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Mitt Romney 2012: A Company Man In A Field Of Mortals

For a candidate already having trouble rallying the Republican base, Mitt Romney seems to have no fear of being labeled a RINO. Speaking at a town hall in New Hampshire, the 2012 candidate came clean with the fact that he believes in the unproven concept of man-made global warming. Between this and “Romneycare,” these are shaping out to be some rather rough primaries for the former Massachusetts governor.Image Credit:

Mitt Romney 2012: A Company Man In A Field Of Mortals

Last presidential election cycle, many were taken by the candidate who possessed the best record of success showing executive leadership turning poor leadership around in both the private business sector and public trust situations. But, alas, even though Mitt Romney was the most popular single candidate the Republican party had for the 2008 election cycle, he was done in with the popularity of two candidates, John McCain and Mike Huckabee, who conspired to topple his effort and end with the best the Republican "Ruling Class" had to offer.

Romney gets vanquished, Huckabee drops out, and John McCain looses to Barack Obama in a contest of Progressive versus Progressive Lite because no one likes a half measure of anything ... even disaster.

After 40 or 50 years of an overriding progressive political culture and agenda by the ruling class based in Washington DC, the progressives finally got their non half-measure leader and our country is rupturing.

We all know the statistics ... 9.1% unemployment after assuring the country that if we use over 860 billion dollars in taxpayer debt the unemployment rate would not exceed 8%, we could keep our doctor with ObamaCare, after ObamaCare passed Congress with a single party majority (Democrat) over 2,000 waivers to comply with the law were issued to save those companies who were favorable to this Government the economic pain of implementation, an outright attack on capitalism beginning with the takeover of a large manufacturing segment of our economy (General Motors & Chrysler) in order to restructure a bankruptcy process that placed the legitimate primary investors to the back of the line to give that position to the AFL-CIO Union in partnership with the Government, and ... you get the idea. Business-as-usual in Washington on steroids.

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Islam for Pols: a Primer
June 18, 2011 - 8:31 am - by Roger Kimball

The trouble is, business-as-usual in Washington is the problem, not the solution.

Romney would not be the grade A disaster that Barack Obama has been. But he lacks the gumption to challenge the status quo and make fundamental changes to the way government has been deployed recently in the United States. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan said those were the scariest nine words in the English language. Government has its place; but it must also be put in its place. Mitt Romney is quintessentially the man from the government incapable of understanding that (in Thoreau’s formula) the government that governs best governs least.

We need more intelligent government, to be sure, but we also need less government: less regulation, fewer programs, fewer bureaucrats, more local, more individual, initiative.

Mitt Romney is a company man at a time when our problem is the company. We can do better. Let’s hope we do.
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As Roger Kimball so keenly points out, "Company Men" need not apply because it's the "Company" that is our problem.

The company men who are lining up to replace Barack Obama does not end with just Mitt Romney, we need to add to this company man calculation Newt Gingrich. Further, if Jon Huntsman (a Bush family favorite who plans to announce this week) as well as Mike Huckabee jump in, they'd have to be counted as well.

All other candidates - to date, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN), former Senator Rick Santorum (PA), Congressman Michelle Bachmann (MN), Congressman Ron Paul (TX), businessman Herman Cain, and if they throw their hats into the ring, Governors Rick Perry (TX) and Chris Christie (NJ) - would have to be classified as "Country Class" (versus "Ruling Class") or outside of Washington DC beltway mortals.

If we are honest with each other, the only way we can arrest or stop this downward spiral in America and American values of personal freedom and entrepreneurial opportunity, is to change the leadership and culture of the "Company"!

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