Monday, November 12, 2012

Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Passes Meatless Monday Resolution

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Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Passes Meatless Monday Resolution

Many in our society have “meatless Fridays” so what the secular left in our Government are trying to do is dilute a centuries old tradition … just because it can not bring itself to attach an additional, Government promoted secular meaning to what many in the Catholic faith are already doing (at least half-way) … giving red meat the day off!

Just why do Catholics eat fish on Friday – or, better said, why do Catholics abstain from warm-blooded flesh meat on Friday? The obvious answer that every Catholic should know is that it is a penance imposed by the Church to commemorate the day of the Crucifixion of Our Lord – to enable us (as a reminder) to make a small sacrifice for the incredible sacrifice He made for our salvation.

This excerpted and edited from New York Daily News -

Los Angeles City Council calls for ‘Meatless Mondays,’ cites health and environmental concerns
By Charlie Wells / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - Saturday, November 10, 2012, 5:56 PM

The drive-thru capital of the world has declared Mondays meatless

In a unanimous vote, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution encouraging residents to go vegetarian on the first day of the work week as part of an international movement aimed at reducing the planet’s meat consumption.

"Eating less meat can prevent and even reverse some of our nation's most common illnesses," Councilwoman Jan Perry said. "We've become disconnected in some ways from the simple truth that our health is directly affected by the foods we eat."
"We can reduce saturated fats and reduce the risk of heart disease by 19 percent," Perry said.

Environmentally, reducing meat consumption can shrink a community’s carbon footprint and help slow global warming.

Still, the city’s anti-meat motion doesn’t really have teeth: It is not backed by force of law and is merely a recommendation, but councilmembers hope it will encourage residents to take a few small steps to improve their health and the environment.

This move aligns the city with a larger meatless campaign launched in 2003 by affiliates of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. It has since been backed by 30 public health schools.
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Why, then, is fish allowed? The drawing of a symbolic fish in the dirt was a way that the early Christians knew each other when it was dangerous to admit in public that one was Christian. Our Lord cooked fish for His Apostles after His Resurrection, and most of these men were fishermen. After He established His Church, these fishermen became “fishers of men” for the Kingdom of God.

Did you know that the Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on Friday was the reason for the creation of McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich? Because hamburger sales dropped off noticeably on Fridays, the owner of the franchise in Cincinnati introduced the new offering, and sales picked up again.
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Sadly, many Catholics are not aware that the Friday abstinence rule is still in effect. Maybe the Government secular left should remind them through changing the day of their lecturing action of "Meatless Monday"!!

We, at MAXINE, believe it would be a nice gesture (changing Meatless Monday to Meatless Friday) that would allow our society to be on the same page - even if we are doing much of the same thing for different reasons.

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more here said...

Wow. I love this. Meatless Monday!

Barbara Mcpherson said...

It's my understanding that the Vatican imposed the "fish for Friday" rule to support the Spanish fishing industry. It was probably sold to the gullible at the time as a penance, but the imposition of the rule was likely accompanied by a large donation to the Church by the Spaniards.