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The Fear & Loathing Shown Through Projection By The Progressive Left

This photo image was captured from the top of the Washington Monument and shows the following - about 200,000 people can fit directly around the Reflecting Pool and under the trees in the center of The Mall ... the large field on the left can hold an additional 350,000 people. There are no estimates for the people on the right that are spilling out from under the trees or the people gathered directly in front of the Washington Memorial and the WWII Memorial circle between the WM and the Reflecting Pool. The estimate derived from this image places the crowd at over 500,000 peaceful and trash-free citizens. Image Credit: AP as submitted to the Lake Oswego Review by Art Scevola

The Fear & Loathing Shown Through Projection By The Progressive Left

Last weekend, those who were paying attention to movements in our American Culture, were treated to an exhibition of the power of like-minded people gathering just to recognize and affirm that this American concept of self-rule was still alive.

Glenn Beck held a rally entitled "Restoring Honor" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, situated at one end of an area in Washington D.C. known as The Mall. The Mall is an area that stretches in a straight line for eight-tenths of a mile from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument obelisk which is adorned by a large rectangular body of water placed there to reflect the monuments stature from the surface of the water to anyone standing around this "Reflecting Pool".

On August 28, 2010, people came from all over the country to stand and listen to Glenn Beck and others talk about Restoring Honor and raise money for scholarships to be applied to the children left behind by their fathers who had died defending our country.

What was one of the most amazing elements of this Restoring Honor (honor equals TRUTH) rally is that it was estimated, through aerial photography of The Mall, that this crowd of like-minded people gathered around the Reflecting Pool and the adjacent open field was at least 500,000 people strong.

The newspapers and television broadcasts that reported on this event labeled the gathering as being influenced by Tea Party Movement of political activism yet this gathering, arranged by Glenn Beck, was purposefully non-political.

Absolutely no government policy agendas were presented, no political candidates gave speeches asking for support, and the crowd was treated to a challenge to restore their own honor in their lives by first re-connecting to the very power that gave them the rights to self-determination for their lives ... GOD, and not the Government ... the Judeo-Christian ethic that birthed this nation known as the United States.

Those that seek to have the Government be the primary source of wealth and power in this country (as opposed to the individual) are fearful of what this gathering was trying to accomplish and have just announced today September 2, 2010 a "counter-rally" to be held on October 2, 2010 on the very same mall. This gathering is also labeling itself as "non-political" however it is being sponsored and promoted by the NAACP, The Huffington Post, labor unions like the AFL-CIO and the SEIU, CODEPINK, and etc..

This excerpted and edited from an attendee and published in The Lake Oswego Review -

Honor to attend D.C. rally
By Art Scevola - Sep 2, 2010

Take it from this eyewitness, what took place was an old fashioned revival, mixed with a military tribute, sprinkled with healthy doses of humor, music and love of country. The Restoring Honor event may become the textbook case in how to organize and run a large charitable event in a peaceful but powerful manner. The budget for this event was designed and met some weeks in advance, resulting in several millions of net proceeds to benefit the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. Thus, this day will have the long term effect of helping that foundation fund a complete college education for hundreds of the surviving offspring of deceased special ops warriors.
Whatever else said, this was the very antithesis of a “tea party.” Ironically, by not focusing on the politics, the day could have, by its size and reach, put incumbents and candidates alike on notice. It was the polar opposite of the critics pronouncements about the hi-jacking of the MLK speech anniversary. It was of epic size and scope and proved freedom-loving Americans will protect and defend the Constitution, religious freedom and individual liberty even when and while many elected officials will not. As the day rally concluded, he suggested that the next great leader for freedom might be within the assembled, a child who, drawing inspiration to such ideals, would grow to be the next George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

He suggested that we must now look deep within ourselves to keep faith with those principles and values set forth by the nation’s framers, that have made America the last beacon of light in an increasingly troubled and dangerous world, and the greatest country in the sweep of human history.

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And this excerpted and edited from The Daily Caller -

NAACP launches coalition watchdog site to ‘monitor’ Tea Party ‘racists’

By Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller | Published: 4:16 AM 09/02/2010 | Updated: 7:04 AM 09/02/2010

The NAACP partnered with Media Matters, Think Progress and New Left Media to launch, a website that will specifically publish and monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”
As for what Media Matters, New Left Media, Think Progress and the NAACP plan to do with, Think Progress editor Faiz Shakir and Media Matters Vice President for Research and Communications Ari Rabin-Havt said the NAACP contacted them about sharing content related to the Tea Party.

Shakir said the website isn’t meant to attack the Tea Party, only to “hold it accountable.”
Conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart, who was once a victim of New Left Media’s trickery (though he says he doesn’t object to that type of journalism), said Think Progress and Media Matters shouldn’t, by any means, partner with an advocacy group, especially the NAACP, in trying to the paint the Tea Party a certain color.

“It’s called projection,” Breitbart said. “The alliance of the left, the Think Progress, the Media Matters and the NAACP are projecting onto the Tea Party. The accusations are a projection of who the coordinated, well-funded left is. They are manufacturing the racism. They are the ones who are fomenting the violence, the ones who are the only perpetrators of violence over the last year.”

Shakir thinks his organization, though, unlike the NAACP, has held itself to higher journalistic standards. He said Think Progress is a group of “advocacy journalists,” but that his staff values fact-checking and reporting truth.
Rabin-Havt and Shakir stressed the fact that they’re not changing their journalistic practices or funding the website — they’re only allowing their content to be published on it.

Rabin-Havt didn’t have a specific answer as to what publishing “racism and extremism” on could actually accomplish but Breitbart did.

“The Glenn Beck rally scares the left greatly and they have to figure out a way to taint that group of people so more people don’t join that group because if half a million people becomes a million people becomes 2 million people, 3 million people, the left is in deep trouble and they know it,” Breitbart said.

The long-term implications and effects of painting the Tea Party as a racist and extremist group, Breitbart said, then cause conservative minorities to be afraid to speak their minds for fear of being ostracized.
Breitbart called the NAACP a part of an “axis of division.” He said the “axis” — made up of the NAACP, the Democratic Party and several liberal media organizations including Media Matters and Think Progress — drives people away from an “integrated society” and keeps would-be-extinct social boundaries alive.

“My trajectory from left to right was born of recognizing that my desire for a more integrated society and a more colorblind society ran afoul from the Democratic Party’s multicultural model which separates people into their different tribes and manipulates those different tribes for political gain,” Breitbart said. “The NAACP doesn’t represent black people. It represents liberal politics and it is at the forefront of attacking black people who would dare differ on political philosophy.”

Breitbart also said the left is scared because conservatives finally discovered the power of protest – so left-wing politicians and media organizations are “manufacturing” racism to try to stop, or at least slow down, the budding movement.

“I can’t think of anything more un-American than a group telling people of a certain race that they don’t have the right to be conservative or disagree with liberal orthodoxy,” Breitbart said.

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Love and the hope to restore American values had over 500,000 self-motivated citizens show up on The Mall August 28, 2010 ... we will wait and see what fear and loathing motivated by greed for Government control can bring to the 8/10ths of a mile between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument on October 8, 2010.

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