Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fast Food Soda Hazard

This from Convenience Store News - "Weird But True"

An award-winning middle school science project produced some disturbing results -- 70 percent of the time, ice from fast-food restaurants was dirtier than toilet water, reported ABC News.

Jasmine Roberts, the 12-year-old who conducted the experiment, collected ice samples from five restaurants in South Florida -- from both self-serve machines inside the restaurant and from drive-through windows. She then collected toilet-water samples from the same restaurants and tested all of them for bacteria at the University of South Florida, according to the report.

In several cases, the ice tested positive for E. coli bacteria, which comes from human waste and has been linked to several illness outbreaks across the country. "These [bacteria] don't belong there," Dr. David Katz, medical contributor to "Good Morning America," told ABC News. "It's not cause for panic, although it is alarming because what she found is nothing new. You're not more likely to get sick now. But she's done us a favor by sounding the alarm."

Both Roberts and Katz said in the report that the ice is likely dirtier because machines aren't cleaned and people use unwashed hands to scoop ice. Toilet water is also surprisingly bacteria-free, because it comes from sanitized city water supplies.

Will this hazard show itself to be a contributing factor in the spread of Avian Flu?
Should Fast Service Food restaurant operations near poultry processing plants be especially alerted to this potential crossover delivery hazard?
Add-On Questions:
Where is PETA as it relates to the Human health hazard when their precious little birds begin to spread Avian Flu?
What will PETA's reaction be when chikens are being slaughtered en mass in order to reduce or prevent the spread of Avian Flu (background for reaction here>> ) ?
Will PETA insist that the process be ethical and humane? The organization may not have enough time on its hands.
Just asking!

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