Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vice-Presidential Nominee Mike Pence Properly Labels Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Indiana Governor Mike Pence delivers Vice-Presidential acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention held at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio. Image Credit: Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune 

Vice-Presidential Nominee Mike Pence Properly Labels Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Gov. Mike Pence hits it out of the park when he delivered his acceptance speech at the Republican Political Convention as the Vice-Presidential nominee and running mate to Donald J. Trump.


This is the outsider [Donald J. Trump], my running mate — turned a longshot campaign into a movement.

Over in the other party, the idea was to present the exact opposite of a political outsider. The exact opposite of a calculating truth-teller. On that score, you have to hand it to the Democratic establishment — they outdid themselves this time.

At the very moment when America is crying out for something new and different, the other party has answered with a stale agenda and the most predictable of names. People in both parties are restless for change, ready to break free from old patterns in Washington, and Democrats are about to anoint someone who represents everything this country is tired of. You know, Hillary Clinton wants a better title. And I would too if I was already ...

... America’s Secretary Of The Status Quo.

C-SPAN Speech - Gov. Mike Pence - Launch Here

In the end, we, at MAXINE believe (using the words of Mike Pence), this election comes down to just two names on the ballot;

So let’s resolve here and now that Hillary Clinton will never become President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton essentially offers a third Obama term. The role is perfect for her. She championed Obamacare because years earlier she had all but invented it. The national debt has nearly doubled in these eight years, and her only answer is to keep borrowing and spending. Like the president, she thinks that the path to a growing economy is more taxes and more regulation and more government.

Let's make America great again.

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