Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The 15% Solution - Really!, Right Now! - The Case For E15

The Rev. Bart Muller of Brighton refuels at a rare ethanol pump at a Citgo in Dearborn Heights. Image Credit: John T. Greilick / The Detroit News

The 15% Solution - Really! ... Right Now! The case for E15.

Lately, we all have been confronted with the realization that our dependence on foreign oil puts our county and our culture in real peril.

We have fascist monotheistic Muslim leaders and communistic dictators standing up in the chambers of the United Nations deriding our way of life without any power to back up their claims other than that they supply our nation with oil to fuel our free way of life.

Further, the radical Muslim world uses the resources gained through the sale of oil to our country to declare war and attack it with out provocation.

Some call for a boycott of Citgo as a reaction to statements made by Hugo Chavez at the UN, and others claim that we should all go out and purchase hybrid technology or flex-fuel automobiles - Right Now! – to place a dent in the flow of monies to these fascist monotheistic Muslim enemy forces that want to spread their influence on our freedoms and growth in our way of life.

Here is a strategy we can implement - Right Now! – through legislation without much increase in the investment and additional impact to our existing infrastructure.

Excerpts from the The Detroit News -

15 percent ethanol fuel is best bet
Sam R. Simon - The Detroit News

We often hear about beating high gas prices and breaking the bonds of Big Oil through increased production of E85 fuel, which is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Greater use of ethanol certainly will decrease our national thirst for oil. Alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol are important vehicles in our drive toward energy independence, and Michigan is helping lead the way.

This state is part of the growing national commitment to these renewable fuels. All of us should recognize their role in a stronger economy and cleaner environment. But rather than anoint E85 as the sole solution, we should cruise before we race.

In the short term, E15 is the best option because that 15-percent ethanol blend can be dispensed today from existing pumps and can safely power nearly every car.

Few service stations currently are able to sell E85, with just a dozen or so in our state and fewer than 1,000 nationwide. Moreover, automakers must make time-consuming, costly commitments to build flex-fuel vehicles.

Billions of dollars and many years are needed to convert retail fuel networks for E85, even with government subsidies. Adding that new product requires $60,000 to $100,000 in updated pumps and new storage tanks at each service station. Also, it will take many years to expand the nation's ethanol production to the point where E85 can be readily available. The E15 blend with 85-percent gasoline, by contrast, can flow now.

It's no coincidence that Michigan is at the center of this growth industry. With an ideal combination of agricultural resources, automotive technology and research expertise, our state provides a natural base for America's greater use of alternatives to fossil fuels made from petroleum. We are extending Michigan's tradition of auto industry innovations with 21st century fuel research and development. As a participant in Michigan's fuel industry for 30 years, I'm excited about the future. My company began blending biodiesel last year and is an investor in the Michigan Biodiesel LLC plant that begins production soon in Bangor.
State government is helping as well with recently passed legislation that decreases the tax on alternative fuels and gives economic incentives to encourage service stations and fuel plants to sell more renewable fuel.

Alternative fuels blended here plant the seeds for lasting environmental, economic and energy security benefits. By embracing fuels made from home-state corn and soybeans, lawmakers nourish our state in important ways. The mass expansion of renewable fuels production will benefit us in years to come as E85 and biodiesel become cornerstones of our energy strategy. But as we look toward the future, let's also take advantage of today's opportunity and offer incentives for the immediate use of E15 fuel.
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Aisling Gear said...

I totally agree with you. This war against Islamic fascism must be fought on all fronts. The same national mobilisation that won the war against Hitler must take place in our time. Of course developing alternative fuels will have the support of the left. But why do I get the feeling that they would seek international support for subsidies for all those economies affected by those pernicious Americans no longer buying there oil.

Eric de Jager said...

I agree fully on E15.
Here in Europe they still argue about E5 - E10, but from a economical and sustainability point of view E15 is far better. E15 can be blended as Hydrous Ethanol which has advantages in economics and sustainabilty.
Please look at:

GDI said...

Great idea - we need to implement this immediately.

Anonymous said...

E10 is already damaging 1000's of outboard motors in Florida and E15 will be A DISASTER.

The hihg humidity in Florida coupled with E10's ability to absorb water has killed 1000's of expensive outboard engines. Keep your corn fuel in the midwest!

Edmund Jenks said...

This article, posted September 27, 2006, made some sense back then when the facts of Ethanol, and its production costs (let alone its effects on machine parts) were unknown.

The fact of the matter is that our nation needs to develop energy along ALL tracks.

The first and easiest way to become less dependent on outside oil resources is to be able to develop them from within. Our current Government will not pursue this avenue because of a socialist liberal political agenda that seeks to weaken and destroy America as the world's most successful democracy based upon the tenants of personal freedom.

Energy is freedom, and our current Government is against personal freedom over the tenants of central power CONTROL!

Ethanol may not be a good idea in practice ... but the ideas pursued by our current Government are not any better ... in fact, they may be even more damaging.