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Hugh Hewitt's 100 Reasons To Vote For A 45th Presidency

It is time for a 45th Presidency - To this end, Hugh Hewitt has come up with 100 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney or against Barack Obama and these series of posts will highlight ten (or so) points to consider for your vote to have a 45th President elected come November 6, 2012. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks

Hugh Hewitt's 100 Reasons To Vote For A 45th Presidency 
... In 10 Easy To Digest Audio Files

On Monday, September 24, 2012, Constitutional and environmental issues Lawyer/Professor, nationally syndicated afternoon issues talk show host, Hugh Hewitt delivered a tour de force presentation for three hours on the reasons why we need a change in executive leadership in the United States. This change can happen with our vote for president in the 2012 elections which early voting has already started in many states, but will officially take place November 6, 2012.

In a presentation which Hugh Hewitt titled "100 reason[s] why you should vote for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama", Hugh proceeded point by point, with full explanation and in no particular order, 100 specific reasons Mitt Romney would make a better president to lead our country, mixed in with the specific reasons why Barack Obama has not been a successful leader in the more than 1,000 days he has been president.

This excerpted and edited from -

100 Reason[s] To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 8:12 PM

After yet another dispiriting Browns' performance yesterday [Sunday Sept. 23, 2012], I decided to redeem the day by listing 100 reasons to either vote for Mitt Romney or against Barack Obama. I turned that list into a three hour monologue on today's show -- the first such in 12 years of radio.

It wasn't hard to do. Not hard at all. Which is why I think Romney will win going away. The president is a failure, on every level and by every measurement. Americans don't endorse failure.
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Since a three hour presentation of dense information may be a little hard to chew on in one session, here are ten postings that break up the 100 reasons in approximately 10 reason apiece chunks, that can be savored and digested, upon which one can become fully informed before making a freedom and country saving vote in this most important election.

Previously Published Audio Links (10 editions) Of Hewitt’s 100 Reasons To Vote For Romney And Against Obama 2012:

*** Hewitt's reasons 1-10 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 1-10 which highlight: Governor Mitt Romney‘s posture on “American Exceptional-ism” and a second American century, character,  and turn-around knowledge-ability and compares this to President Barack Obama’s generosity, political bi-partisanship, and personal attacks on Paul Ryan as well as the war on religion (Catholic church).

*** Hewitt's reasons 11-20 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 11-20 which highlight: President Barack Obama’s truthfulness and responsibility over our tax supported government spending and the programs it supports. The recognition of this 44th Presidency’s use of Czars and how disruptive this is to executive processes of governance. The tax investment in green energy and Solyndra. This Executive Branch’s use of power on labor relations and regulatory management. The Romney family that Mitt and Ann had created and raised. Mitt Romney can read and manage a balance sheet.

*** Hewitt's reasons 21-30 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 21-30 which highlight: The pick of Congressman Paul Ryan as Vice President and his knowledge on budgets versus President Obama’s pick of … Joe Biden. Foreign relations, Israel, and its comparison with the Carter years. President Obama’s relationship with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. America’s response to the Iranian “Green Revolution“, the “leading from behind” doctrine, Syria, and finally, the growth and influence of al Qaeda. America’s influence with China and Russia and how it has changed in four years.

*** Hewitt's reasons 31-40 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 31-40 which highlight: From the muffed Russian relations “reset button” to the candid wink and nod between President Obama to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “wait until I get elected to a second term” caution captured on an open microphone … opens this edition of 100 reasons to vote for a 95th presidency in November. The placing in disarray the nuclear deterrent used by Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama’s abandonment of the newly democratic Iraq without a status of forces agreement and his continued fumbling of Afghanistan with a “date certain” withdrawal resulting in needless insider murders of troops. MOST IMPORTANT – This 44th President’s over-reaching draw down of America’s military power and position in the world by first reducing our Naval power to critical levels. Under Reagan, our Navy totaled 600 ships – under common agreement with Congress, this level had been set to be no lower than 313 ships – under Obama, the Navy operates only 282 ships and if given another 4 years is expected to become 250 ships. This Commander-In-Chief’ s elimination of a march toward air superiority with the killing of the F22 Raptor fighter jet – the elimination of 100,000 standing troops from the Marines and Army.

*** Hewitt's reasons 41-50 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 41-50 which highlight: Mitt Romney’s very successful career at Bain Consulting and Bain Capitol where Bain Capitol had around an 80% successful turnaround rate at taking stumbling businesses and having them become profitable (almost unheard of). On a personal level, Mitt Romney gave a tremendous amount of his time and talent in volunteering for his Mormon Church as a leader and church community advocate. A review of Mitt Romney’s parents legacy and the impact this has had on the Mitt Romney family throughout these last decades. Mitt Romney has given over 30 million dollars in charitable contributions throughout his adult life. Barack Obama is legend for his side stepping issues that the corporate media characterizes as gaffes. From his “You didn’t build that” attack on self-interest free-enterprise, to his “blaming first” approach in discourse before ever assuming responsibility (if ever) … Obama trades on conceptual fraud in his approach to communicative leadership. This 44th presidency is probably most characterized, economically, as having run this government with NO BUDGET in over 1,2oo days and has put forth no effort to work on saving entitlements from their bankrupting path in nearly four years.

*** Hewitt's reasons 51-61 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 51-61 which highlight: Barack Obama’s lack of truthful response about the facts surrounding the Fort Hood massacre. The President’s arrogance and posture (example: “Paa-Key-Staan” for the traditional Pack-ah-stan). As a leader, Barack Obama responds to emergency with paralysis … after paralysis, he then acts with panic and over-reaction. We have seen ill thought out gifts, given (iPod of Obama speeches to the Queen of England). Leading from behind has seen the assertion of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law.The Obama Administration’s record of hyper-spending and its effects are noted along with the signing of the Dodd/Frank legislation that has hamstrung how Banks need to be able to operate freely in any economy. Lastly – Fast & Furious and its cover up.

*** Hewitt's reasons 62-70 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 62-70 which highlight: The Obama Administration still wishes to close “Gitmo”, have terrorists housed and have court trials here inside the United States in an effort to just criminalize terrorism (acts of war). In general, laws passed by our law making institutions, and require implementation and defense do not matter to this 44th Presidency – he continually circumvents laws he does not like to enforce with Executive Orders … or his departments just ignore them. Three to five Justices on the Supreme Court are due to retire over the next four years so one has to consider the results of a Obama win over a Romney win. ObamaCare, how it became law, and its disruptive economic cost. This President has established a TAX on inactivity and instituted “Death Panels” of 15 appointees (not elected by the people).

*** Hewitt's reasons 71-80 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 71-80 which highlight: During the formulation of ObamaCare, Barack Obama and the Democrats did not take this opportunity to rein in trial lawyers out-placed power to bring malpractice lawsuits and end the restrictions on insurance companies as it relates to interstate commerce (to open competition throughout all states).ObamaCare CUT Medicare by $760 Billion dollars in order to fund other parts of the law that has passed. ObamaCare is NOT universal healthcare by any measure. Governor Mitt Romney has a proven record of being able to actually work within a partisan political environment. Romney answers questions and tells the truth – conversely, Barack Obama lied to get into office in 2008 (transparency, cut the deficit by 50% by end of first term, and etc.), takes many minutes to address any question and never answers with a YES or a NO.Loosing the Chicago Olympics and accepting the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishment are two activities that have a real understanding into Barack Obama’s character … just not the right things to do if one wants to actually be credible.

*** Hewitt's reasons 81-90 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 81-90 which highlight: This Administration’s ability to cope with international economics and the problem of the Chinese Government’s manipulation of their currency is a prime example. President Obama continues to lie about the facts surrounding the Benghazi, Libya 9/11 terrorist attacks that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, one of them, a respected Ambassador. This 44th President hides from open questioning by ALL of the media and other open question town-hall settings. Obama will not appear on any Sunday or radio talk show venues (unless he gets snookered as he did with Univision Network last month). Barack Obama obstructs the path to school reform through his backing the NEA and its activities. GM stock is worth less than half of what this 44th Presidency paid for it with our tax money … General Motors is still not a success with the potential of 10′s of billions dollars still owed to the taxpayer.

*** Hewitt's reasons 91-100 of 100 - LISTEN HERE>>
This edition explores reasons 91-100 which highlight: The Obama Administration has increased the budgets of all of the departments of Government by 20% while our economy only grows under 2% with the policies that they have enacted. Barack Obama promised to cut government programs and in four years this Administration has not been able to find just one department out of existence. The EPA's expansion of new regulations on business, especially carbon-based energy has cost this country and increased the cost of energy by 100% since Obama took office. Unemployment has remained above 8% for ovsr 42 months straight ... thi in the face of nearly 2 Trillion dollars between the Stimulus and Omnibus spending bills that passed in 2009 with Obama's insistence that he needed to spend this money to cap unemployment at 6% or less. Mitt Romney has stated that he will slash the size of the Federal Government and address entitlement reform. The Government spends way too much due to its size against the taxes it brings in. It is a spending problem, not a taxation problem. Mitt Romney has committed to restoring our Naval strength by maintaining a fleet of 340 ships. Lastly, Mitt Romney will address the economic aggression and foul play of China.

As the "Chicago Way" Democrat Political Party is fond of saying ... "Vote Early, and Vote Often" ... but most importantly, vote informed and reviewing all of "Hugh Hewitt's 100 Reasons To Vote For A 45th Presidency" may at least allow one to open up a discussion with themselves, and others, as to what issues might be the most important in this upcoming 2012 election.

<a href="" title="What is your favorite reason to vote against Barack Obama for a 2nd term?">What is your favorite reason to vote against Barack Obama for a 2nd term?</a>

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