Friday, March 03, 2006

-- Grinding "Meathead" --

From LA Weekly - Bill Bradley’s NEW WEST NOTES -

Update: Another Democratic Leader Moves On The Reiner Situation

Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer, a Los Angeles area Democrat who was also a high-ranking aide to then Governor Gray Davis, has formally joined forces with state Senator Dave Cox, the Sacramento area Republican, in requesting a state investigation of the Rob Reiner-led California Children and Families Commission. This as a result of a letter to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee dated February 24th and recently uncovered. The committee meets on March 8th. During that meeting, as committee chair Nicole Parra, an ally of Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, told me on Wednesday, the committee is expected to authorize an investigation of the Reiner commission by the state auditor.

This now has all the earmarks of a Democratic legislative leadership issue, with bipartisan support coming initially from Republicans. With one of the big three gubernatorial candidates, state Controller Steve Westly, speaking out as well, one wonders where is his Democratic rival Phil Angelides? And of course, where is the man who could move more decisively than any other, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Meanwhile, Rob is remaining very, very quiet - especially since the WSJ Opinion Piece. Watch, as the "handle" turns.

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