Monday, November 05, 2007

The Real Survivor Fiji - Plots Alleged

2007 Pacific People - Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama - Interim Prime Minister Government of Fiji -- B. 27 April 1954 VILL. Kiuva, Tailevu HS Marist Brothers High School UNIV. Fiji Institute of Technology, Second Mate Qualification; Junior Command and Staff College, RNZAF CHURCH Methodist EXP. Joined Royal Fiji Military Forces Naval Division 1975; Appointed Commander Officer Fiji Navy 1988; Chief of Staff Republic of Fiji Military Forces 1997; Commander of Fiji Military Forces 1999. BOARDS Fiji Rugby Union HOBBIES All sports especially rugby union and athletics, military history, current affairs. SPOUSE Maria Makitalena CHILD 6 -- Caption & Image Credit: Pacific Magazine

The Real Survivor Fiji - Plots Alleged

When someone takes over a country by force one might expect that others who do not agree with this action outside of democracy … resort to the same tactics in removing an illegal leader from power.

Paranoia strikes deep in a regime that takes power without the consent of the people and the rule of law. The longer this military dictatorship remains in power … the more paranoid this leadership will become.

Commodore Frank is unable to distinguish between what is good for Frank and what is good for democracy.

At this rate, this leadership-by-paranoia style of Commodore Frank means that Fiji will not be able to expect to see elections anytime soon … especially by 2009!

Heaven forbid that ANY tourist happens to voice an off-the-cuff opinion about democracy verses forced military rule in a mixed crowd of Fijians … one might just find themselves hurt because they - - (quote excerpted from AP article) suffered "minor injuries'' when he resisted arrest!

This item excerpted from the Associated Press via the Guardian Unlimited (UK) -

3 Charged in Plot to Kill Fiji Ruler
By PITA LIGAIULA - Associated Press Writer - Monday November 5, 2007 12:01 PM

SUVA, Fiji (AP) - Authorities said Monday they have arrested 16 people and charged three of them with treason in an alleged conspiracy to assassinate Fiji's military leader, while Australia and New Zealand angrily rejected suggestions they were involved.

The 16 people were arrested over the weekend in what police said was a foiled plot by dissident troops and others against army chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The military leader seized power in a bloodless coup in December and declared himself interim prime minister of the Pacific island nation.

Police commissioner Esala Teleni declined to identify the three charged Monday with treason, inciting mutiny and conspiracy to murder. He said a fourth man, New Zealand businessman Ballu Khan, also would be charged in the plot when he is released from a hospital.
"We have successfully blocked any threat to the government, the community and the safety and well-being of tourists in this country,'' he said in a statement. The island chain is a popular tourist destination.

Teleni said Sunday that the alleged plotters included local politicians who wanted to foment an insurgency. He pointed to possible involvement of "foreign governments" - likely meaning Australia and New Zealand - and suggested that money was funneled to plotters through private aid groups.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer called the allegations "completely absurd."

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark rejected Teleni's suggestions as "wild statements" and said the plot allegations were a pretext to round up Bainimarama's opponents.

Western nations have urged Bainimarama to restore Fiji's democracy after he imposed a monthlong state of emergency in September. Fiji has a history of turbulent politics, including two coups in 1987 and another in 2000.

Bainimarama blamed the latest plot, allegedly involving arms and explosives, on "disgruntled groups'' affected by the government's anti-corruption program.

"Such people have the potential to go to extremes in undermining the work which the interim government has been mandated to undertake," he said Monday.
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Is the crackdown on "disgruntled groups" - as Commodore Frank calls them - or is the government anti-corruption program effort really an anti-democracy program?


Keep The Faith said...

If you ask me Ed..YES to both questions!

Nappy said...

Who the hell could not see that the SDL was the worst piece of crap, racist, corrupt governement in the history of the South Pacific since England ruled! Grow up and deal with the fact that when crinimals were allowed to run this country, they were poisoning it so toxically that the remnants would have remained for generations. Go Frank Go!

ecj said...

It is really sad, Nappy, that you and Frank believe that your opinions are the ONLY opinions that should carry the day.

Fiji voted for the Government that they had, if the rule-of-law in Fiji is not strong enough to protect Fiji, the citizens need to strengthen the law within the democratic system.

The process that you and Commodore Frank are in favor of implementing has no end, no real positive result, no meeting of the democratic minds of ALL citizens. The ONLY minds involved are those who agree with the rule-of-force and selfishness. Enjoy your one-man-rule dictatorship.

Nappy, we at MAXINE will make a bet with you right now … elections will not be held in Fiji by and for all Fijians within the next two years and two months. Some in Fiji have not exhibited the necessary patience to actually be blessed by a functioning democracy.

No system is perfect, but the decision making of the mass hand in hand with rhe rule-of-law is much better than the selfish decision making and guidance of one man.

To that we say (Ref. Nappy) ... Go Frank, Please Go (away)!