Friday, December 21, 2007

It Takes A Village To Kill A Terrorist

Hugh Hewitt while broadcasting live from the exposition floor of Blogworld & New Media Expo. in Las Vegas - 11-08-2007. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (MAXINE)

It Takes A Village To Kill A Terrorist

Yesterday afternoon, Hugh Hewitt was interviewing a Sergeant Long of the U.S. Marines and a Consultant to the Marines on asymmetric war tactics whose name I missed (I looked for transcript information on the interview) when the following exchange ensued.

The Consultant on war tactics stated that most of the larger battlefield successes on the ground in Iraq happened when the leaders and citizens in each of the small villages throughout the countryside became feed up with the violence. He went on to state his point just so, “It takes a village to control the insurgency in Iraq.”

Hugh asked, “So, it takes a village to kill a terrorist?” and the Consultant enthusiastically, and without hesitation responded, “Yes!”, then Hugh mused, “It takes a village … I like that.”

Over this Christmas holiday season, when a family member or friend wants to discuss the politics about the war in Iraq, just remember that when one happens to discuss the value of “The Surge” and its dramatic success, the Marines did not do this in a vacuum. They had help through a valuable partnership and relationships with the Iraqi people that had been built up with the boots-on-the-ground over the last four years … “It Takes A Village!”


wrapper said...

Or in other words, it takes a tribe. A tribe that has small regard for even the idea of a national police or a national army. The surge year is about over and less dead people has been accomplished.

SusanGo said...

Without the cooperation of the Iraqi people, I am not sure if the surge would have had the effect that it has. I am glad to see the Iraqi people taking back their country from the terrorists.

Now...we need to use that idea to take back our country from the socialist, communist leftists!

ecj said...

Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

Anonymous said...

Rumsfeld is a genius. Look at all of the insurgnecies aournd the world. The bad guys always overplay their hand. The problem for the west in the past is that we have always tried to control the insurgency leading to many atrocities. I think Rumsfeld said," let them work it out among themselves." And they are doing just that and welcoming our troops. Genius!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it would really help if you made your typeface even smaller and less legible.


ecj said...

I have increased the font size by 10%. Thank you for the "heads-up", the posts look and read a little better.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!