Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paul Weyrich, Founder Of The Heritage Foundation, Dies

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Paul Weyrich, Founder Of The Heritage Foundation, Dies

Sad that the Conservative movement has lost its rudder - REALLY – May God bless Paul Weyrich and receive him now into his reward.

Rush Limbaugh's video tribute to Paul Weyrich, and the trans-formative impact he had on Rush's career, HERE!

"Without Paul Weyrich, there would likely have been no conservative movement ... and no Ronald Reagan presidency." - Morton Blackwell (found on Twitter)

This found at National Review Online -

The Corner
re: Paul

[Grover Norquist, December 18, 2008]

Ideas alone do not have consequences. Ideas, even — or especially — powerful ideas are like seeds. If they land in fertile soil and are cultivated they can grow. On rock or sand or ignored or tended by incompetents they die.

The idea of individual liberty and a limited constitutional government has been around a long time. Liberty doesn’t need new ideas to advance, but institutions to give muscle and skeletal structure to a political movement for liberty. That is how Paul Weyrich changed the world for the better.

Paul Weyrich created institutions and networks that incubated new and old powerful policies and strategies to advance liberty. The Heritage Foundation. ALEC. The Free Congress Foundation. The Kingston meeting. Many of the structures of the “religious right.” He understood that only freedom could successfully promote traditional values. He brought leaders of various freedom impulses together. Most of the successes of the Conservative movement since the 1970s flowed from structures, organizations, and coalitions he started, created or nurtured.

Paul also lived a balanced life with work, family and his faith.

We will miss his puns and wisdom and hard work.
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