Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Code Red: A call to action to save a nation

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Code Red: A call to action to save a nation

Now is the time for people who wish to maintain the right to make decisions about the care used to keep healthy and alive ... to maintain one's quality of life ... to stand up, take action, and be a part of the last line of defense in stopping a government takeover of healthcare.

FIRST, call the following number and ask to talk with (name your Congressman) and tell them (or leave a message) that you wish for them to vote NO on the Senate Healthcare Legislation from the House of Representatives floor.


SECOND, write your representative - especially if they appear on this list of all TARGET representatives here>>

THIRD, share this information with all of the people you know who would like to be able to remain in adult control over their own lives.

This effort may be directed by the National Republican Political Party, but this effort benefits all citizens who believe that the personal freedom to make decisions about one's own life is more important than having someone in the Government be in CONTROL over all human activity that happens in this nation.

Analysis of the latest impossible and discrediting statement made by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, about healthcare by The American Thinker -

Monday in Strongsville, Ohio, President Obama said that ObamaCare will reduce health insurance premiums by "3,000 percent." [YouTube video HERE] Considering that a 50 percent decrease in premiums would mean that we'd be paying half as much as we now pay for health insurance and that a 100 percent decrease in premiums would mean that we'd be paying nothing for health insurance, President Obama is telling us that insurance companies will actually start paying us money to keep our health insurance.

If your current
health insurance
policy costs $5,000 a year, insurance companies will pay you $145,000 a year (2,900 percent multiplied by $5,000). If you're fortunate enough to be paying $25,000 a year for health insurance, insurance companies will pay you $725,000 a year. There's no word whether you can purchase a more expensive health insurance policy to increase the amount of money that insurers pay you each year.

Just think, America: These are the people telling us that they know best how to run 1/6 of our economy.

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