Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weird Joaquin … A Letterman Set Up?

Phoenix caused a flurry recently when he told a camera crew that he was done making films, over acting and planned instead to focus on his music. Attending a Paul Newman tribute, Phoenix's words with met with skepticism and many thought he was joking, but his publicist confirmed his plans to change career paths, saying, "That is what he told me." Wearing dark sunglass, Phoenix actively showed off his message to camera crews on the red carpet premiere of "Che" at the AFI Fest held at The Grauman's Chinese Theatre [November 2, 2008]. Held up to onlookers it read "BYE! GOOD," but message received. Caption & Image Credit: Huffington Post

Weird Joaquin … A Letterman Set Up?

Last night, Joaquin Phoenix sat down to be interviewed by David Letterman on his culture based night-time entertainment show and all David could do in the end is say, “My apologies to Farah Fawcett!”

The reference was meant to place this interview with Joaquin Phoenix as one of the least productive and weird ever to happen with David. He generally expects his interview guests to have a story or two to tell about the “Artistic” project they are on to promote. When Dave asks a question or two, a good guest would be off and running with a few antidotes made a little more interesting by questions from Dave Letterman, himself – that is the template.

Last night, Joaquin Phoenix decided to break the template and become less than engaging. He even has an uncomfortable exchange with Paul Shaffer, gets annoyed at the audience and won't even set up the clip from his movie "Two Lovers." That's before he takes the gum out of his mouth and sticks it to Letterman's desk.

Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman's Late Night Talk Show [February 11, 2009] ... not talking too much. Click Image To Launch Video.

This appearance was soooooo off of the reservation as it relates to what is expected from a professional actor with the stature of Joaquin Phoenix one suspects that this appearance was, well, a set up.

A normal template style interview, with both parties engaged, would have probably been less interesting and buzz worthy about a love story movie (two people who meet in a New York Subway – how original) than what had actually happened.

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coffeerama said...

judging by Joaquin's appearance on the Letterman show, he might be going through an identity crisis