Friday, May 12, 2006

Iraq - Takes A Step To Secure Governmental Future

Iraqi members of Parliament raise their hands as they vote on a resolution.
Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

The photo above illustrates clearly why our troops are in Iraq. From "purple fingers" to parliament votes, our effort in this part of the world is producing dividends dispite what one may hear from the naysayers.

Excerpts from The Washington Times -

Iraq leader seeks 'interim' control
By Sharon Behn - THE WASHINGTON TIMES - May 12, 2006

BAGHDAD -- Iraq's prime minister-designate has proposed to take over temporarily the powerful ministries of interior and defense in order to end a crippling political stalemate and move ahead with the formation of a new government.

Nouri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite, would command the two ministries for an "interim" period of as little as one week while the political parties continue negotiations on who will serve as permanent ministers, officials close to the talks said yesterday.

"This is temporary until they reach a solution and find the right people," said former government member Mahmoud Othman.

Mr. Othman said the political parties have already agreed that the interior ministry -- which controls the police and certain other security forces -- will go to a Shi'ite, while the defense ministry will go to a Sunni. But infighting continues over which parties and individuals will get the posts, with Sunnis pressing for a more secular Shi'ite at the interior ministry.

"I think [Mr. al-Maliki's move] helps get the rest of the process moving," said another official close to the government talks, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "You can't get bogged down because of two ministries. This is not a grab for power, it is to keep the process moving."

"The violence is tragic," said Hanna Edwar, a women's rights activist who has been fighting for more women in government. "On every corner of the street, there is a body full of blood."

Mrs. Edwar, the secretary of the Iraqi Al-Amal Association, which works to foster nonviolence and respect for human rights, was not confident that Mr. al-Maliki's move would end the daily torture and killings, large movements of displaced people and the constant car bombs.

The politicians, she said, appeared to be more interested in serving their own parties' interests than the good of Iraq. "They don't want to see people with real qualifications, they are looking from inside their circles," she said.

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At MAXINE, we believe these are the stories from Iraq that carry the most weight.

An Iraq with an elected, and negotiated government is the goal, the ideal, and the vision.

This is the type of success the MSM and the Democrat Party leadership are not as pleased to hear about than those of us who know that we are actually ... AT WAR ... and why.

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