Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pandora's Box, Green Crosses, & "For What It's Worth"

Pandora's Box nightclub was located at 8118 Sunset Boulevard, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard. It featured a trendsetting act booking policy that made Pandora's Box the center of the Sunset Strip youth scene. Image Credit: Pinterest Saved By Alison Martino

Pandora's Box, Green Crosses, & "For What It's Worth"

What is interesting about looking in on postings on Facebook is the perspective thoughts that get triggered through the sharing of a photograph, a video, or a story.

Recently, a video of the Buffalo Springfield's monster hit, For What It's Worth, which was spawned by a protest, spurs thoughts of what might happen if there were similar protests today and if they would engender the same level of creativity or social impact.

This music video shows footage of a protest that happened on the Sunset Strip in front of the music/dance club called Pandora's Box which was built on an intersection triangle at the East end of the "Strip" near the famed boutique hotel, the Chateau Marmont.

What was funny about the protest was that it was about a curfew that civic authorities were planning to implement at this address because of the popularity of the club. The crowds and the noise was disrupting to the neighborhood (video).

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This type of building would not have been allowed today due to logical zoning laws. The land space was small but very large for a traffic intersection triangle (more video).

Pandora's Box nightclub exterior (notice the billboard stand structures which probably should have been the only structures on a traffic triangle at an intersection) - Image Credit:

So the protest was not of anything earthshaking except for the effects of illogical zoning laws (or lack of laws) in the County of Los Angeles that allowed a night club to be built in a place that was known to be a poor purpose for the location and the size of the land. Further, "kids" were protesting the infringement of their nightlife at this one particular nightclub - WOW!

In LA now, a neighborhood has to live with "Green Cross" establishments dispensing grass under the dubious designation of "Medical Marijuana" (why can't this be done at a pharmacy?) with inconsistent or very little zoning oversight.

So hey! What's that sound?

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