Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Cool It" - A Thoughtful & Realistic Approach To Stewardship

A light bulb won't solve global warming. This guy's bright ideas just might. A documentary that takes an alternative approach than just FEAR in dealing with the clarion call of the global warming crisis [ctrl-click photo to see trailer]. Image Credit: Imdb

"Cool It" - A Thoughtful & Realistic Approach To Stewardship

Go to "Cool It" - In a very limited release before its roll out is a thoughtful and realistic stewardship approach to our consumption of energy on this blue orb. It makes Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, feel like the pandering, fright fest, ponzi-scheme that it was meant to be. In other words ... NO, the oceans will not rise 20 feet over this next century and coastal cities really have nothing to fear from the potential and realistic one foot rise in the oceans due to cyclic world climate swings that are primarily due to changes in radiation from the sun!

CCX (the Chicago Carbon Exchange) which became noted for having "carbon credits" for sale as high as $7.00 a ton closes its doors on October 21, 2010, just before the midterm elections, when the bottom drops out after it is discovered about one year ago that the primary Global Warming data was based upon fraud.

The last listed price for trading "carbon credits" was under $.10 a ton - OUCH. Al Gore may not be as rich as people were claiming he was a couple of years ago.

Go see "Cool It" and become less hysterically informed.

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