Saturday, September 02, 2006

File Under: Shut-Up And Direct…Or Act…Or Voice Over

Rob Reiner’s next project due out September 15th – “Everyone’s Hero” – where “Meathead” takes on the challanging voice-over role of ... “Screwie” … you can't make this stuff up … haaa, haaa, haaa, hoooaa, wow, oh man! – Image Credit: Apple Trailers

File Under: Shut-Up And Direct … Or Act … Or Voice-Over

Rob Reiner, not content to just lick his wounds and lay low until the investigation into his potential gross misuse of public monies is over, feels the need to go out and pop-off on a couple of fronts over the last week or so.

First, he needed to have his opinion be known in a very public way about Mel Gibson and his personal troubles (noted in a post here at MAXINE, last week).

This week, it’s all about the United States and how we blew our chances to have other nations just fall in love with us - as if - this world politics thing is just like living a “high school” life.

This from Contact Music, United Kingdom -

Posted By - 9/02/2006 10:11

Movie maker ROB REINER fears America missed a golden opportunity to repair generations of global animosity after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

With the fifth anniversary of the 2001 atrocities fast approaching, the WHEN HARRY MET SALLY director regrets US politicians didn't jump at the chance to boost America's image around the world. He explains, "It was a terrible tragedy that could've been a tremendous opportunity. And then it was horribly, horribly squandered.

"The French headlines read, 'We are all Americans.' There was never a time in this nation's history where we had the entire world behind us.

"It was a unique time where you had the last remaining super power on the planet with the entire world behind you. "(Now) we have the entire world hating us and not on our side at a time when things are really critical."

Reference Here>>

“Meathead” must like picking big targets to chew on … Last week, it’s Mel Gibson, arguably the world’s richest one movie director/producer with “The Passion Of The Christ” … Today, it’s “the last remaining super power on the planet”, as stated by Rob, himself … Tomorrow, what will it be, maybe he will take on the largest target that remains – HIS OWN EGO!?

The truth is Rob Reiner mistakes world empathy for “attitudes of being behind you”. What these other countries of the world are actually thinking to themselves is a little more like – I am sorry for your loss and I’m glad it wasn’t our country! ... now let us get back to competing in the world markets for goods and services.

I really think Rob "Meathead / First Five" Reiner just is doing what he can to keep his name in the news so that he can promote his up coming projects (the next one is to be released September 15th - its a "voice-over" job).

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