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Seven Southland Counties Under Wildfire Siege

Southwest United States satellite photo, taken at 8:45am PST, showing the smoke trails of at least eight fires burning out-of-control causing a state of emergency to be declared throughout seven California counties. Image Credit: NOAA

Damage Assessed - Last Updated 10-30-2007

Per San Bernardino County: 352 Properties Destroyed, 59 Damaged;

The County of San Bernardino has released information on properties damaged or destroyed by the Slide and Grass Valley Fire.

The County Assessor's Office has released damage reports.
Lake Arrowhead
Green Valley Lake
Running Springs, Enchanted Forest, Smiley Park, Crab Flats


Seven Southland Counties Under Wildfire Siege


Grass Valley And Slide Fire Daily Posting Links:

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in seven counties late Sunday afternoon. He said California was reaching out to other states, including Nevada and Arizona, for firefighting resources as Santa Ana winds create an in-controllable firestorm situation that will not let up for the next couple of days.

As reported here a few weeks ago, Big Bear Lake Butler II fire was a result of Santa Ana winds threatened the small resort town of Green Valley Lake. It turns out that of the ten fires that have started in this Santa Ana condition, Green Valley Lake, as well as North Lake Arrowhead is once again in harms way.

Fire officials state that we are in the middle of a perfect firestorm condition through Tuesday afternoon.

Click Here For A List Of Sothern California Fire Information Links - Image Credit:

Green Valley & Slide Fires as seen this morning from Gilner Point on Big Bear Lake, California - Image Credit: Moose Drool, Forums

This from The Daily Green -

10 California Wildfires Burning 84,135 Acres
Santa Ana “Devil Winds” Whip Up Ferocious Fires

Posted By the daily green 10-22-2007 – 9:45am PDT

The Santa Ana “Devil Winds” continue to whip up fires in California. This weekend, 10 new fires were added to the National Interagency Fire Center’s list of new fires — all of them in California. All told, the 10 fires are burning 84,135 acres, and they’ve claimed at least one life, left dozens injured, and burned several structures, including a landmark estate in Malibu.

Sedgewick - Los Padres National Forest: 710 acres. 50% contained. Two hundred residents in the Woodstock area are under an evacuation warning, and 250 homes in the Brinkerhoff Road area are threatened.

Ranch - Angeles National Forest: 29,000 acres. 10% contained. This fire is six miles north of Castaic. Currently evacuations are in effect in the Hasley Canyon, Oak Springs, Val Verde and Piru area. State Highway 126, petroleum fields, a condor sanctuary and the Sespe Wilderness are threatened.

Canyon - Los Angeles County: 2,400 acres. 10% contained. Mandatory evacuations were implemented in Monte Nido, Malibu Colony, Malibu Road, Sweetwater Canyon, Puerco Canyon, Carbon Canyon, Carbon Mesa, Rambla Pacifica, Big Rock and Topanga Canyon tactical zone 8. Several roads in the area are closed.

Buckweed - Los Angeles County: 20,000 acres. 0% contained. This fire is near Mint Canyon Road and the Sierra Highway. Communities of Santa Clarita, Castaic, Leona Valley, Green Valley, Acton, Agua Dulce, Mint Canyon are threatened.

Santiago - Orange County: 7,500 acres. 30% contained. This fire is near Irvine. Several communities along the Santa Ana Canyon corridor are threatened. Strong winds with gusts of up to 73 miles per hour were reported. Hwy 241 is closed from Santiago Canyon to Hwy 133.

Witch - San Diego County: 10,000 acres. 0% percent contained. This fire is east of Ramona. The community of Ramona under evacuation. Hwy 78 is closed from Ramona to Santa Ysabel, Wildcat Canyon is closed, and Hwy 67 is closed from Poway Road to Ramona.

Roca - Riverside County: 125 acres. 20% contained. This fire is near Aguanga, east of Temecula.The Jojoba Hills Resort and Rancho California RV Park are threatened with the mandatory evacuation of 700 residences.

Grass Valley
[& Slide]- San Bernardino National Forest: 100 acres. Percentage contained is unknown. This fire is north of Lake Arrowhead. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for the entire Deer Lodge Park area, and all streets north of Brentwood in the Trinity Area.

Harris - San Diego County: 14,000 acres. 5% contained. Strong winds are hampering suppression efforts. Fire is burning around the Potrero CalFire station and structure protection is in place.

Coronado Hills - San Diego County: 300 acres. 0% contained. The communities of Discovery Hills, Coronado Hills and San Elijo Hills are threatened.

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Throughout the day, we, at MAXINE, will place updated posts on fires that are burning in the San Bernardino National Forest that may have an effect on Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas.

This from -

Monday 22 October 2007 - 10:01:56 Arrowhead - As of 10 AM, there are reports of structures on fire on Brentwood and Pinehurst in Lake Arrowhead and near Grass Valley Golf Course. At 9:45 AM, a flare up was reported in the Deer Lodge Park area sending up a large smoke plume. At 9:53 AM, a resident reported fire at the rear of residences along the 26000-block of Amador Lane in Lake Arrowhead with no firefighters nearby. Firefighters near Amador and Trinity were driven back by the fire and had to retreat to a safe zone.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 10:38:59

Lake Arrowhead - There are multiple reports of structures on fire on Brentwood and Pinehurst in Lake Arrowhead and near Grass Valley Golf Course. Residents are calling from the area reporting that their homes are on fire. Dispatchers are telling them to evacuate. There are insufficient fire fighting resources in the area to extinguish the structure fires. At 9:45 AM, a flare up was reported in the Deer Lodge Park area sending up a large smoke plume. At 9:53 AM, a resident reported fire at the rear of residences along the 26000-block of Amador Lane in Lake Arrowhead with no firefighters nearby. Firefighters near Amador and Trinity were driven back by the fire and had to retreat to a safe zone. The fire is crossing Brentwood as of 10:03 AM. The next threat is to Sandalwood.

Update As Of 11:45 -



Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:11:17
300 acres burnt in arrowhead

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:14:04
Per Scanner: The Devore fire is moving into Lytle Creek. Having to redeploy resources and try to protect structures down there.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:14:07
per scanner cajon ic ,fire is making a hard run up glen helen road, having all rescources head there but the roads are jamed,

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:15:07
per scanner in devor 3 fires going on now , air attack ? is making one large circle around them , hitting them as they can,

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:15:13
Starting to get smokey here in Mt. Home. It's coming from the SE across Yucaipa Ridge. Anybody know of anything close by south of here?

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:15:57
Hey, the only fires in the area are the two up here (Lake Arrowhead, Green Valley Lake) and a new one which has grown a lot at the 215/15 split (Devore).

Green Valley Fire - Google Maps with redline overlay of outline of fire. [right-click copy, save and enlarge in computer photo viewer] Image Credit: scottpage, Socalmountains-Forum

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:45:40
per scanner( update gvl structure group and edge clif torching into some trees trying to hold it at brentwood and trying to keep it from sandle wood , mulitple spots,,

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:46:21
helen we are the safe zone at this time no danger to the big bear valley at all its headed the other direction down the mountain

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:52:08
You can more or less consider everything west of the Bear Valley Dam evacuational. Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead, Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 12:58:12
Regarding Lake Forest-EVACUATIONS: A mandatory evacuation is in place for Santiago Canyon and Hangman Tree Road (Thomas Brothers page 832 D6). No evacuations at this time in Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, or Irvine

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:04:16
Per Scanner: Units on scene in Lake Arrowhead (Sonoma and Black Oak) have lost all water pressure. Need to notify the community services district.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:08:19
When I consider how many fire fighting resources we had on Butler #2, from all over the state working and what it took to control and get it out I am in awe. Now consider that we have almost 20 fires going in Socal. We are in deep trouble folks. Be ready to evac. Think NOW of what you would pack if you had 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes to get out. Write it down! Post it where you will have easy acceess to it in a stress situation.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:16:38
per chp log road closures nb 15 is closed, at sierra due to a fire
nb 215 is closed at devore
sb15 is closed at the 138
nb 15 closed at glen helen
nb 215 closed at devore being rerouted south on the 15 fwy from devore
sb 15 closed at the 138
nb 15 closed at glen helen
18 at waterman closed
and 330 at highland due to fire no upbound traffic allowed

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:30:05
Kelley - From ROTW:
"At 10:05 AM, firefighters report at least three structures burning in the Green Valley Lake area. Another 400 homes are threatened in the Green Valley Lake Area."

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:36:28
grass valley and green valley should be spelled out to avoid confusion. no more GVL.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:43:39
per socalfires - fire in orange county , fire is now driven over a ridge below santiago canyon road, and moving towards communites of foot hill ranch and portola hills, air attack and 6 air tankers now have been ordered, , also order for 9 + engins, or what ever they can get for structure protection - latest up date from orange county

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:49:18
about an hour ago per scanner ( slide fire green valley was going to do some structure protection , lost a couple of homes so far this was a post from 12:40 pm

Monday 22 October 2007 - 13:49:37
Lk Arrowhead/Grass Valley fire report just on Ch 7, said they counted at least 70 homes destroyed

Photo from the Slide Fire, which was reported at approximately 8am this morning. Image Credit: KBHR93.3FM

This from KBHR 93.3 FM news website–

Grass Valley and Slide Fires Update, as of noon

There are two fires burning, one in the Grass Valley area, and another in the Green Valley Lake area.

Just after 5am this morning, a fire in the Grass Valley area was reported and has burned 200 acres in the area northwest of Lake Arrowhead. We have unconfirmed reports that 12 structures have burned in the Grass Valley Fire.

As of 8am this morning, a second fire, referred to as the Slide Fire, is burning along the ridgeline above Green Valley Lake, in the vicinity of Forest Service Road 2N13. The Slide Fire has burned over 200 acres, and there are also reports of structure loss in this blaze.

Mandatory evacuations are in place for the following: Green Valley Lake and North Lake Arrowhead, including Deer Lodge Park and residences on Edgecliff Drive, South Lake Arrowhead, Arrowbear and Running Springs. There are voluntary evacuations now in place for Rim Forest and Twin Peaks.

John Miller of the U.S. Forest Service has told us that there is no threat to Big Bear at this time.

Per the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, the county is implementing the Telephone Emergency Notification Systems, or reverse 911, to alert residents in this area, though we have reports that some power lines may be down, which may affect service.

All highways west of the Big Bear Dam are closed to all traffic, except for those evacuating. A CalTrans official tells us that southbound highways from the burn area are in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Again Highways 18 and 330, and all those west of the Dam are closed – access is only allowed to those who are evacuating the Slide and Grass Valley Fires.

Incident Command has been stationed at the middle school in the Grass Valley Lake area, but will eventually be moving to Rim of the World High School, which is closed today.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 14:53:12
per scanner ( 20 homes lost and more being lost , fire has slopped over crab flats road , not a lot in lower evelations where its losing wind power so far not in the deep creek drainage if you see the need to shut off gas or edision and get the reps to set up what ever you need - 2 homes lost on klondike,, - spots on fairway

Monday 22 October 2007 - 14:55:24
I saw at lest 30 homes burning 2 hours ago from the Grass Valley fire on 7 news, I'm afraid there are alot more since then.

Monday 22 October 2007 - 15:07:23
20 homes consumed near golf course

Monday 22 October 2007 - 15:12:14
Yes, there is only one golf course in Lake Arrowhead. Grass Valley Rd goes right in front of it and Grass Valley Lake is a small lake next to the golf course.

On the scene of the Slide Fire: Structures are burning on Holcomb Creek Road, in the Green Valley Lake area. Image Credit: KBHR93.3FM

4:07pm PST - Audio Report On KRLA 870AM by Hugh Hewitt stated that about 125 homes in total had been damaged by fire in Southern California and there is little the firefighters can do to control or limit damage. Wind, and the lack of resources due to the amount of fires burning out of control. San Diego may actually be having the worst fire in its history. Rancho San Bernardo seems to be getting hammered.

Twin Peaks and Blue Jay near Lake Arrowhead are in the path of the Green Valley fire.

5:50pm PST - West Shore Road reports that for the last hour. red helicopters are dropping water from the lake on the fires around Lake Arrowhead.

Final Update From KBHR 93.3 FM news website -

Three Fires Burning West of Big Bear Valley -- Update as of 5pm

As of this afternoon, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department reiterates that the fires burning west of Big Bear Valley do not pose a threat at this time. According to Sergeant Jim Bergendahl at the Big Bear Station, earlier this afternoon, “We are not concerned about a threat to the Big Bear area at this time. We will be monitoring wind conditions over night.”

The Grass Valley Fire has burned approximately 300 acres in the area northwest of Lake Arrowhead, since being reported at 5:08am this morning. So far, we have unconfirmed reports of 113 burned structures in the Grass Valley Fire.

The Slide Fire, which has been burning in the vicinity of Green Valley Lake, particularly along that ridgeline, has also burned a reported 300 acres as of this afternoon. Sergeant Bergendahl (who, following a conversation with KBHR was going to evacuate his own home, which is in the area of the Slide Fire) tells us that accurate reads on burned acreage have been difficult to obtain due to the heavy smoke. As for the Slide Fire, we have reports of at least 16 homes that have burned and/or been completely lost due to the blaze. This fire has been very spotty, according to our eyewitness reports, and the Slide Fire blaze has been heading west, away from Big Bear.

A third, unnamed fire, was also reported today, and is burning in the vicinity of yesterday's small fire, off Bear Springs Road and Highway 18.

Mandatory evacuations are in place for the following: Green Valley Lake, North Lake Arrowhead, South Lake Arrowhead, Arrowbear, Running Springs and, as of this afternoon, portions of Twin Peaks. There are voluntary evacuations in place for Rimforest and other areas of Twin Peaks.

All schools in the Rim of the World School District, under the direction of interim Superintendent Ron Peavy, will be closed both Tuesday and Wednesday. This school closure does not affect students of the Bear Valley Unified School District.

At a press conference in Malibu today, Governor Schwarzenegger said, “I've proclaimed a state of emergency in seven counties, and CalFire officials are using whatever resources they need in order to put out those fires. I urge everyone to follow the directions and evacuation orders issued by the emergency personnel.”

All highways west of the Big Bear Dam are closed to all traffic, except for those evacuating. A CalTrans official tells us that southbound highways from the burn area have been in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Again Highways 18 and 330, and all those west of the Dam are closed-–access is only allowed to those who are evacuating the Slide and Grass Valley Fires.

The U.S. Post Office has closed seven Post Offices in San Bernardino County today, due to fire evacuations, no access or power failure. Updated contingency plans for mail delivery and conditions will be reevaluated tomorrow morning, for those who receive mail from Post Offices in Green Valley, Running Springs, Arrowbear, Twin Peaks, Cedar Glen, Rimforest and Spring Valley Lake, near Victorville.

So, to recap, there are three fires burning west of the Big Bear Valley, though officials tells us that there is no threat to the Big Bear at this time. All highways west of the Big Bear Dam, including 18 and 330, will remain closed to all traffic.

And, here in Big Bear, all are welcome to join the First Baptist Church at 6:30pm this evening. The Church, located across the street from Summit Plaza, will be offering up a group prayer for emergency personnel, families affected by today's fires, and for the safety of our Valley.

Photos Of The Day From The San Bernardino Sun

Wildland Fire Winds Whip Lake Arrowhead - Day 2

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