Thursday, April 06, 2006

Creationism vs. Truth

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NBC works overtime to create news. Dateline, in a stroke of controversy genius, decided to plant ethnically dressed Muslims in the stands at a recent NASCAR automobile race and then tape and report on the reactions of the crowd.

With this kind of "set-up" we could only imagine how the editing is going to go.

Excerpts from AP -

Apr 5, 6:45 PM EDT
NASCAR: Dateline NBC's Plan 'Outrageous'
By JENNA FRYER AP Motorsports Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- NASCAR said it was "outrageous" that "Dateline NBC" targeted one of its race tracks last weekend for a possible segment on anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States.

NASCAR said NBC confirmed it was sending Muslim-looking men to a race, along with a camera crew to film fans' reactions. The NBC crew was "apparently on site in Martinsville, Va., walked around and no one bothered them," NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said Wednesday.

"It is outrageous that a news organization of NBC's stature would stoop to the level of going out to create news instead of reporting news," Poston said.
"'Dateline' is looking into this story," NBC said in a statement. "We were intrigued by the results of a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll and other articles regarding increasing anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States.

"It's very early on in our newsgathering process, but be assured we will be visiting a number of locations across the country and are confident that our reporting team is pursuing this story in a fair manner," it said.
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And one wonders WHY people do not tune in to Main Stream Media anymore. Let us just say we have a problem with their credibility when they, themselves, create the news. Remember Dan Rather and Mary Mapes in the run-up to the last presidential election? Oh, yea! That turned out well.

I love it that NBC lays the blame on pursuing this story because it was "intrigued by the results of a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll". The MSM inciting the MSM - This is rich.

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