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Bradley Effect To Obama Effect - Change We Need

Attendees at an Obama campaign rally, listening to a speech delivered by Barack Obama, in Nevada. Image Credit: AFP

Bradley Effect To Obama Effect - Change We Need

After twenty-six years, we, at MAXINE, believe it is time for a change. The change we need would come in the form of a name change for the voter phenomenon that has come to be known as the “Bradley Effect.”

Former Los Angeles mayor Bradley dead at 80 of heart attack (11 a.m. EDT, September 29, 1998) - "This is a very sad day for Los Angeles, but also a day to remember all the great things Tom Bradley did for our city," said the city's current mayor, Richard Riordan. Riordan, who succeeded Bradley in 1993, also ordered all of the city's flags flown at half-staff in Bradley's honor. /// The five-term mayor suffered a paralyzing stroke that left him unable to speak in April 1996, a day after undergoing triple bypass heart surgery. Bradley had also suffered a heart attack in March 1996. Image Credit: the SoHo Journal

This definition excerpted and edited from Wikipedia –

Bradley Effect
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The Bradley effect, less commonly called the Wilder effect, is a proposed explanation for observed discrepancies between voter
opinion polls and election outcomes in some US government elections where a white candidate and a non-white candidate run against each other.

The effect refers to a supposed tendency on the part of some voters to tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for a black candidate, and yet, on election day, vote for his or her white opponent. It was named for
Tom Bradley, an African-American who lost the 1982 California governor's race despite being ahead in voter polls going into the elections.

The Bradley effect theorizes that the inaccurate polls were skewed by the phenomenon of
social desirability bias. Specifically, some white voters give inaccurate polling responses for fear that, by stating their true preference, they will open themselves to criticism of racial motivation. The reluctance to give accurate polling answers has sometimes extended to post-election exit polls as well. The race of the pollster conducting the interview may factor in to voters' answers.
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We're looking to have the “Bradley Effect” be replaced with a more powerful and pronounced “Obama Effect”!

We would need to add a couple of more reasons added to the color issue, however (in order to have a name change to the “Obama Effect” take place), like the color of his politics, the tainted nature and color of his money, the color of his truthfulness when he pledged to go with Public Campaign Financing (as opposed to what he actually decided to do, go ahead and accept private donations thus breaking his pledge), the color and nature of the voter registration tactics of ACORN, the color of passion in values and right to life voters (feel free to add what you observe).

With Obama and his class “warfare/welfare” tax plan, we may be looking at a RAINBOW of colors in the new “Bradley Effect” … but if Obama looses, will the MSM report the reasons for the loss in this way? … we think not.

This is the (as stated on all of the Obama campaign rally signs) ... Change We Need.

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