialism", so please go all out with the clever signs and "propaganda". We're also having a contest to see who can come looking most like their favorite communist dictator. The top 5 look-alikes will get VIP seating behind the podium for maximum media exposure. This could be a recipe for hilarity!

See you ALL there!
Dear Tea Party Patriots,

On behalf of the Pasadena Tea Party organizers, we'd like to thank you for standing with us against high taxes and Big Government. Our Tea Party and hundreds of others around America this week are just the first steps toward restoring the personal and economic freedoms that our Constitution guarantees. We must now translate this energy into IMMEDIATE AND AGGRESSIVE POLITICAL ACTION. We must punish those who betrayed us and replace them with principled representatives.


Our immediate objective is simple: DEFEAT PROPOSITIONS 1A-1F on May 19. California is already fiscally and politically bankrupt. If passed, these propositions will only drive us further in the hole. When we win, politicians in both parties will know that Californians intend to retake control of state government. Like Proposition 13, it will send a shockwave throughout California, Washington, D.C., all of America and even the world.


Our next action dates are May 1 and May 19. We’re choosing May Day because that’s when despotic socialist countries like North Korea stage parades pretending to celebrate the worker and democracy. We need to take that day back. Choosing “Mayday” is also fitting because all pilots and mariners use this expression to signal distress and imminent danger. This is exactly where we are in California.


May 1, 4p-7p, Pasadena City Hall
Tea Party Rally, Parade and Happy Hour

May 1- 19, San Gabriel Valley
‘Boots on the Ground’

May 19, 6-10p, Mijares Restaurant
Post Election Party


The radicals and agitators driving us into financial ruin – including at least one President – like to call themselves “Community Organizers.” Well, I guess that makes anyone trying to fix this mess a “Community RE-Organizer.” If this describes you, then we need your help in putting Boots on the Ground. Wes Hampton has volunteered to lead the ‘ground game’ here in the San Gabriel Valley. He has generously offered the use of his San Gabriel offices and phones to support our efforts.

While we appreciate your financial support, we are most interested in your personal involvement. Our strength lies not only in our numbers but in the active commitment and participation of our members in the political process. We have to take the battle to the Big Spenders. The upcoming special election will be our first big test. Our opponents will be watching us very closely to find out just how real we are, whether we can transform vigorous dissent into electoral success. They are hoping that the Tea Parties will be a one-time event that fades into politics as usual for the two major parties.

The only way we can change their political calculations is for us to participate fully, regularly and reliably in the electoral process. Ronald Reagan once said that the Russians loved the arms race as long as they were the only ones in it. It’s the same with California politics.

The Spendocrats in both parties have had the game to themselves – with predictable results. All that changes starting now.


Here are the steps you need to take:

• Make sure we know who you are. If you’re getting this message, at least your on our facebook page. Reply to this message and provide information requested below.

• Volunteer for something. We currently need volunteers to perform the following tasks:

· Full-time and part-time volunteers to monitor our email and web site. This can be done in the office or at home.

· Full-time and part-time volunteers to staff our office, especially during the upcoming Prop1A-F campaign.

· Bookkeeper and/or treasurer. Financial professional preferred.

· Coordinator for Speakers’ Forum

•Make sure we know who your friends are. Using the reply function, send us the name, email and as much additional contact information as is available for anyone you think should be on our distribution list.

Reference Here>>

So, we at MAXINE urge ... come one and come ALL ... May Day Is Not Just For The Undocumented, Anymore!

UPDATES - Photographs and videos to be added after the event HERE >>
(MAXINE will be in attendance as a Citizen Journalist - Pajamas Media/Editor - NowPublic).

Impressions from the event:

May Day! May Day! No On 1A!

An action to celebrate spring and protest the upcoming May 19th vote that asks California citizens to tax themselves even MORE through a YES Vote on Propositions 1 A through F! This gathering is to bring attention on why one would want to Vote NO.

A great and enthusiastic crowd showed up ... we were even visited by one (1) protester who interrupted the speaker at the podium and claimed that Andrew Breitbart was involved in racist hate speech by citing that the policies of our current president amount to practicing socialism. Andrew asked him to take the microphone and defend his position, who, at that point walked up to the podium and continued to spew accusations without being able to support his position. He left, frustrated that he was unable to have his thoughts come out clearly at the podium.

As the crowd gathered around waiting for the event to begin, ethnic Russian sounding music performed by LIMPOPO filled the air of this decidedly ANTI-socialism rally setting a fun tongue- in-cheek posture amongst this community of ... PROTESTERS!

VIP speakers included:
-Victoria Jackson, comedienne and Saturday Night Live alum,
-Evan Sayet, political pundit and comedian who will serve as Master of Ceremonies
-Andrew Breitbart, Washington Times columnist and creator of Big Hollywood and
-Larry Greenfield, Vice President of the Claremont Institute and former Regional Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

All were filled with great focus and good advice on how to stick to ones convictions. Evan Sayet had one of the most humorous lines of the gathering when said that the Left and the Right are really not that far apart - The Right quotes Patrick Henry (personage in full costume and fife played by Jim Riley of the apple growing region of San Bernardino County, Oak Glen, CA) and states "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" where as the Left ... while close, says "Give me Librium or give me Meth!"

There was a costume contest for protesters dressed as infamous communist dictators (i.e.Castro, Mao, Stalin, Chavez). The top 5 look-alikes would have received VIP seating behind the podium for maximum media exposure, but they wanted to remain in the crowd to give it the color and the humor the event commanded.

Victoria Jackson was brilliant and perfect for this gathering of unlikely protesters (she stated that she was not the type to get up and speak on political things, that this was her third time ... one couldn't tell, especially as she introduced her daughter). The protesters were unlikely in that, they were all well dressed, clean and a pretty sober bunch with smiles. It isn't that they lacked passion for the protest subject, the crowd just wouldn't be the sort that would go out and turn over cars, break windows, and such because they respected all peoples property and space ... but get them in a voting booth - WATCH OUT!

Following the rally, a fife playing Patrick Henry led protesters on a patriotic march through historic Old Town Pasadena where participants gathered for a happy hour celebration at Brix 42 Pub & Brewery. The march drew honks from passing cars on Colorado Blvd. in a show of support for the messages on the signs they had read.

It is time for all with a passion to place "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" in the community in order to defeat Propositions 1A-F. California is already fiscally and politically bankrupt. If passed, these propositions will only drive us further in the hole. When we win, politicians in both parties will know that Californians intend to retake control of state government. Like Proposition 13, it will send a shockwave throughout California, Washington, D.C., all of America and even the world.