Sunday, September 17, 2006

iPod Covers For Form, Fun & Function

This morning, MAXINE was surfing around and stumbled on to a weblog that listed its choices for the "Top 5 Strangest iPod Cases".

We really did not agree with the order of choice at TechEBlog, but the array of covers was very creative and many carried along with the design, a function beyond the attractive presentation.

So, here is our order starting with the most strange case ... this case defies straight forward logic but has function and fun wrapped up in the form.


You can’t get much stranger than the iKitty. This cat-inspired silicone case features a bendable tail and a screen protector to prevent those annoying scratches. Image Credit: akihabaranews/TechEBlog-#4

The case with the highest level of function followed by form then fun is this one that by its design is definitely the most durable.

Bulletproof iPod Case

A Japanese modder created this custom 5mm Aluminum A5052 case for his iPod — which can stop a 0.22 bullet — to prevent it from being crushed by the handrail on those busy subway trains. Image Credit: mobilhawk/TechEBlog-#2

The next case is similar to the "Bulletproof iPod Case" but is better suited to a mass produced marketplace. Durable yet trendy given the times we live in today - this case is battlefield ready.

YoTank Mililtary-Grade iPod Cases

YoTank introduces a new line of military-grade digital audio player cases that can withstand “a RPG or mortar shell explosion 85 percent of the time.” Cases are machined from solid blocks of aluminum and fit the iPod Nano/Video/Mini or Creative Zen Vision:M players. Prices start at $35, more info here. Image Credit: gizmodo/TechEBlog-#1

This case gets the vote for the most whimsical and impractical. The function is low, but this case gets high marks for form and fun


Imagine putting your brand new iPod in one of these strange looking fur cases called “Fluffpod” — made from “super silky soft fluffpod signature fur” and lined with silky soft satin. One question, aren’t cases supposed to protect your iPod? Image Credit: ilounge/Tech Blog-#3

And in the last-but-not-least department is a cover that speaks for itself and is probably more "theft-worthy" than the iPod it protects. The form, fun & function are almost irrelevant.

Louis Vuitton iPod Case

This might be the first iPod case that costs more than the player itself. The Louis Vuitton Classic Ipod Cover by Takashi Murakami features peach natural calf leather lining, golden brass pieces, and a multicolor canvas. Pricing has not yet been set but we expect it to retail at around $285+. Image Credit: chipchick/TechEBlog-#5

HT: TechEBlog

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