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S2 Mile Marker Mystery Tour – follow-on #2

Watering and supplies aid station at mile marker 47 on the San Diego County Road S2 in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California (within 10 miles of the border with Mexico). Photo Credit: Edmund Jenks/6-10-2006

The “S2” illegal immigration infrastructure is larger than just a simple conspiracy. This Underground Railroad is alive and well, aided by the nations of Mexico and the United States. Our sovereignty and security here in the United States hangs in the balance.

Item #1 – back on July 14, 2006, the Senate voted 100 to 0 to pass a $32 billion-plus Homeland Security bill that included 2.2 billion dollars for border security and control.

This would sound like progress except for the fact that the bill does not provide funding for the fencing that was previously approved in a vote back in May.

I guess the Senate is just not serious enough about this country's sovereignty and security in this post 9/11 world.

Upon further investigation (Washington Times) of the provisions added to the bill found this - Kris Kobach, who was a counsel to the attorney general under John Ashcroft, told a House subcommittee last week that one of the most unusual aspects of the Senate bill is a provision -- slipped into the more-than-800-page bill moments before the final vote -- that would require the United States to consult with the Mexican government before constructing the fencing.

"Now, from my experience as a Justice Department official, when we had consultation requirements with the State Department, just getting two agencies in the executive branch to consult took months or years," said Mr. Kobach, now a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. "If you add this, three levels of government and a foreign power, your delay" will never end.
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Item #2 - In light of the reviews of the latest version of the senate bill to address immigration - "Senate immigration bill 'far worse' than in '86", Washington Times (free subscription), July 19, 2006, we now have Mexico funding efforts to stage their citizens at supply stations near the border. These stations prepare those who intend to cross the border illegally through the provision of food and water.

Excerpts“Mexico funds staging areas for illegals”

The Mexican staging area for illegal aliens that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson demanded this week be bulldozed is among hundreds of similar sites along the border sponsored and maintained by the Mexican government.

Many of the sites are marked with blue flags and pennants to signal that water is available. Others, such as the Las Chepas site that Mr. Richardson denounced, are a collection of old, mostly abandoned buildings or ranch houses where illegals gather for water and other supplies -- sometimes bartering with smugglers, or "coyotes," for passage north.

Rafael Laveaga, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington, yesterday said his government "has a duty and obligation by law to protect Mexican citizens at home and abroad."

Many of the Mexican aid stations are maintained by Grupo Beta, a Mexican government funded humanitarian organization founded in the early 1990s. Driving through the desert regions south of the border in brightly painted orange trucks, Grupo Beta's job is to protect migrants along the border, not arrest them.

A branch of Mexico's National Migration Institute, Grupo Beta also helped pass out fliers warning migrants that the Minuteman volunteers, whom they described as "armed vigilantes," were waiting across the border to hurt them.

In addition to the aid stations, the Mexican government has distributed more than a million copies of a 32-page handbook advising migrants how to cross into the United States. The book, known as "Guia del Migrante Mexicano," or "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," contains tips on avoiding apprehension by U.S. authorities.

Aid stations for illegal aliens also exist in the United States, many of them established and supplied by various humanitarian organizations such as Humane Borders, a Tucson faith-based group that targets illegal aliens who the organization said might otherwise die in the desert.

Humane Borders, established in 2001, has 70 water stations along the U.S. side of the border, each with two 50-gallon tanks next to a 30-foot-mast with a blue flag.

Many are on well-traveled migrant routes. Others have been placed, with permission, on property owned by Pima County, Ariz.; the National Park Service; the Bureau of Land Management; and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Another U.S. group, known as No More Deaths, set up an aid camp last month near Arivaca, Ariz., helping stranded border-crossers with food, water and medical assistance. The Ark of the Covenant camp will remain in operation through September.
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I still have not been able to determine if the State of California is underwriting the mystery of the S2 mile marker aid stations or even who is responsible for maintaining them. What is important is that the activity on S2 is designed only to aid migrants to illegally enter the United States successfully and these efforts, as well as the other efforts described above portend a greater problem.

There is an “Underground Railroad” set up and aided by individuals and governments on both sides of the border for the expressed purpose to have migrants successfully enter into the United States without documentation.

In a “9/10/2001” world, this activity would only be an inconvenience to our country’s immigration policies --- but in a “9/11” world, this activity can and will give us all a chance to witness more terrorism at home and the delivery of a dirty bomb may just be but a small probability away.

I continue to look for responses to the overall “S2 Mile Marker Mystery Tour”
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Note: I suspect that "Grupo Beta" is mexican spanish for "Plan B" in that "Plan A", a successful culture and economy in Mexico, doesn't seem to be panning out!

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