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USC Trojan Fan Tries To Explain NCAA Sanctions to UCLA Bruin Fan

USC Trojan Fan Tries To Explain NCAA Sanctions to UCLA Bruin Fan

The USC Trojan football program in 2011 was limited to playing only the games that were scheduled within the first year of play within the PAC12 conference by the NCAA.

In this YouTube video conversation, that takes place after the USC - UCLA game, where USC Trojans drubbed the UCLA Bruins FIFTY points to ZERO points (50-0) to decide who would have the best record of competition within the Southern Section of the PAC12, a Trojan fan attempts to explain that USC, as a school program, did not cheat ... but were sanctioned by the NCAA for not being aware of a rules infraction perpetrated by an individual, Reggie Bush, whose college career ended in 2005.

Under the ruling by the NCAA, USC could not participate in any post season play in any Bowl games for two years (2010, 2011). If USC could participate, because it beat UCLA 50 to 0 in the PAC12 Southern Section play off, USC would have had to play against the PAC12 Northern Section winner, Oregon, who the Trojans had beat earlier in the season.

UCLA Bruins were able to score points (as opposed to not scoring any points as with USC) against Oregon in the playoff game ... but lost to Oregon, Dec 2, 2011 at Oregon, 31-49 ... and the game wasn't as close as the score suggests. By winning against UCLA's "gutty little Bruins", Oregon will represent the PAC12 against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl. So, the gutty little Bruins of UCLA, with its 6 win and 7 loss record, will be allowed to play in a post season bowl game (they will meet Illinois in the KRAFT Fight Hunger Bowl) as per the NCAA. This post season Bowl game is scheduled to be played in San Francisco on Sunday, December 31, 2011. It features a matchup between a team with a losing record (UCLA) against one entering the bowl game on a six-game losing streak (Illinois).

AP Top 25

Sun Dec 4, 2011

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma St.
4. Stanford
5. USC
6. Oregon
7. Arkansas
8. Boise St.
9. Wisconsin
10. South Carolina

How did the UCLA Bruins get their nickname - the "gutty little Bruins"?

When the late Tommy Prothro coached football at UCLA, some of his over-achieving teams were known as "the gutty little Bruins." That designation was originated by Dean Cromwell, USC's track and field coach during the 1940s. When asked once about his next opponent, Cromwell, whose teams never lost to UCLA, said, "Oh, we're going to meet [former UCLA coach] Ducky Drake's gutty little Bruins." Since then, all UCLA sports teams have picked up the tag "gutty little Bruins."

So, the gutty little Bruins, with their gutty little 2011 6 win and 7 loss season football record, gets to play in a post-season Bowl game which is generally awarded to teams with a ... wait for it ... winning record! This re-defines the depths of the word "GUTTY".

Fight On!

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