Monday, April 03, 2006

Not MSM Worthy - More News From Iraq

This from the New York Daily News -
(ht - Carol Platt Liebau)

American death toll in Iraq hits 2-yr. low

WASHINGTON - U.S. casualties fell to their lowest totals in two years this month as Iraqis increasingly aimed attacks at each other rather than coalition forces, the U.S. military said yesterday.

Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch noted "a decrease in the number of casualties of the coalition forces and a significant increase in Iraqi casualties, both security forces and innocent men, women and children."

Figures from the Pentagon and watchdog groups showed that, through yesterday, 30 U.S. troops had been killed in March, the lowest total since the 20 who died in February 2004.
While fewer Americans were being killed or wounded, "the number of attacks against the Iraqi security force members has increased 35% in the last four weeks, compared to the previous six months," Lynch said. "What we're seeing them now do is shift [their] target from the coalition forces to Iraqi civilians and Iraqi security forces."
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Highlighted: Isn't this what John Kerry advocated last fall? You know ... That Iraqi's should be killing Iraqi's? Just asking!

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