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Best Argument For A Newt Gingrich GOP Nomination Out Of Iowa

In a tweet minutes after Deace announced his endorsement, Gingrich tweeted "my thanks to @SteveDeaceShow for his endorsement tonight." Image Credit: The Vault at

Best Argument For A Newt Gingrich GOP Nomination Out Of Iowa

Influential Iowa state based radio talk show host, Steve Deace, endorses a vote for Newt Gingrich as the next Republican nominee for President of the United States and puts forth the best argument placed so far.

Steve Deace, a popular social conservative radio talk show host whose program is heard statewide in Iowa is backing Newt Gingrich for president and puts forward his reasoning in a way that allows one to cut through the mountain of irrelevant talking points on every candidate, they are all fatally flawed. Deace comes forward with a standout nugget of truth as to how our country has wandered so far off of its personal-freedom based tracks and should appeal to all of those who hold to what the Tea Party movement brought forward in its activism over the past couple of years - simply stated, our country needs to get back to core values informed through the United States Constitution, the Bill-Of-Rights, and the Rule-Of-Law.

The nugget is the singular recognition by Newt Gingrich that one branch of Government is allowed to operate without any check or balance, the Judicial Branch, and needs to be put back in equilibrium with the other two branches ... The Executive Branch (the office of the President) and Legislative Branch (the House of Representatives and the Senate).

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Why I Am Endorsing Newt Gingrich for President

30 December 2011 - 17:34 GMT - By Steve Deace

This country is in trouble and bold leadership is needed. As someone that has had the privilege to vet these candidates as closely as just about anybody else has, I’ve come to the conclusion there are several good, Christian people running that most years I would vote for.

However, this isn’t most years.

Sadly, there are only two candidates offering a real means by which to actually undo that which the Left has done to this country for the past 50 years, and not just conservative platitudes. One of those candidates is Ron Paul, but his foreign policy is naive at best and reckless at worst. The other is Newt Gingrich, who has campaigned on what I believe is the most important issue facing us as a people — the loss of the rule of law.

The Left has used unelected judges and judicial oligarchy to reinvent the American way of life, from secularism to the loss of the sanctity of life, to the redefining of marriage, the confiscation of private property, and the granting of imaginary rights. There is an entire chapter of my new book devoted to the need for conservatives and Christians to confront judicial oligarchy once and for all. I have spent the past two years of my radio program educating my audience on this issue, and was a vocal proponent of Iowa’s historic judicial retention election last year, and Newt’s assistance with that effort was vital.

After offering every candidate in the race the chance to show they understand the gravity of this issue, Gingrich is the only one who has demonstrated he does, and can also use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate Americans on the need to return to the rule of law.
Electing another Obamney from the ruling class changes nothing. Electing another nice conservative with no proven ability to govern or a killer instinct to take on the system changes nothing, even if it makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This is a time for leadership, not warm fuzzies. The future is at stake, and we may never get another environment with the country so prepared to challenge the system as we have right now.
It is my hope the other Republican candidates will follow Gingrich’s bold leadership in providing the country a true alternative to President Obama.

It is my prayer that next year that for once we actually have something to vote for, and not just something to vote against. I am making this endorsement in the hopes that will be the case. Sometimes the most broken people are the ones God does the most tremendous work through. I know that has been true in my life.
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The Constitution, the Bill-Of-Rights, and the Rule-Of-Law represent the recipe by which we begin to have the Government become right-sized and functional once again for all citizens who wish to recapture what Ronald Reagan called "the shining city on the hill" ... a personal-freedom based United States of America with equal justice and access to all of its citizens.

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