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Of Flag Burning To Flag Banning In Colorado

A group of students hold an immigration protest across the street from Skyline High School in Longmont, Colo., on Friday, after school officials denied the students to protest on campus. Daily Times-Call photo by Richard M. Hackett via Associated Press

Civil protests take on many forms. The displaying our nation's flag, for ANY reason, should not be considered to be an insightful or negative act.

In Colorado, the nationally mandated education establishment felt it was perfectly ok to ban the display of the American Flag.

In the morally equivalent world of academia, if the Mexican Flag waved in protest to the wish of American citizens of having our immigration laws be respected, then the display of the American Flag in support of the American rule-of-law must be insulting as well.

This is a prime example of why "home schooling" and "vouchers" alternatives to the present education system have been gaining popularity. The "inmates" have come to run the asylum!

Excerpts frim the Washington Times Insider -

Colorado school drops ban on flags
By Valerie Richardson - THE WASHINGTON TIMES - April 8, 2006

DENVER -- Students at Shaw Heights Middle School wore Old Glory on their T-shirts without fear of reprisal yesterday after their principal bowed to community pressure to drop the school's flag ban.

Principal Myla Shepherd canceled the ban late Thursday night after an outcry from parents, students and state leaders, including Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who said the school rule violated state law.
Ms. Shepherd said she changed the dress code March 31 after nationwide immigration rallies led to "some unrest and increased tensions among students." Some students taunted each other with U.S. and Mexican flags, while several dozen students wore camouflage one day in support of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Another Colorado school, Skyline High School in Longmont, enacted a ban on flag displays after some students threw U.S. and Mexican flags in each other's faces. Skyline also lifted the prohibition yesterday.

The about-face came shortly after Mr. Suthers sent letters to the schools Thursday along with copies of the state statute, which states that the right to display the U.S. flag "shall not be infringed with respect to the display: (a) On an individual's person; (b) Anywhere on an individual's personal or real property."

"While schools can and should act to prevent conduct by students that interferes with the education process, their remedy must be narrowly tailored and cannot include a general ban on displaying the American flag," Mr. Suthers said.
Eric Golgart, whose sixth-grade daughter, Katie, was suspended Thursday for wearing a Marines T-shirt, said the superintendent promised to expunge the suspensions from the students' records.

Still, Mr. Golgart said he wanted to see Ms. Shepherd resign her post and issue an apology to the U.S. Marine Corps.

"As soon as she started suspending kids, it got personal," said Mr. Golgart. "One girl who was suspended has a brother and sister-in-law fighting in Iraq. She's been wearing these shirts all year."
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So now, in Colorado anyway, it is ok to NOT be suspended from attendance to the nationally mandated education system for showing support for our military (national employees) or displaying our American flag (our nation’s symbol). Thank GOD!

Please tell Mr. Golart that he will be waiting until the U.S. becomes part of Mexico, or a Muslim nation for the principal (Mrs. Shepard) to resign her post and give that apology to our troops.

Of course, if the "inmates" carry the day with their version of Ward Churchill like attitudes and philosophy ... the apology may not be that far off!

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