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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free Stuff Versus Free Choice Outcome Of Socialism

"Socialism" infographic cartoon found on Facebook

Free Stuff Versus Free Choice Outcome Of Socialism

This infographic does not show the difference between the needs-satisfaction of Keep Half and the meager usefulness to anyone's life of Progressive Political Government dictated Free Stuff.

People tend to forget that the initial choice of the line on the right in this graphic allows no one person to make individual choices addressing their personal needs on the other side of the doorway.

Comment left at Facebook posting:

Stuart Light - I have never regretted that I commuted as far as 130 miles per day and had a lotta jobs that I did not like but worked hard to keep a roof over my head and paid my bills.


We, at MAXINE believe - You were able to keep the choices you made for your life ... YOURS!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Racing Through The Forest Special Screening At Detroit's Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival

Invite Poster - Click image to see full size.

Racing Through The Forest Special Screening At Detroit's Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival

This week will see the return of the Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival, “an event that embraces all the incredible aspects of our emotional attachment to all things motoring."

Detroit, The Motor City is the perfect venue for films about international motor sports, and the festival features its fair share of stories that are guaranteed to be a hit with the Dream Cruise set. Among them are Penton: The John Penton Story, a documentary about the American motorcycle pioneer, "Racing Through The Forest", a look back at the Pebble Beach races of the 1950s, or The Montana Dodge Boys, about a group of Treasure State gearheads who fabricate a 1928 roadster and race it at Bonneville.

The biggest labor of love documentary that brings an attention to detail from those who lived the post WWII time that spawned Automobile Week - the world renowned "Can't Miss" annual motor culture event in Monterey, California (Concours d'Elegance Pebble Beach and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) - "Racing Through The Forest" is set to be shown on the big screen, Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival - Saturday May 14th – 7:15pm at 1515 Broadway.

Photo of the track shown in the film presentation of "Racing Through The Forest" at Spanish Bay. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks 

From 1950 -56 The “Del Monte Trophy” was held on the twisty, leafy, and very narrow town roads in Pebble Beach, California.

Before there was Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, young brilliant mechanics in California who had dreams of becoming race car drivers wanted to compete in their Jaguars, Ferraris, MGs, and Alfa Romeos, and they needed a place to race.

They chose 17 Mile Drive to be their dangerous track.

Graphic of the original track layout as shown in the film presentation of "Racing Through The Forest" at Spanish Bay. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks 

Not all of the road course track was paved; the original 1950 route consisted of both paved two-lane roads and sections of dirt or loose gravel. Races started along Portola Road near the present-day equestrian center. Cars then turned right onto Sombria Lane, then right again onto Drake Road.

In 1950, drivers would turn right once again onto Forest Lake Road; in 1951 and later years they turned left onto Alvarado Lane (now Stevenson Drive), then sharp right onto Forest Lake. The final corner was a sharp right-hander at Ondulado back onto Portola and past the start/finish line.

Although the course was always tight and twisty with tall Cypress trees hemming in the track on either side, accidents were scarce and relatively uneventful. The exception came in 1956 when Ernie McAfee (no relation to fellow racer Jack McAfee) fatally slammed his Ferrari into a tree. This spelled the end of the popular Pebble Beach Road Races, although it was the genesis of Laguna Seca, its modern-day successor.

Visitors can drive most (but not all) of the old race course today.
[ht: Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival]

Crowds and the track as a Triumph TR2 misses a corner as shown in the film presentation of "Racing Through The Forest" at Spanish Bay. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks

The goal behind making "Racing Through The Forest" was to unearth what these pioneering, fearless young drivers did in the 1950s and gather film footage that would otherwise be lost over time. The film was written and directed by filmmaker Dean Kirkland and produced by renowned race car driver Rick Knoop.

"What began as a tribute to my father, Fred Knoop, has evolved into a celebration of one of the world’s greatest road races," Rick Knoop said at the Spanish Bay movie first-screening. "We’re thrilled to share this incredible story with audiences at the Pebble Beach Concours. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to explore this incredible history, especially just feet from the road where the men and machines did battle."

Rick Knoop and Dean Kirkland delivered on the promise these photographs stored in an album and held in a box, to be brought back to life with heart, in a way an image could never do ... through film.

A must see film where the heart of the making of the presentation comes through in every frame and leaves an indelible and permanent impression.

Again, "Racing Through The Forest" is set to be shown on the big screen, Auto Moto Film & Arts Festival - Saturday May 14th – 7:15pm at 1515 Broadway, Detroit, MI.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pandora's Box, Green Crosses, & "For What It's Worth"

Pandora's Box nightclub was located at 8118 Sunset Boulevard, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard. It featured a trendsetting act booking policy that made Pandora's Box the center of the Sunset Strip youth scene. Image Credit: Pinterest Saved By Alison Martino

Pandora's Box, Green Crosses, & "For What It's Worth"

What is interesting about looking in on postings on Facebook is the perspective thoughts that get triggered through the sharing of a photograph, a video, or a story.

Recently, a video of the Buffalo Springfield's monster hit, For What It's Worth, which was spawned by a protest, spurs thoughts of what might happen if there were similar protests today and if they would engender the same level of creativity or social impact.

This music video shows footage of a protest that happened on the Sunset Strip in front of the music/dance club called Pandora's Box which was built on an intersection triangle at the East end of the "Strip" near the famed boutique hotel, the Chateau Marmont.

What was funny about the protest was that it was about a curfew that civic authorities were planning to implement at this address because of the popularity of the club. The crowds and the noise was disrupting to the neighborhood (video).

Image Credit:

This type of building would not have been allowed today due to logical zoning laws. The land space was small but very large for a traffic intersection triangle (more video).

Pandora's Box nightclub exterior (notice the billboard stand structures which probably should have been the only structures on a traffic triangle at an intersection) - Image Credit:

So the protest was not of anything earthshaking except for the effects of illogical zoning laws (or lack of laws) in the County of Los Angeles that allowed a night club to be built in a place that was known to be a poor purpose for the location and the size of the land. Further, "kids" were protesting the infringement of their nightlife at this one particular nightclub - WOW!

In LA now, a neighborhood has to live with "Green Cross" establishments dispensing grass under the dubious designation of "Medical Marijuana" (why can't this be done at a pharmacy?) with inconsistent or very little zoning oversight.

So hey! What's that sound?

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

AutoSuit - A Techno Solution To The Well Dressed Man

Gay Giano’s business development director Matthew Lee stands at store front display wearing his latest 3D scanned suit for the well dressed man. Image Credit: Jonathan Wong via South China Morning Post

AutoSuit - A Techno Solution To The Well Dressed Man

This robotic tailor can place anyone in the perfect suit in less than 10 seconds.

Hong Kong-based Gay Giano 3D TailorCustomers are asked to wear a tight-fitting tank top and step inside a changing room equipped with 14 infrared sensors - eight in the front and six at the back. The machine instructs the customer to stand at a certain spot and hold still while it does its work in under 10 seconds. The data, including not just measurements of length and circumference, but also angles, is instantaneously delivered to an app on the tablet. 

For tailors, the measurements taken of their customer are necessary to come out with a decent fit result. Without these 24 or so measures - each by each, one might come out with something slightly better than a blanket but that the customer would not accept.

In these days of innovation, when technology is present almost everywhere, tailoring now has become much easier and precise.

Business development director at Charmston Limited, Matthew Lee, said that the technology helps boost a trade that is struggling due to a shortage of fresh tailors entering the game. Lee said “There’s a huge disconnect between these traditional craftsmen or craftswomen and the next generation. There’s no one taking over. So we felt that, if that’s the case, it’s either a dying trade or we can revitalise it with technology that could enhance or keep a better record of their knowledge,”. Caption & Image Credit: The 3D Measurement Company

This 'robotic tailor' (scanner) is a breakthrough that in less than 10 seconds, one will get the perfect fit suit as this robotic tailor gives over 120 detailed measurements. All that is needed is the usual good cloth, a studied technician, and about six hours - voila ... appears the well dressed man.

The company uses 14 infrared sensors to scan a customer’s body and provide 120 precise measurements, but the 3D tech is more interested in keeping a firm record of this traditional craft, according to Gay Giano’s business development director Matthew Lee. Image Credit: Jonathan Wong via South China Morning Post

Gay Giano 3D Tailor is now working with an Israeli firm to develop software that will show a 3D pattern rendering of the suits within 15 minutes.

The store has been using and perfecting 3D measuring technology since it opened in November 2014. Its tailors are now working with the Israeli software company to create an accurate rendition of the fabrics used by taking into account the tension and weight of the materials to show the correct drape.

The company has invested US$100,000 on the scanning technology and the software needed to render the designs. It expects to introduce the software in the second quarter of this year.
[ht: South China Morning Post]

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

To Emoticon, Or Not To Emoticon, This Is The Question

Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

To Emoticon, Or Not To Emoticon, This Is The Question

Emoticon: e·mo·ti·con
a representation of a facial expression such as:-) (representing a smile), formed by various combinations of keyboard characters and used in electronic communications to convey the writer's feelings or intended tone.

When one looks for a definition of this form of expression, one of the first slugs on the word is what pops-up - noted above.

For people who write, embracing, and adding this form of imparting thoughts, concepts, emotions (of course, emotions), and ideas has become problematical on several levels.

One topic that I love discussing on this blog are signs and symbols because I've notice that a lot of people are NOT taking this business seriously...even though in the occult agenda symbolism means everything and anything. Most people are caught unaware that even corporate "logos" had hidden meanings. Like for instance on above list of emoticons there's :42: So what does 42 means? 42 is the meaning of life....confused? Image and Caption Credit: WISDOM OF A FOOL

This excerpted and edited from Justin C. Nuyens -
Facebook - 12-30-2015

Tonight in crawling traffic driving home from dinner in The City [San Francisco] with a select group of cousins at the home of Auntie Saint Janeann Mother of All, I began to write a letter in my head. As in, a letter that I would write with a pen, stick in an envelope and send with the mail. I have something important to say to someone, important enough that it cannot be properly conveyed through any sort of electronic post.

It's a different medium with a different impact, one I utilized often before the internet existed. Anyone who knows me knows words are my babies. You need 'em I got 'em and I know how to use 'em.

Plus there is the physical connection. From my hand to yours. Not an impulsive barrage in the heat of the moment but a work of consideration and intent, a commitment that the words will hold true after the stamp has been cancelled.

Of course, it use to be the only way. College application letters, birthday invitations, notes to your sweetie-pie, friends in other places. Now that we have the internet, "I'm thinking about you" is all too trivial.

Sure you're thinking about me. But enough to write it down and stick it in an envelope?

In matters of the heart ~ mind you these need not only be about love ~ there are some things that simply should not be written in a font. That alone invalidates the dedication of the thought. Pick up a pen and write it like you mean it.

So I'm devising a letter in my head that is meant to move a mountain, to eradicate the beast, to win the heart of my true love fair or something along those lines, and what keeps happening?


I, the grand master of prose and poetry and prosetry, have had my gift corrupted and bastardized by this modern-aged cop-out! 

I'm trying to write a letter the old fashioned way, wherein all intent must be expressed through careful choice of word and linguistic melody, and instead I'm all like ~

grin emoticon 
Grin Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

and wink emoticon 
Wink Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

and heart emoticon
Heart Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

This is what it has come to. I would worry whether to laugh or cry but dammit I'm trying to write a letter...
[Reference Here]

So true ... there are many cultural things many think are "just too cute" to not participate in or to dispense with ... but this emoticon thing is beyond a disruptive and limiting form of communication.

It's "Logoesque" nature serves to minimize impact when these emoticons seek to actually embellish impact - and therein lays the problem.

Once these images are in the ether, their impact is interpreted and fixed by the observer forever coloring the communication to their specific impression - and, maybe not the one intended by the author.

Happy New Year Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

Happy New Year and welcome home Justin C. Nuyens (we need you here).
[place winky emoticon here]

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Dean Batchelor Awards Banquet - 2015 MPG AWARDS WINNERS




The 2015 MPG Awards were held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA last night and winners were recognized in each category for Excellence in Automotive Journalism. Top honors were awarded to Micah Muzio & COTU Productions, winners of the 2015 Dean Batchelor Award, for their "2015 Polaris Slingshot Review" on
Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Doug Stokes with Harold Osmer
Doug Stokes was recognized for his exceptional behind-the-scenes public relations contributions to motor sports and the racing industry. A member of the Motor Press Guild since it was renamed from IMPA-West in the mid-1980's, Doug has supported motor sports for more than 25 years, representing such notable and iconic clients as Mickey and Trudy Thompson, Gale Banks, Stuart Rowlands, and Steve Ford, and supporting racing efforts for Honda, Suzuki, the Kazarian Brothers, and Lucas Oil. Doug has served as Vice President of Communications at Irwindale Event Center since 2013, and has previously been honored with the Chapman Award for PR by the American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association.


2015 Best Feature Article of the Year: Larry P. Vellequette and Luca Ciferri
"The Coming Squeeze" [view pdf] - Automotive News
2015 Best News Article of the Year: Hans Greimel
"Confessions of a Price Fixer" - Automotive News
2015 Best Vehicle Review of the Year: Basem Wasef
"Review: The Ferocious New Corvette Z06 is an $80K Ferrari-Killer" - Wired
mpgawards-article-wasefBasem Wasef & wife, Anna

2015 Best Audio Program of the Year: Charlie Vogelheim and Shawn Meyers
"#35: The Best and Worst 'Cars and Coffee' Ever" [click to find podcast on iTunes] - Motor Trend Audio
mpgawards-books-vogelheimL-R: John Clinard, Charlie Vogelheim, Ed Kim (head judge - audio)

2015 Best Book of the Year: Sam Posey
Where the Writer Meets the Road - David Bull Publishing
mpgawards-books-poseySam Posey and Eric Dahlquist, Sr. (head judge - books)

2015 Best Feature Video of the Year: Adam Carolla (Director/Producer), Nate Adams (Producer/Additional Direction), Mike August (Producer), Matt D'Andria (Executive Producer), Norm Pattiz (Executive Producer)Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman - Sontalia, Mollette
L-R: Nate Adams, Peter Starr (head judge - video), Matt D'Andria
2015 Best Video Vehicle Review of the Year: Micah Muzio and COTU Productions
Micah Muzio

2015 Best Photo of the Year: Dale Kistemaker
"24+30" - Porsche Panorama [view pdf]
 [ht: Motor Press Guild]

TAGS: Motor Press Guild, Dean Batchelor Award, 2015 MPG Awards, Doug Stokes, Adam Carolla, Nate Adams, Mike August, Matt D'Andria, Norm Pattiz, Sam Posey, Charlie Vogelheim, Shawn Meyers, Micah Muzio, COTU Productions, Hans Greimel, Larry P. Vellequette, Luca Ciferri, Basem Wasef, Bob D’Olivo Award, Dale Kistemaker, The EDJE, Porsche Panomara, Wired, Automotive News, Sontalia, Molette, David Bull Publishing,, Motor Trend Audio, 

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

A 1966 Batmobile Tribute Car That Will Miss 2015 Comic-Con

Batmobile tribute registered as a 1975 Lincoln in California and is 100% street legal. Image Credit Craigslist

A 1966 Batmobile Tribute Car That Will Miss 2015 Comic-Con

Comic-Con is being held in San Diego where many exhibits that feature 3D physical representations of transportation devices depicted in cartoon graphic format are on display for all to fantasize about and see.

The Megabots founders are the top geeks in the country now. What better place for them to be than Comic-Con in San Diego. Image Credit: Luigi Lugmayr via I4U News

It's funny how the timing through a For Sale offer of can trigger off a life of its own. Take, for example, this Craigslist posting about the offer of a 1966 Batmobile tribute car.

Select fans attending Comic-Con will have a chance to win a sunset cruise aboard the Longship with the cast of History Channel's Vikings. Image Credit: The Inquisitr News

If this had been available just a couple of months before, it may very well have been on display this weekend at Comic-Con to a welcoming crowd.

'66 Batmobile tribute interior. Image Credit: Craigslist

This excerpted and edited from Craigslist -

 1966 Batmobile Tribute Newly Built - $125,000.00

1966 Batmobile tribute car (Riverside). If you don't have 5 million laying around for the original, then, here is a chance to own the ultimate tribute car.

This amazing vehicle was just completed and features a brand new crate Chevy 350 with rebuilt 400 transmission. This car is smog exempt as it is titled as a 1975 Lincoln.

The brakes, lines, electrical, and rear drivetrain are all freshly done. Tires are brand new. The car has a custom built radiator with dual electric fans for ultimate cooling of the engine, go ahead, do a parade in the hot sun, it can take it.

Action-packed, sculpted rear-end of the Batmobile recreation/tribute. Image Credit: Craigslist

The car features a working rear booster, well, flame thrower out the rear and telescoping radar antenna. The interior was custom done in leather by a well known upholstery king Bob's Auto Upholstery who has done many vehicles for celebrities and TV cars.

This car is California plated and street legal! It also has a back up camera, custom aluminum 16 gallon racing fuel cell, and finished trunk area.

You will pay 120k just to have a 75% completed car and still have to drop another 15k to get it like this one.

NO EXPENSE was spared.

This vehicle is in demand and with next year marking the 50th anniversary of the original series - IMDB Batman (1966–1968) TV Series  |  TV-G  |  30 min  |  Action, Adventure, Comedy - this car will make lots of money in rentals and the prices will just keep going up.
[Reference Here]

If one wishes to collect interesting cars and be involved in the event appearance business, or just cruise around in a head-turning car that is completely street-legal. Then this random offer may be just for you.

After all, Comic-Con is just one year away!

... notes from The EDJE

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Thoughts On A Train: About Impressions & Communications

Does the lack of color in an image, or description, change the impression intended? Image Credit: Justin C. Nuyens

Thoughts on a train ~ 
by Justin C. Nuyens - June 8 at 4:07pm

Cheyenne, Wyoming - I recently listened to comedian Jimmy Carr talk about racism and perceived racism. He said that people ~ whites in particular ~ are so guilt-tripped and paranoid about being perceived as bigoted that the discourse is being compromised.

Carr's example was that a white robbery victim, afraid of being thought racist, might fail to mention to police that the perpetrator was black even if he was.

That might seem extreme and unrealistic, but I have in fact seen newspaper stories about crimes in which weight, height and clothing of a suspect were described but no race mentioned. Now what should i do with that? Assume the perp was black? Now THAT would make me racist.

The reason I bring this up is because I'm sitting in the observation car of Amtrak's California Zephyr train from Emeryville to Chicago. All Chicago-bound passengers riding coach are assigned seats the same section of the train, meaning a number of us have been together for 30 hours with 23 to go.

In this particular microcosm, if someone wants social contact the population is not great enough to pick according to one's common demographic.

The conversations started out slow if not guarded as passengers first overcame the fact that we are all different in impression. That is to say, normally we would not be associating under any circumstances, if only because we live in different neighborhoods let alone our differences in age, appearance, opinion and interest.

And then, slowly, a society is made. Smokers hitting each other up on the station breaks. Drinkers bitching about the cost of beer on the train. People asking, is there wifi? Nope. Guess we'll have to interact.

Then people start opening up. One woman is traveling to Cincinnati with her 14-year-old son to start over, a brand new life. Meanwhile she gets a call from the son she left in Sacramento. HE GOT THE JOB! He's gonna be a host at a restaurant in town.

Another woman is making a break of another sort. She is leaving her boyfriend. When he gets off work today he will find a house emptied of everything including furniture. The girl will be long gone, where to? I haven't asked.

There's a man with a jaw harp. A dude with a goatee. A guy with glasses...

Since departing the Bay Area one couple with a baby was spotted smoking a glass pipe during a smoke break in Green River. They were left behind. An hour ago we made an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere. Rumor was a guy was smoking weed on the lower deck and Sheriff was coming.

So here is a story unraveling. And find myself asking, at what point does physical description become important to the narrative?

It doesn't matter that the woman leaving Sacto and her son are black does it? Or does it? If i tell you the girl leaving her boyfriend is obese does it change the story, or that the meth smokers were white?

I guess it depends on me. If I wanted to paint a vivid picture I would describe physical traits, mannerisms, speech patterns...

For the moment it isn't necessary. We're all the same. On the train with strangers. Finding where we belong. Negotiating the path. Trying to make friends along the way.

Don't mind me. I'm searching for America on my way to Europe.

Didrik told me to keep an eye out...
(ht: Justin C. Nuyens - assumed permission)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Anywhere Grid-Less Hosteling For One With Ecocapsule

Ecocapsule is smart house powered purely by the solar and wind energy. It allows people to reach the frontiers with the luxury of the hotel room. It can serve as micro-house, cottage, pop-up hotel or even as charging station for electromobiles. Image Credit: Nice Architects

Anywhere Grid-Less Hosteling For One With Ecocapsule

Ever wonder how hard it would be to live in a space without access to electricity wires from a pole, or water from a pipe, supplied by a societal utility - and further, once achieved, hard hard it would be to replicate the solution?

A group of folks located in the Slovak Republic known as Nice Architects have created an egg shaped living space that hopes to make a living off-the-grid "audience-of-one" a reality and it goes by the name of Ecocapsule.

A 2D top-down view schematic of the Ecocapsule's living space floorplan. Image Credit: Nice Architects

This egg-shaped living space is set to be debuted in Vienna, Austria this month (May 28 & 29, 2015) at a start up show that began in 2012 and has become what Forbes magazine calls "a smarter SXSW (Austin, TX)", the Pioneers Festival.

First functional prototype of the independent micro-house Ecocapsule will be exhibited in the foyer of the Hofburg palace as a part of Pioneers festival 2015 event in Vienna. Image Credit: Nice Architects

Each unit is equipped with solar panels, a retractable wind-turbine, and a design that captures rain water.

Solor and wind power conversion included. The egg shape enhances water capture from dew or rain which is stored in a tank located underneath the floor and pumped for use in the sink, toilet, or shower. Image Credit: Nice Architects

Inside, the design includes a kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet, and hot shower.

Interior view from the storage end of the Ecocapsule. One has a hands on environment where one can sleep, cook, shower, deal with personal waste & cleanliness, and have little worry about power assisting in maintaining basic living needs. Image Credit: Nice Architects

The Ecocapsule is suitable for a wide range of human-living applications. Suggestions by Nice Architects include independent research station, a tourist lodge, emergency housing, a humanitarian-action unit ... or as we might suggest at Oblate Spheroid, a personal/office space to be placed in the backyard which eliminates the cost and time consumed complying for the need of permits required by the local government offices.

Urban elbow room without the hassles associated with dealing with permitting. Image Credit: Nice Architects

Place the Ecocapsule on a flatbed trailer, and now one has an actual trailer for grid-less, energy assisted, hosteled comfort for almost any application including ... just camping.

Exterior view shows external and interior storage plus bed. Image Credit: Nice Architects

Those interested in buying one will be able to pre-order at the end of 2015, with delivery in the first half of 2016.

FAQ Section

What is the price of the Ecocapsule?

Price of the Ecocapsule will be announced in the last quarter of the 2015. 

When will  be Ecocapsule available for purchase?

We will start taking pre-orders in the last quarter of the 2015. We expect to start delivering first produced units in the first half of the 2016.

Shipping price - Ecocapsule can fit info standard shipping container, keeping shipping cost low. Here are examples of approximate shipping fees:

Slovakia -New York               2393 USD   2200 Euro

Slovakia-Buenos Aires           1958 USD   1800 Euro

Slovakia-Johannesburg           2937 USD   2700 Euro

Slovakia - Melbourne             1631 USD   1500 Euro

Camper version - We are still developing chassis for the capsule and hopefully we will be ready in late 2016.

Custom versions:

We will be initially offering one version of the Ecocapsule. Later we will extend customization options.

Where can we see it?

First public display of the Ecocapsule will be during Pioneers festival in Vienna (28-29th May 2015).

Later it will be displayed in Slovak national pavilion at Expo 2015.

Basic Specifications:
(ht: Nice Architects)


W - 8.366 Feet - 2.55m 
L - 14.599 Feet - 4.45m 
H - 7.381 Feet - 2.25m or 14.763 Feet - 4.5m with extended pole

Weight: 3307 lbs. - 1500kg

Installed power output: wind 750W / solar 600W

Battery capacity: 9744Wh 

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Friday, February 06, 2015

Douglas Magnon Passed Away Quickly Leaving The Motor Culture Community To Mourn

Doug Magnon had a passion for collecting, preserving, creating, serving, and spending a lot of time with like-minded people. Here's Doug with a gathering of his famous Maserati cars. Image Credit: IL TRIDENTE magazine

Douglas Magnon Passed Away Quickly Leaving The Motor Culture Community To Mourn

Douglas (Doug) Magnon began to feel very weak in December and was finally convinced to see a doctor (Doug did not like visiting doctors - ever) at the behest of close friends.

He found the news to be very disturbing but as Doug was prone to do, he took matters into his own hands and set in motion the necessary acts that would allow the wake he would leave to be taken care of in a proper manner.

Today it was officially announced in the following press release that Douglas Magnon is no longer alive as of Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

A show of the latest Moto Guzzi motorcycles at the seventh annual Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance in Palm Springs (2-23-2014). Doug Magnon was both excited and in his element to be able to bring these quality Italian 2-wheel machines to Southern California. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2014)

Official Statement from the Magnon Family:

Riverside Businessman and Philanthropist Doug Magnon Passes Away - Business and Racing Community Mourn.  Celebration of Life Scheduled for February 15.

Douglas Magnon of Riverside California, 55, passed away Wednesday, February 4, 2015, surrounded by family and close friends, after a short but brave battle with cancer.

Magnon, president of the Magnon Companies, a regional commercial real estate developer, was also the founder and principal of the Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM) owner of Magnone Trattoria, partner in the Newport Italian motorcycle dealership and a trustee board member of the University of California Riverside.

Doug was a man of many passions.  He loved food, cooking and Italian culture, which twice led to ventures into the restaurant business.  His namesake restaurant, Magnone Trattoria, continues to serve Doug's own recipes on Spruce Street in Riverside.  He was frequently found in the kitchen preparing his beloved dishes and sharing his favorite wines and cheeses.

It was his passion for motor racing, and growing up attending races at the legendary Riverside International Raceway that led to the founding of the Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM) with his father Raymond.  Many Southern California racing fans lamented the demise of the famed circuit in 1988.  The museum was established from that memory and received immediate support form the greater racing community.  Gala events such as "Legends of Riverside" gave fans the opportunity to rub shoulders with racing greats including Dan Gurney, Bobby Unser, Carroll Shelby and Bob Bondurant and relive moments that made Southern California one of the hubs of racing culture.

Doug Magnon, Peter Bryant, Bill Losee, Tony Adamowicz (L-R) discussing Eagle car set up strategy at Road America in 2008. Doug was able to bring winning attention to vintage Formula 5000 race cars through the driving of Tony ("A2Z") Adamowicz. Image Credit: Bob Pengraph (2008)

RIAM has grown to be one of the most important racing collections in North America.  Its unmatched archive of materials and historic documents is rivaled only by the Watkins Glen Research Center, the Wally Parks NHRA Museum and the Indianapolis Raceway Museum. The curated collection of cars include several important Dan Gurney Eagle Indy Cars and the world's largest vertical collection of Maseratis.  RIAM regularly participated in historic racing events claiming four national Formula 5000 championships with driver Tony "a2z" Adamowicz and chief mechanic Bill Losee.  The racing community has truly lost one of its greatest stewards of history.

Geoff Zimmerman created this video at Watkins Glen and it has accounting of some of the early trauma we had with the race readiness of the Eagle. Submitted By: Tony "A2Z" Adamowicz

In partnership with close friend Paul Kinsella, Magnon Founded Newport Italian, a Vespa, Moto Guzzi and Aprilla motorcycle dealership in 2013.  Almost immediately, the dealership has become one of the most successful stores for those brands in the United States.  The secret to this midas touch has been the customer care and high-profile events for the cherished owners of the Italian marques.

Legends of Riverside with Doug Magnon. Submitted By:

Beyond his accomplishments, Doug touched many lives with his generous heart and love of people. So many have come forward with stories of his kindness and camaraderie. His passions, natural charm and zest for life made him special to everyone he met. His legacy will live on in the hearts of those who knew him, and his business and philanthropic ventures.

Magnon was a graduate of Riverside Polytechnic High School in 1978 and a former film student at University of Southern California (USC).

Doug is survived by his wife, Evonne Magnon (Barsakis), His father Raymond Magnon (Kelly), his mother Elaine Taber (Clare), his sisters Deanna Magnon Wagner (Dennis), Cheryl Cliff (Paul) and Patti Oldham (Tom), brother Ryan Magnon (Rona) and, his many loving nieces and nephews.

A celebration of Doug's life is planned at the Riverside International Automotive Museum on Saturday February 15, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.. The Magnon family requests charitable donations to the Riverside International Automotive Museum and the American Cancer Society in lieu of flowers.

The outpouring of memories continue to fill many a  Facebook page with videos and photos - many surrounding events held at the Riverside International Automotive Museum, car shows, and historical motor car races.

Long be the memory and continuation of the life sharing put forward by Doug Magnon.

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