Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Meathead Money" Can Not Buy Fame For Reiner

Proposition 82, the ballot measure here in California to create a $2.4 billion (that's with a "B") universal preschool program, went down in a blistering defeat in yesterday's election by a 60% against vs. a 40% for margin.

Back on May 18th, the Reiner family committed another million dollars (bringing the contribution total to $2,700,000) to the Yes on Proposition 82 cause that would have placed a tax on a special class of our fellow citizens.

In a move to conceal the fact that "meathead money" is the main source of funding for the proposition, Rob Reiner's wife is credited with the lion's share of the contribution.

This result just goes to show that when you take away the ability to direct government money to promote a new government education program, and you are left with only your own meager resources, as the law allows, people win.

And the investigation into Rob Reiner's stewardship is not going to be completed until sometime in August, as the saga continues ... "Grinding Meathead - The Handle Turns"!

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