Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Arizona Steps On Board The E85 Train

Arizona State Capitol - Photo Credit: Pat & Debbi Furrie

Kansas, Iowa, and now Arizona.

The biggest problem with E85 is distribution complicated by current emissions regulations. Every dollar that adds to the Arab oil infrastructure is another dollar that could flow to terrorists. War-footing is the issue and E85 is one of the quickest answers as to how the average American can participate in the war-on-terror.

Excerpts from The Arizona Daily Star -

Ethanol fuel blend gets boost from state
By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services
Tucson, Arizona Published: 04.12.2006

PHOENIX — A new state law should clear the way for more widespread use of a new fuel blend composed largely of ethanol.

But the law, signed Tuesday by Gov. Janet Napolitano, assumes any service station will sell it. And it also assumes Arizonans actually buy cars and trucks that can use it.

That second point is critical: Motorists who think they're doing good for the environment by filling up on the fuel — made up of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline — could end up voiding their warranties and potentially ruining their engines.

State law does allow the sale of the blend, known as E85, in most of the state. The big exception is in the Phoenix area, where air pollution problems require the sale of specially blended fuels.
So who will sell it?

"That's the $100,000 question," Shuler said. He said Pinal Energy hopes to persuade a service station near the new plant to offer it, with an eye on creating more demand.

There are only four places in the state where motorists can get E85 — three in Tucson and one in Sierra Vista.
For example, Chevrolet manufactures Impala and Monte Carlo models with a 3.5-liter engine that can be fueled with E85. But not all of those vehicles with that engine will handle the fuel.

DaimlerChrysler announced earlier this month that some flex-fuel vehicles previously available only to fleet buyers will now be offered to the general public.

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