Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Two Faces Of Radical Activism

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A win for PETA as it works within the system. No animal costumes, no blood on fur, no sign carrying whiners. Just stock holders wanting to talk with management.

This from the PETA Media Center –

May 8, 2006 - Contact: Holly Mattern 757-622-7382

Norfolk, Va. — Following negotiations with 3M, PETA has agreed to withdraw a shareholder resolution that the group planned to present at 3M’s annual meeting in St. Paul tomorrow, May 9. PETA’s resolution called on the company to formally adopt an animal welfare policy that would extend to its outside contract testing laboratories and include social and behavioral enrichment measures for the physical and psychological well-being of the animals used in the company’s experiments.

3M has now posted its existing animal welfare policy on its Web site that includes these measures. The company has also agreed to publicly issue an annual report regarding compliance with the animal welfare policy and continue discussions with PETA on animal testing issues.

“We are delighted with 3M’s response to our proposal,” says PETA’s director of regulatory testing, Jessica Sandler. “We look forward to working with 3M to ensure that the company uses as few animals as possible and leads the way in improving conditions for those animals who are still used.”

Copies of the resolution are available upon request. For more information, please visit PETA.org.
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And this the very next day -

PETA Tells Middle-School Students To Not Eat Fish
KFMB News 8, San Diego - Last Updated: 05-09-06 at 1:19PM

Say no to fish. That was the message People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were telling students at a protest outside an Ocean Beach middle school.

Monday's event at Correia Middle School encouraged students to stop eating fish. PETA members said fish feel pain, just like any other animal.

They also said eating fish is not the healthy alternative it is made out to be.

"Many people don't know that fish isn't a health food," said Chris Link of PETA. "It's full of lead, mercury and other heavy metals, as well as PCBs, which can accumulate in your body and cause cancer."

PETA members also handed out trading cards to students.

In fairness, many studies have shown that some fish contain healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

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Just when you get to thinking that PETA is adopting a mainstreaming strategy, they go and do this. Let's be honest, the agenda is to have all humans eat only vegetables – somebody tell ‘em We’re Omnivores.

I’ll tell you what PETA, you teach all fish to live out of water … and then we humans, all of us, will eat only vegetables.

W e' r e W a i t i n g .........................!

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