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Dodd Diving A Dud!

Can You Find Chris Dodd In This Picture? … He’s The One Clearly On The Left - Senators Chris Dodd and Jim Jeffords were on hand at the Pentagon to echo the National Women's Law Center's praise for DoD's child development program. The center May 16 presented Defense Secretary William Cohen with its report on military child care, which extols the program as a model for the nation. Dodd hailed DoD's program as the "gold standard." Jeffords pointed out that absenteeism caused by poor quality child care costs American businesses more than $3 billion a year. Image Credit: Linda D. Kozaryn

Dodd Diving A Dud!

Homeless man and career criminal burglarizes career politician and gets arrested.

The sad thing about this incident is that the perpetrator did not even know that he was breaking into the office of a presidential candidate.

Truth is, just about anyone (outside of the state of Connecticut and those who see themselves as democrat party insiders) wouldn’t know that they had just broken into the office of a presidential candidate.

This last month, Christopher Dodd defends and shows up to an annual gathering put on by the politically incendiary, rude, and tasteless web site – Daily Kos, and even HE can’t get arrested!

Senator Christopher Dodd Commenting On Daily Kos blogsite –

Mr. Dodd clearly had an agenda which was to NOT address the fabricated photo of his friend, Joe Lieberman, unzipping President Bush's pants. This guy claims to be Lieberman's friend and he didn't rebuke the people "DailyKos" folks whom he's patronizing next week? Void of character, Mr. Dodd is the epitome of today's democrat. Video Credit: airhead at sevenload via HOTAIR

At least Gilbert Soto (the suspect) had temporary custody of ... and sold a television, a computer, got arrested, and gets noticed.

The burglar gets more attention than the presidential candidate (this story did not appear in the web version of the Washington Post until six day after the article was released by Associated Press).

Excerpts from AP via the Washington Post -

Democrat Dodd's Office Burglarized
By STEPHANIE REITZ - The Associated Press, HARTFORD, Conn - Monday, August 27, 2007; 9:13 PM

Officers arrested a homeless man Monday in connection with a weekend burglary at the office of Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd, police said.

Gilbert Soto, 48, who lives in a city shelter and has a lengthy arrest record, allegedly took a television, computer and other items from Dodd's Senate district office, police said Monday.

"It does not appear right now that he knew he was breaking into a presidential candidate's office or that there was any political motivation," Assistant Police Chief Neil Dryfe said.
Soto is, "for lack of a better term, a career criminal," Dryfe said, and appears to have selected the burglary site at random. He faces charges of third-degree burglary, third-degree larceny and criminal mischief.

"It looks like a crime of opportunity by someone looking to support a possible drug habit," Dryfe said, adding that Dodd's office was notified of the arrest.

Dodd has served in the Senate since 1981.

Dodd spokeswoman Justine Sessions said she had no comment on the investigation or arrest. To the best of her knowledge, she said, no personal or confidential information was compromised when the computer was stolen.

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Come on, elected five term United States Senator Christopher Dodd was one time General Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is he really in the running? Maybe this effort of running for President is only a crime of opportunity.

At MAXINE, we believe it’s a little tough to have information compromised when no one is "paying" attention (how good can the information really be?), or have any political motivation to support your efforts to become the president of the United States when one exhibits the kind of character Christopher Dodd has shown.

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judcar said...

Dodd, as Chariman of the Senate’s Banking, Housing and Urban Development Committee, is going to milk the mortgage issue for all its worth in the next couple of months. It’s also a great time for him to be soliciting campaign donations from financial institutions looking for a government bailout for their bad loans.

It’s such a perfect issue for him to get face time and exposure that he might not have to go to the airport men’s room. Don’t write him off just yet.