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Santorum's Super Tuesday 3 State Caucus Surge - Now What?

Santorum is going for the higher ground than Romney, avoiding the "jobs, jobs, jobs" mantra and talking about rights and big government. Here's a thought: how much of Santorum's good showing, and Romney's dismal performance, is related to the improving economic picture? Image Credit: Jeff Roberson | AP

Santorum's Super Tuesday 3 State Caucus Surge - Now What?

Going into the evening, most informed pundits and political communications resources believed that Rick Santorum, the only other candidate outside of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to win a state Republican Political Party nominee primary for President, had a strong chance to win in Missouri, a weak chance in Minnesota but was still way down by about 10% to Mitt Romney in Colorado.

This morning finds Rick Santorum with three momentum building caucus victories. The strong showing in Missouri had Santorum with nearly a 30% points spread at 55.2% to Romney’s 25.3% — The weak prediction in progressive Minnesota had Santorum at a 18% point advantage with 45% against Ron Paul’s 27.1% … leaving Romney and Gingrich to battle it out for third best — and the predicted loss by 10% points ended up with a 15% points swing to have Santorum win at 40.3% of the vote to Romney’s 34.9% showing … pretty weak for a “front-runner”!

What this leaves is a situation where Santorum and Gingrich possibly asking Romney to leave the race just as others have asked in previous victories in other state GOP primaries by Romney and Gingrich of Rick Santorum. The Republican ruling class elite are really in a pickle now, they have to ask themselves if they really wish to kick Conservative values aside just to maintain power, or will they step aside for the good of the party?

Honestly, the Haley Barbour’s, Karl Rove’s, any one of the Bush family (yes, this includes Jeb), the Boehner’s, the McConnell’s, and even the Anne Coulter’s of the Republican world must be having the feeling of their heads exploding!

Geez, even Donald Trump crawled out from under his desk at Trump Tower to lambast Rick Santorum after he, Santorum, and Gingrich were the only Republican candidates to commit to, the eventually cancelled, showcase TRUMP debate. The last thing Republican Party voters need to calculate on is … what if Donald Trump enters into the race as a third party candidate. If he does enter, everyone knows that he will hand Barack Obama a four year lame-duck rule of this country, killing off everyone’s freedoms through increased bureaucracy once and for all!

The Republican Political Party is a reflection of America, in that, it holds to the majority of what Americans believe in. Time after time, polls show that America is a Center-Right politically oriented and directed country and if the Republican ruling class elite wish to keep the power they currently have, they will have the eventual Republican nominee speak and teach to the values that allow everyone to keep their God-given rights recognized through the U.S. Constitution, the Bill-Of-Rights, and the re-establishment of the Rule-Of-Law.

Barack Obama campaigned on transparency, a reduction in spending over what was experienced during the 43ird Presidency of George W. Bush, of being a unite-er and negotiator of common ground between both political parties, and many other tenants found by being politically center to center-right even though he had no record of accomplishment to back these claims up.

So, now what?

It is time, unlike what the Republican ruling class elite believes and placed in play against Barack Obama in 2008 with John McCain … to campaign to the center to center-left, to have a Republican nominee for President campaign against the most progressively-left Presidency in the nation’s over 235 year history on solid Conservative political principles so that the cherished Independent registered voters (about 20%) become clearly educated on what is, and is not Conservative, and to emphasize self-reliance and a much smaller spending and services Government are chief among them.

… that’s the Now What?!

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