Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Golf cart debuts as anti-terror vehicle

The A-TAC assault vehicle - It weighs just under half a ton, has bullet-proof windows and contains numerous firing ports. Furthermore it is able to negotiate corridors and lifts. The manufacturer, Metaltech says the squat and heavily armored vehicle can also withstand grenade blasts and last for six hours on a single charge - with a top speed of 25km/h (15mph). Image Credit: AFP news agency

Golf cart debuts as anti-terror vehicle

That's right, this assault buggy looks, for all intents and purposes, like a beefed-up USGA golf cart with gun ports for carrying on a firefight while protected from return gunfire and/or riot missiles.

WE, at MAXINE, know that match play can get pretty brutal, almost war-like, at times ... but this is ridicules.

The designer/manufacturer created this battery-powered Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (A-TAC) vehicle as a response to threats that were exposed after the Mumbai (Bombay, India) hotel attacks of 2008 and is expected to cost only about $45,000.

This excerpted and edited from the BBC -

'Anti-terror buggy' unveiled by firm in India

BBC - 17 February 2010

A mini armored car, designed for use in confined spaces such as airports and hotels targeted in terror attacks, has gone on display at an Indian arms fair.
It has been specially designed to transport two armed security personnel during or after terror attacks.
The company behind the cart, Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd, said the A-TAC had been designed in the aftermath of the attacks [in Mumbai, India].
"It's a product of our sense of helplessness over the casualties we took in the attacks. We put our heads and hearts together and came up with the A-TAC." said Metaltech managing director JB Sehrawat.
The company said it was offering a prototype of the vehicle, which drew applause from visitors and military scientists attending the arms fair in Delhi, for trials with the sponsors of the Commonwealth Games, due to be held in the city in November.

India has had to reassure foreign countries that those games and next month's hockey World Cup in Delhi will be safe and free of terror attacks.
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