Monday, March 27, 2006

Respect, Dignity, Recognition

The protest march in downtown Los Angeles went from Broadway and Olympic to City Hall. (Bob Chamberlin / LAT) Mar. 25, 2006

It is more about pandering, voting block, and degradation to the rule of law. If you listened to the Mayor of LA speak yesterday, you would think that the rule of law and actual citizenship of the nation stand for nothing.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa briefly addressed the rally."We cannot criminalize people who are working, people who are contributing to our economy and contributing to the nation," Villaraigosa said. So Tony, we are criminalizing because we want to have our laws enforced.

Mayor, Mayor, ... who is breaking the law here? It is the "un-documented" workers who are choosing to break the law (lawbreaker, criminal).

Respect, Dignity, Recognition was printed on a protest sign at the immigration rally here in Los Angeles over the weekend. Respect, Dignity, & Recognition are given when one stands up to be recognized by applying for work permits and respect is achieved by participating in the process of LEGAL IMMIGRATION - once legal, one achieves dignity!

Opinion from the New York Post -


March 27, 2006 -- STARTING WITH ENFORCEMENT MAKES SENSE. It's showdown day for immigration reform - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's deadline for the Judiciary Committee to approve a bill, or he'll send his own enforcement-only bill direct to the floor.

At issue is whether the next step is that sort of enforcement-first approach, or whether Congress should include other steps toward comprehensive immigration reform. The problem with the second approach is that "steps toward" comprehensive reform don't solve the immediate crisis any better than enforcement alone.
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Anonymous said...

random idea for you, how about you go cry about it? you might feel better.

all the best,
a gabacho

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jenks,
Good for you. Politicians on both sides are scewing the basic elements of this issue to not anger potential votes (polling ruining our nation is another issue).
I wonder if anyone doubts Mr. Villaraigosa would "criminalize" a "legal citizen" who didn't pay taxes, skipped school, blocked traffic, etc.? There should be benefits to citizenship not penalties. I seem to recall some crazy notion from history class regarding taxation and representation. Somehow they've figured out representation / benefits with no taxation.