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Immigration Policy: Buying In ... Or Just Buy

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Immigration Policy: Buy In ... Or Just Buy

We begin this week after a May Day "call to protest" from the Hispanic immigration community that, at least here in Los Angeles, was a dismal failure.

All of the news media outlets (even FOX News) did their best to make this day of protest on the enforcement of US immigration law an issue that was compelling by stating "hundreds of thousands" join protests. People were out in the streets, waving flags and carrying signs sparked by a law passed by the State of Arizona that brings immigration enforcement to a local, as opposed to a Federal, level.

In Los Angeles, the papers were first predicting that over 100,000 people would take to the streets in a mime of the large 750,000 plus person gathering on May 1st, 2006 during the Bush Administration. While the LA Times touted the gathering at nearing 60,000 ... for a city that has a population draw of over 15,000,000 in the basin and at least a 40% Hispanic residency, that is 60,000 out of a potential of 6,000,000 people - weak.

Sign displayed at the 2006 May Day protest in Denver ... has anything changed? Aaaaaa, No! Image Credit: Michelle Malkin

Funny thing though, The Los Angeles crowd was one of the largest gatherings in protest against the Arizona law that makes it a crime to lack proper immigration papers and requires police to determine whether people are in the country illegally.

Civil rights activists say the law will lead to racial profiling but state officials have repeatedly emphasized that the bill expressly forbids law enforcement officers from stopping someone without, first having a probable cause such as in the enforcement of a seat belt law or a mechanical violation (these misdemeanor violations are cited as an add-on after someone is pulled over for a moving violation like running a red light or other probable cause).

Sign exalting "NO BORDERS" seen at an Arizona protest last week. This makes a lot of sense, especially, what, with the Mexican drug wars spilling over into this country and placing our citizens at harm. Image Credit: Mark Krikorian

Any United States citizen knows that to leave the house without proper identification, one can not purchase goods or services, drive a car legally, buy a drink at a bar (if under 21), and etc.. About the only place one does not have to show an identification is when one goes to the polls to vote - all the while, the 70% of the voting citizens in Arizona who favor the Governor, Jan Brewer, for passing this law are called crazy, or worse, bigots.

Instead of buying in to all of the hype about how wrong it is to want United States immigration laws enforced, why not show your support for Arizona where immigration is out of control and send a message to the Federal Government that they should enforce existing laws through purchasing goods and services made in Arizona ... that's BUY ARIZONA!

Now this person will probably not get pulled over for writing on their windows, but may get a ticket for having windows that are tinted too dark. Image Credit: La Shawn Barber

This excerpted and edited from the All Patriots Media Network

Buy Arizona!

Tony Katz, All Patriots Media Network - May 1, 2010

The Buy Arizona! Initiative is picking up steam. We are working with many other groups, and committed individuals, to support Arizona business owners and their employees.

The response is growing everyday. If you sent an email, you are in queue, and your ad will run on The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, as well as with those hosts who join the Buy Arizona! Initiative.

Those radio hosts include:

Join the Facebook groups – here and here.

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To be a part of the Buy Arizona! Initiative, and get free advertising for your business, email us here. You can contact the Tony Katz Radio Spectacular by email.
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We, at MAXINE, believe in a serious society that wants to know who they are talking to and doing business with. Carry your ID and immigration authorization papers proudly into any market and BUY ARIZONA!

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