Sunday, May 07, 2006

Insane Blaine Is At It Again

American magician David Blaine floats inside a water-filled glass sphere where he is spending seven days and nights underwater at the Josie Robertson Plaza at Lincoln Center in New York May 5, 2006. Blaine, who is now on his fifth day underwater, receives regular treatment for his skin from his medical team. At the end of the stunt titled 'Drowned Alive,' Blaine will attempt to hold his breath under water longer than any other human has ever accomplished. Photo Credits: REUTERS/Mike Segar, Brendan McDermid & AFP/Getty Images/File/Brad Barker

Noted street magician and performance artist David Blaine (most noted for being able to levitate oneself without appearent props ... on the street), becomes a fish for one week before he re-submerges himself for an attempt at a world record.

Excerpts from AFP via Yahoo! News -

David Blaine growing weak from breathtaking new stunt
Fri May 5, 1:48 PM ET

NEW YORK (AFP) - US illusionist David Blaine, who has been submerged since Monday in a water-filled sphere in downtown New York, is growing weak and will receive medical attention over the weekend, his spokesman said.

"Doctors are concerned that he's weakening. They are going to work with him through the weekend, trying to stabilize both his diet and his training regimen," spokesman Pat Smith told AFP.

"His skin is peeling very badly on his hands. Those are our biggest concerns right now," Smith said.

The spokesman said Blaine, 33, is "telling the people 'I feel great,' ... and he's determined" to see his seven-day stunt through to the end.
Blaine said that after the week is up, he would come out and be handcuffed, wrapped in 150 pounds (68 kilos) of metal chains and dropped back inside the sphere.

He aims to hold his breath for about nine minutes, while escaping from the chains. The current world record for a human holding his breath is eight minutes and 58 seconds.
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