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It's Official - Pakistan Taliban Behind Failed NY Times Square Bomb Plot

A photo of the scene where the car traveling on 45th Street crosses the intersection at the time of the incident on Saturday at Times Square. Photo released at the press conference with the New York Police Department. Image Credit: NYPD SURVEILLANCE VIDEO PHOTOGRAPH

It's Official - Pakistan Taliban Behind Failed NY Times Square Bomb Plot

Well laa-tee-daa, it has been reported today in an article produced by Reuters that the U.S. says Pakistani Taliban behind bomb attempt.

Nearly everyone who found out that an SUV was discovered, parked in Times Square, smoking, filled with un-exploded bomb materials, felt that the first suspects on that list would have been people of Muslim upbringing and middle-east decent - PERIOD.

Sadly, our current crop of political leaders do not want to protect the rest of us by playing the odds. NO ... the first public statements out of their mouths attack the character of the average naturally born American who believes that our current Government and its leaders have lost their way given American Culture.

On the very day this plot was discovered, Mayor Bloomberg of the city of New York speculated to CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric that the suspect behind the bombing attempt could be a domestic terrorist angry at the government who acted alone.

"If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that. Homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the [recently passed Obamacare law] health care bill or something. It could be anything," he said.

"There is no evidence here of a conspiracy, there is no evidence that it's tied into anything else. It looks like an amateurish job done by at least one person," he told Couric.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called the scare a "potential terrorist attack" but she and other officials held off saying whether there was a link to Islamist groups or to a domestic cause in the United States. In an interview on FOX & Friends on FOX News, she would not specifically classify the potential bomb a terrorist attack or event - YouTube below.

A U.S. intelligence official told Reuters "we just don't know at this point who may be behind this event. We believe it is a one-off event"

To be truthful, given the odds proven out over the last 15 months and the majority of this 44th Presidency of the United States, one could easily speculate that if there is a bomb set to go off, or a gun to be fired into a crowd it would be a high 95%+ probability that the people behind the action would have been people of Muslim upbringing and middle-east decent.

These people who are found to be behind these actions of terrorism and murder are of this demographic and are at war (which is not a ONE-OFF event) with the western industrialized world. The United States of America sits at the top of this world as being the most successful and productive, and hence ... the most visible target.

This excerpted and edited from Reuters -

U.S. says Pakistani Taliban behind bomb attempt

Glenn Somerville, Reuters - WASHINGTON - Sun May 9, 2010 10:24am EDT

Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday said evidence shows a Pakistan Taliban group closely allied with al Qaeda was behind the attempted bombing in New York's Times Square.
Holder, in an interview on ABC television's "This Week," said there was nothing to suggest the Pakistani government was aware of the plot.
"We know that they helped facilitate it. We know that they probably helped finance it. And that he was working at their direction," he [Atty. Gen. Eric Holder] said, referring to Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistan-born naturalized American who is now under arrest. Shahzad, 30, was arrested last Monday, two days after authorities say he parked a crude car bomb in New York's busy Times Square. Authorities say he as been cooperating in the investigation.

Some lawmakers have suggested that people accused of terrorism should not have all the rights accorded to those charged with less serious crimes.
Holder said it was important the government have the flexibility it needs to counter acts of terrorism but that any changes have to meet constitutional requirements.

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Holder said the administration will suggest some changes to Congress that recognize the reality that terrorism is a rising risk for the United States.
"We want to work with Congress to come up with a way in which we make our public safety exception more flexible and again more consistent with the threat we face ... This is a proposal that we're going to be making and that we want to work with Congress about," Holder said.

President Barack Obama's assistant for national security, John Brennan, appearing on CNN's "State of the Union," also cited Shahzad's al Qaeda link, saying evidence showed he was working with a Pakistani militant group closely allied with al Qaeda.


Brennan said the Pakistani government's was cooperating closely with U.S. investigators.
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It is time to prepare to remove leadership that refuses to protect us at a time of war in a proper way. It is time to vote for people who recognize that our country is a target of war by inclined Muslim terrorist who are supported through a network created by al Qaeda and the Taliban.

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