Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Media Matters Batters Media

A quote from a fund-raising email by David Brock, President of Media Matters - "Media Matters has already exposed more than 6,000 instances of conservative misinformation in just two years -- and not just from right-wing news outlets such as Fox News Channel, but from sources like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times." (The site, called Media Matters, was devised as part of a larger media apparatus being built by liberals to combat what they say is the overwhelming influence of conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly) Image & Caption Credit: NewsBusters

Media Matters (targeted attacks) Batters Media

In a stepped up effort to control the freedom of speech and censor talk radio, Media Matters targets leading radio hosts for a smear campaign of words.

What is really sad about this effort is that the current power structure in Washington are willing soldiers in this effort to take out-of-context words (not actions or fully articulated ideas) and characterize them as a form of “Hate Speech”

Many people think that this effort is designed to be a political Left vs Right thing but the real effort is to try to control the last bastion of free media and education that remains here in these United States.

This effort by Media Matters is currently focused on “Talk Radio” but it will be only a matter of time that this ugly smear campaign will be targeting the platform it broadcasts from – the internet.

The leadership in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are already using these out-of-context attacks and reading them without further investigation on the Congress and Senate floor … what is going to stop them from labeling an effort to shut down the internet as an agenda to “Protect Our Children”?

We, at MAXINE, are becoming very suspicious of the joining-of-forces between a George Soros funded, reputation-smearing website and the lawmaking leadership in Congress.

Eventually in years to come, when these elite world governors have the technology, they will only need a workforce large enough to sustain them and their families. Everyone else will be superfluous to requirements, and if you have no useful employment for the Elite, you will starve also. The Alpha Elite, or whatever they call themselves, will be like you and me who enjoy the beach freely when no-one else is there, but feel that their freedom is being restricted if they have to share it with anyone else. For them, who have aspirations of god like proportions, the beach is the world. Anyone who is not there to serve their benefit, will have no rights to exist anywhere. Caption & Image Credit:

The reason this targeting activity is happening at this time and against Talk Radio is that the leadership in Congress already control Network Television, daily major market Newspapers, our University and education systems, and most other broadcast outlets through the issuance of licenses and intimidation. Talk Radio is the last bastion of free speech … callers call in and the governmental leadership can not stop it. This effort is advertiser supported and with great success. The minute someone tries to control the outcome of the freedom of speech (see Air America) the effort fails miserably.

Heads Up! Everybody – this is only the beginning of a fascist-socialist media control effort from the funding and influence of billionaire George Soros (Chairman of Soros Fund Management, LLC and founder of The Open Society Institute).

With the current leadership in Congress – Get Use To It!


hrearden said...

Never mind the 'phony soldiers'; What to do about the phony
Americans like George Soros and all those [Aliens] being counted in the
census? Or the legions of phony Americans who buy into the anti-US
propaganda? (Stalin called them 'useful idiots')

Marko said...

You know, all Media Matters does is reproduce what people say, WORD FOR WORD, VERBATIM.

They don’t add, the don’t cut, they don’t doctor. They don’t take out of context. They just shine a light on the stupid things people say. They really don’t comment very much either. They just put it on the record for all to see.

I’m glad to see they are finally getting recognition. I’m sure the donations are way up (it’s a non-profit funded by it’s viewers).

ecj said...

You obviously think CONTEXT is a contraction of the word “Confidence” (as in con-game) and the word “Textual” (as in only the printed word).

ChicagoGabriel said...

"They just shine a light on the stupid things people say."

If you're right, you better watch out, having written what you just did.

Mind you, given that you're on their side, they will likely leave you for
last. So, you've got some time before you reeeeeally need to stop saying
stupid things.