Saturday, May 06, 2006

Personal Post - Passing Of A Family Generation

Image Credit: ecj

Edmund Everett Jenks passed on at approximately 9:45 AM this Saturday morning, May 6th, 2006, of complications brought about from congestive heart failure.

He was 83, a loving father, a consistent and caring husband/partner, a loyal brother, an independent living human, a very good cook, a lover of all things Hawaii, an Elk, a member of the Navy during WWII, a really good salesman, a talented carpenter, a romantic, a fun namesake, a conservative voter with a ready opinion, a man who knew how to forgive, a great patriarch, and the last direct link to the Jenks family of his generation.

We believe he knew God and that God has received him in His domain. He passed away in peace and with little stress with a timing that had the knowledge and power of God written all over it.

Long Live Edmund Everett Jenks

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