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To Emoticon, Or Not To Emoticon, This Is The Question

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To Emoticon, Or Not To Emoticon, This Is The Question

Emoticon: e·mo·ti·con
a representation of a facial expression such as:-) (representing a smile), formed by various combinations of keyboard characters and used in electronic communications to convey the writer's feelings or intended tone.

When one looks for a definition of this form of expression, one of the first slugs on the word is what pops-up - noted above.

For people who write, embracing, and adding this form of imparting thoughts, concepts, emotions (of course, emotions), and ideas has become problematical on several levels.

One topic that I love discussing on this blog are signs and symbols because I've notice that a lot of people are NOT taking this business seriously...even though in the occult agenda symbolism means everything and anything. Most people are caught unaware that even corporate "logos" had hidden meanings. Like for instance on above list of emoticons there's :42: So what does 42 means? 42 is the meaning of life....confused? Image and Caption Credit: WISDOM OF A FOOL

This excerpted and edited from Justin C. Nuyens -
Facebook - 12-30-2015

Tonight in crawling traffic driving home from dinner in The City [San Francisco] with a select group of cousins at the home of Auntie Saint Janeann Mother of All, I began to write a letter in my head. As in, a letter that I would write with a pen, stick in an envelope and send with the mail. I have something important to say to someone, important enough that it cannot be properly conveyed through any sort of electronic post.

It's a different medium with a different impact, one I utilized often before the internet existed. Anyone who knows me knows words are my babies. You need 'em I got 'em and I know how to use 'em.

Plus there is the physical connection. From my hand to yours. Not an impulsive barrage in the heat of the moment but a work of consideration and intent, a commitment that the words will hold true after the stamp has been cancelled.

Of course, it use to be the only way. College application letters, birthday invitations, notes to your sweetie-pie, friends in other places. Now that we have the internet, "I'm thinking about you" is all too trivial.

Sure you're thinking about me. But enough to write it down and stick it in an envelope?

In matters of the heart ~ mind you these need not only be about love ~ there are some things that simply should not be written in a font. That alone invalidates the dedication of the thought. Pick up a pen and write it like you mean it.

So I'm devising a letter in my head that is meant to move a mountain, to eradicate the beast, to win the heart of my true love fair or something along those lines, and what keeps happening?


I, the grand master of prose and poetry and prosetry, have had my gift corrupted and bastardized by this modern-aged cop-out! 

I'm trying to write a letter the old fashioned way, wherein all intent must be expressed through careful choice of word and linguistic melody, and instead I'm all like ~

grin emoticon 
Grin Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

and wink emoticon 
Wink Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

and heart emoticon
Heart Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

This is what it has come to. I would worry whether to laugh or cry but dammit I'm trying to write a letter...
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So true ... there are many cultural things many think are "just too cute" to not participate in or to dispense with ... but this emoticon thing is beyond a disruptive and limiting form of communication.

It's "Logoesque" nature serves to minimize impact when these emoticons seek to actually embellish impact - and therein lays the problem.

Once these images are in the ether, their impact is interpreted and fixed by the observer forever coloring the communication to their specific impression - and, maybe not the one intended by the author.

Happy New Year Emoticons - Image Credit: Google Search Images

Happy New Year and welcome home Justin C. Nuyens (we need you here).
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