Saturday, May 06, 2006

Michael Yon - Dust "Up" At Camp Bastion

Camp Bastion by night. A calm before the storm. Photo Credit: Michael Yon

Over at Michael Yon: Online Magazine, Michael has posted a series of pictures that tell the story of a storm in Afghanistan. Michael, and his friend, Steve find themselves in the middle of an Afghani plain, at an encampment of tents when the weather turns. (a great piece of photojounalism, really).

Michael writes -

Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

On Camp Bastion, I walked outside and there it was: a tremendous dust storm boiling from the South. The storm brought at least two bolts of lightning and much cool air, followed by a hard, blowing rain. The dust turned to mud. The sky cleared. The air was nearly still. But off to the West, there it was again: a different dust storm rolling in, this one at a 90 degree angle from the first storm.
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