Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MSNBC Question Of The Day ...


Is the media providing an accurate picture of the situation in Iraq?


No - X


Richard Engle, in his package this morning on MSNBC, said it best when asked how Iraqi's view their future ... (paraphrase) ... "Iraqi's have a hopeful, positive view of their future in the long term."

And that is just the point; the MSM is focusing on the immediate sucesses of the terrorist war of the insurgents and not the long term political war FOR the balance of representation of all Iraqi's.

The MSM has no interest in the success of the long term goal - a FREE Iraq.

Last year, it was all about the strife in Kurdish Mosul. There, the insurgents have LOST their war. Why not do a follow up in-depth report on that success??

Or is it is just easier and cheaper to "show the BOOM".

Ed Jenks
Toluca Lake

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