Saturday, February 18, 2006

PETA Tries A "Mainstreaming" Stockholder Strategy

PETA Tries A "Mainstreaming" Stockholder Strategy ... one wonders how long this will last until the reactionary group goes back to using illegal force tactics and idiotic, insulting proclamations like the one that linked the atrocities of the human Holocaust perpetrated by Germany to the treatment of chickens in poultry processing plants. Why?

*excerpts from the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

In a move described by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as "groundbreaking," officials of Safeway Inc. have agreed to form a committee to look into some animal welfare issues.
PETA, an animal welfare advocacy group that has 192 shares of Safeway stock, has lobbied Safeway officials to promote a method of slaughtering birds called controlled-atmosphere killing, commonly called CAK. They announced they would withdraw a proposal to gain shareholder support for Safeway to support CAK.

Look, animals do not have rights ... until they (The Chickens) can organize, draft documents, and vote ... but I do agree with this mainstream tactic by PETA of properly sitting down with stockholder credentials and creating convincing arguments for a more humane and COST EFFECTIVE approach to putting food on the table.

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Good talking to you earlier today!

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