Tuesday, May 19, 2009

THAT's ... NO on Propositions 1A-F Today!

A young TEA Party Anti-Tax Rally participant urging a NO vote to the tax increase propositions put forth in today's special election. Image Credit: Keith Brock (2009)

THAT's ... NO on Propositions 1A-F Today!

I voted and got interviewed by Mark Coogan of KCBS2/KCAL9 News. He said to tune in at 12:00 Noon on Channel 9 here in Los Angeles, and if they use the piece they taped, it will show then.

The interview went pretty well ... well enough for Mark to ask me after the interview, if I wanted to run for elected office? - Yea, Riiiiight!

The basics of the interview went like this, Mark asked how I voted on Propositions 1A-F and my opinion on why, with some follow-up questions having to do with the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I told Mr. Coogan that I voted NO on Propositions 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and even 1-F ... 'cuz I hate the cynicism. Mark said, even 1-F?, the Proposition that freezes pay raises of lawmakers if the budget isn't balanced? ... and I said yep, even F because the elected officials will just increase their office budgets, per diems, and other benefits of the office. Mark then offered, "... you know, there is a state law that requires a balanced budget." Apparently, he didn't like the cynicism shown by our Lawmakers either.

Ok, so why did you vote down the tax raising measures? asked Mark.

Well, it isn't so much the we are not being taxed enough money to run the Government, it is more about that they are spending way too much money, to run the Government!"

Then Mark Coogan began to ask me a question or two about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He began by saying, You know that the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of the state in Washington D.C., what do you think that says?

"Well, to be honest, If I were him (Arnold), I'd be in Washington D.C. too." I responded.

He is making a big deal about fuel efficiency standards, and Barack Obama wants to drive the rest of the country in this direction. The Government, our Government wants to force us all to be driving "Clown Cars", can you imagine a family of nine riding around on a Segway? That is their vision."

Coogan went on to ask (paraphrased) ... how did you vote at the time of the recall of the newly elected Governor, Grey Davis? I told him that I voted for Arnold, but after he was in Sacramento, he turned his back on the people who put him into office.

I then said, "He might have been able to to lift very heavy weights, early in his career, but his weight lifting days are way over. All he knows how to do now is spend and capitulate ... he has become the kind of people we voted him into office to control."

There was more conversation, but most of those comments were not recorded and I found Mark Coogan a fun and interesting person to talk with.

The point of this post, other than being a bit self-promotional, is that this is a very important day for California voters, and to a greater degree, the country. If everyone who votes feels they have just the least little bit of power to revolt through the use of their vote, then that is the purpose of this post, this day in California, and what it may trigger throughout the country.

I asked the cameraman if could send me the video file, he said maybe but made no promises.

Queue the videotape!

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